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  1. Definitely works! My original MedSurg unit became specialized in Oncology. We switched from 1:5 to 1:4. That allows more time to research any new patient's history. I get to be more hands on and less time at a computer.
  2. HalfBoiled

    PLS... HELP

    Keep waiting for your exam. You should go on vacation in the mean time.
  3. HalfBoiled

    New RN Graduate!

    1. Chose one of three questions banks: - Kaplan (Live or Online Live) - UWorld - NCSBN (company who writes the NCLEX) 2. Get LaCharity Prioritization and Delegation book - 70% of my exam were "who do you see first" types of questions Build testing e...
  4. HalfBoiled

    Moving to California?

    To my knowledge, you should research "endorsing your UT RN license" to California. The process takes MONTHS to complete.
  5. HalfBoiled

    HIPAA violation?

    If i see family at the bedside, from the get-go, I would just ask "Hi ___ I just got on, and for my clarification, is it okay to discuss details about your care while family members are present?" Most of the time, my patients gives consent.
  6. HalfBoiled

    Dispute test question??

    If the question was asking "What would be your first intervention?" Nasal Cannula would make sense. You are able to contest that question to your professor if you have other classmates with the same thought process and selected answer.
  7. HalfBoiled

    Swastikas & Nursing | Refusing care based upon moral objection?

    If I get a Neo-Nazi patient; as long as he/she doesn't jeopardize my safety or try to trigger a reaction out of me, then I will continue to do my nursing duty.
  8. HalfBoiled

    Iv antibiotic running as primary?

    I can understand the Emergency Department doing this.
  9. HalfBoiled

    Any Prenurse taking math

    The most math you're ever going to need is College Algebra.
  10. Are there any good come backs for snide remarks of "Well it's YOUR license then"? Especially when you're following policy.
  11. HalfBoiled

    NCLEX-RN retest prep

    If money isn't a concern, I would look into private tutoring. That way, you can have outside feedback to determine your thought process. I have also invested in the LaCharity Prioritization/delegation/"who do see first?" book. That book opened my e...
  12. HalfBoiled

    Hoping they fire me

    I would delete this. The AN community can be very toxic.
  13. HalfBoiled

    Epi Question (new to school nursing)

    It's better to lose a job rather than lose your license
  14. HalfBoiled

    Let go from job during orientation

    I would request some form of feed back so you can grow and learn from any mistakes or habits.
  15. HalfBoiled

    Signing hours for my volunteer

    One of my hospital's volunteers is applying to her college's BSN program and has requested that I sign and confirm volunteer hours. My nurse manager says any RN can do it independently and has no objections to the matter. I really enjoy working with ...