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HarleyGrandma has 2 years experience as a ADN, RN, EMT-B and specializes in Emergency.

Working in a Level II trauma center/emergency department

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  1. HarleyGrandma

    Brain sheet for ED?

    I don't use a brain sheet, things move too fast. I document in real time (or within minutes) because traumas come in and staff gets shifted around. Multiple departments are involved in care at the same time and need information from each other. At shift change we do a brief verbal bedside report. So much of the ED is gathering information while performing tasks (hooking to the monitor, starting IV) and then quickly typing it all into the computer from memory.
  2. HarleyGrandma

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    Giving TPA and seeing the patient resolve in front of your eyes. Knowing that they now have a chance at a meaningful recovery. In the ED we don't get to spend an extended amount of time 1:1 with a patient, so having an hour uninterrupted is special. Seeing it not work, or have adverse effects, is terrible. So you really learn to celebrate and enjoy the victories.
  3. HarleyGrandma

    Time until NCLEX ATT after Graduation

    I graduated in Virginia last May 14th and got my ATT on June 26th. Congrats!!
  4. HarleyGrandma

    Thank you to all the seasoned folks

    I graduated last May, passed the NCLEX in June and began working for a large hospital group in July. The ED is the only place I wanted to be, and I love it. I've never been more tired or felt more alive than I do when I'm working. Some of the folks I work with are difficult, but most have still shared their time and knowledge. I've learned more since becoming a nurse than I ever thought possible. At times its been a rough lesson, but always helps me grow in my practice. In case the newbies you work with don't say it as often as they should...thank you! From the bottom of my heart I thank all the seasoned nurses, techs, medics, and providers. Not only for the knowledge you've shared, but also for welcoming us into the "family".
  5. HarleyGrandma

    LPNs in the ER

    No LPN's in our ED. We do have EMT's and Paramedics, and a really good working relationship between all of us (Dr, RN, tech, etc) In Virginia
  6. HarleyGrandma

    I Passed my NCLEX RN!!!

  7. HarleyGrandma

    NCLEX July Test Takers

    Take the night before the test off, try to relax and get some sleep. You know what you know already, trust in yourself! Good luck everyone!!
  8. HarleyGrandma

    Chances of a new grad starting in an ER

    I just passed the NCLEX yesterday (yay!) and I'm starting a new grad residency in a level II trauma ED in July. I got my EMT last year and have been volunteering at my local squad ever since. There are opportunities out there, you just have to track them down and be proactive. Best of luck!
  9. HarleyGrandma

    NCLEX July Test Takers

    So rescheduled my test, moved it up from July 9th to today. It cut off at 75 questions, and a few hours later I got the "good" PVT pop-up. What a random, vague, test with about: 25 SATA, 10 pharm, 15 delegation (LPN and/or UAP) Stay focused, believe in yourself, and take breaks if you feel yourself getting down. Be BOLD and BRAVE and get that RN !!
  10. HarleyGrandma

    NCLEX July Test Takers

    3o days is about $99, it doesn't have an assessment. To get an assessment you need the $199 package ☹️
  11. HarleyGrandma

    NCLEX July Test Takers

    So I just rescheduled my test for this Thursday, June 26th! When I checked the test website there was an opening and I grabbed it. Ready to do this and pass and be done!! :-)
  12. HarleyGrandma

    NCLEX July Test Takers

    I just purchased the 30 day package of UWorld and I really like it. The rationales are straight forward and I like the option of marking questions for later. Good luck!!
  13. HarleyGrandma

    77 Q's on NCLEX & passing!

  14. HarleyGrandma

    NCLEX July Test Takers

    The thread for those testing in June has been very helpful, so I thought I would start one for July. I'm in Virginia and graduated May 15th; finally got my ATT yesterday. The testing centers here are booked well into July here so I'm not scheduled until July 9th I'm using Kaplan, Saunders and the NCLEX Mastery app on my phone. I can't wait until this is over!
  15. HarleyGrandma

    Passed NCLEX in 75!!

    CONGRATS!!!! Enjoy your success, you worked hard and you earned it all!! I graduated May 15th and still don't have my ATT yet :-( As soon as I get it I hope to join your party!
  16. HarleyGrandma

    Help! I missed the grade cutoff

    You need to request a meeting with your nursing advisor ASAP and find out about applying to be accepted next semester to repeat that class. Almost all nursing schools have a test average (usually 80%) that is separate from the class grade. Be proactive, seek help from instructors about how to be successful the second time through the class. This is a blip in the course of your career, if you treat it like a learning experience. Best of luck!

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