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  1. Royalq

    Helpful Items to Purchase for Nursing School

    - Rolling backpack. This has seriously saved my back. I have all my books in electronic format on my ipad but i would try to carry my laptop and other supplies. One day i came home and i needed to take 2 Advils because my back was so sore. Thats when i decided to get a rolling backpack. - tablet/iPad. Ot completely necessary and if you dont have one dont worry about it. But if you have one go ahead and bring it to school. Try to get as many of your text books in electronic format as possible. - compression socks, good quality sneakers, and shoe inserts for your specific needs. Im flat footed so my foot strikes the ground all wrong leading to knee and hip pain and decreased tokerance to walking. I went to a running store and stood on one of those machines go get my foot scanned and got a shoe insert that will help balance my foot. My foot feels so much better. -a pack of comouter paper. Leave it in your locker or car for quick access. - planner. Every semester i get all my syllabuses and put due dates in my planner for the whole semester. Each class is a specific color for quick reference. - highlighters. Now i bought a pack that comes in different colors but my eyes gravitate towards the yellow kind so thats what i use to emphasis important info. - loose leaf paper, binder, dividers.
  2. Royalq

    PICC line question

    Hmmm. Im a second semester student too! My instructor pulled a PICC line thursday and she didnt do it sterile. She did clean technique. Wash hands, gloves, remove dressing, new gloves, and pulled it out, then applied pressure with gauze.
  3. thank you so much. You've just soothed my heart. Some nurses and teachers put the fear of god in me as if i will NEVER be able to function as a nurse without being passionate about it. From day 1 they insisted people get up and leave the class if your "only in it for the money". Im not passionate about nursing and yes im in it for the money. It doesnt mean I'll give any less quality care than someone else.
  4. Royalq

    Just another "no friends in nursing school" rant

    So far im a month into my program and theres no one im really friends with nor do i really care. Im cordial and friendly and they strike up convo with me all the time. I can sit around and chit chat for a while. When i walk by they always call out to me and want to talk. So i guess people like me more than i like them. But i simply feel no connection to them like i did friends in high school. I dont really mind. Im an introvert but from day 1 i put myself out there to be open and friendly because it makes things easier. Im also getting good grades so far. I pass my skills check offs and do really well on my tests. Alot of people get low scores. I would advice you to beat around the bush when sharing your high grade .So when i get a high score and they ask me how'd i do i just say "i did alright, i mean i passed and thats all thats important" and kind of laugh it off. Some will drop it there while others will pry for a specific number, if they pry ill just tell them. Be open aboit how you study . I dont invite anyone to study with me because i do better on my own.
  5. Royalq

    West Palm Beach Schools?

  6. Royalq

    West Palm Beach Schools?

    Hello all! So im currently doing prereques at PBCC and i want to switch schools because my prospects of being accepted here are slim. There are way too many applicants and few seats. I PBCC keeps changing their requirements for the program. I though I had everything but this year things changed and currently i wouldnt be set to apply until next year JUNE!! In that time span of a year I could be well into another schools nursing program, you know? So Ive been looking around but I been running into trouble. Mostly with accreditation. Sooo many schools lack proper accreditation so im hesitant to apply. Also some like South University are pure leeches with exorbitant prices and unnecessary prereques. With pbcc im missing 2 prereques, with SU im missing 13!! Theyre crazy! So im looking for a school within palm beach that has proper accreditation and at most $25-$30,000.Has anyone heard of Capscare on lake worth? I took my CNA there and asked about their RN program but got a cloudy answer for accreditation. The lady told me accreditation was purely for financial aid which i knew was BS. Currently musing over Kieser in WPB, ITT Breckinridge, Technipro in Boca which is a bit far for me. Any help??