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  1. I need to vent about my Nursing program

    I always scratched my head over the material in lecture. Once I started getting into clinicals where I can apply what I have learned and see it in action, it all made sense. My head was spinning trying to remember chem 7s, CBCs, ABGs and everything...
  2. Considering Nursing, Good and Bad?

    Volunteer at your local hospital. You will have an excellent opportunity to see nurses in action and see if it is something you want to do. I did that, and as a result, I just finished my second semester of nursing school and am halfway to the NCLE...
  3. Help me pick a surgery to observe!!

    A lot depends on the facility. A teaching hospital will most likely be better than a private hospital. I was fortunate to be at a teaching hospital and got to see some great procedures (BKA, ORIF, double mastectomy and bilateral lap salpingo oopher...
  4. Starting nursing school this fall. Any tips?

    I would echo this. Nursing school can be a real time suck while in session. Enjoy the breaks. If you feel the need, read a bit of your fundamentals text but don't go too far overboard. As far as supplies, get a good stethoscope. I like my Littman...
  5. Ask the nurses to do cool stuff!!!!!

    Absolutely agree with this. I have been able to remove a picc and help with removing a chest tube and jp because I asked. All great experiences that most of my classmates haven't done yet. All because I asked when I saw them on the orders for my p...
  6. Helpful Items to Purchase for Nursing School

    Cheap watch, comfortable shoes, clipboard (the folding nurse one is great), lots of pens and pencils, some sharpies, highlighters, lots of paper. Some good shears, a good stethoscope, drug guide (hard Copy or on your phone/tablet if allowed). Everyo...
  7. Clinical Instructors say the darndest things

    There are far worse things in life than not having your clinical instructor's endorsement for being a psych nurse. Did you want to be a psych nurse?
  8. PICC line question

    Basically the answer I got was because it needs to be sterile on insertion and care. I asked if that is the case, why doesn't pulling a foley need to be sterile?
  9. PICC line question

    Fair enough. When pulling the PICC, you are removing it from the pt. I get insertion needs to be sterile because you are introducing something into the body. However, removal is removing and not introducing. On a side note, disagree is rather stro...
  10. PICC line question

    Hello everyone, I am a second semester student and have a question. My med-surf clinical instructor stated that removing a PICC line is a sterile procedure. I questioned (in a nice way) why that is the case. She really couldn't answer. I get why ...
  11. Los Angeles Pierce College Spring 2018

    Oops, double post...
  12. Los Angeles Pierce College Spring 2018

    Hi everyone, I am also in the semester ahead of you. I truly recommend listening to Denis. He is full of information and has proved very helpful and a wonderful advocate for our class. When he says to make a class Facebook page, make a class Faceb...
  13. I would guess it is the same for all. I don't see anyone being ostracized or left out and everyone seems to move easily between any groups. As for the groups themselves, they are just about what bench you are on during breaks and they are pretty fl...
  14. First semester nursing student here. Everyone in my program is very helpful and friendly. We share notes and study materials and help each other out with the subjects we are god at. I feel far more connected with my fellow students that I have kno...
  15. Should I Go to Nursing School?

    You shouldn't have to be enrolled in any program to volunteer. Most hospitals have websites that have links to volunteer opportunities. Many of the different units in the hospital will have positions for volunteers. I have been volunteering in an ...