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    Brain sheet for ED?

    I don't use a brain sheet, things move too fast. I document in real time (or within minutes) because traumas come in and staff gets shifted around. Multiple departments are involved in care at the same time and need information from each other. At shift change we do a brief verbal bedside report. So much of the ED is gathering information while performing tasks (hooking to the monitor, starting IV) and then quickly typing it all into the computer from memory.
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    What's your favorite nursing task?

    Giving TPA and seeing the patient resolve in front of your eyes. Knowing that they now have a chance at a meaningful recovery. In the ED we don't get to spend an extended amount of time 1:1 with a patient, so having an hour uninterrupted is special. Seeing it not work, or have adverse effects, is terrible. So you really learn to celebrate and enjoy the victories.
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    Time until NCLEX ATT after Graduation

    I graduated in Virginia last May 14th and got my ATT on June 26th. Congrats!!
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    NCLEX July Test Takers

    The thread for those testing in June has been very helpful, so I thought I would start one for July. I'm in Virginia and graduated May 15th; finally got my ATT yesterday. The testing centers here are booked well into July here so I'm not scheduled until July 9th I'm using Kaplan, Saunders and the NCLEX Mastery app on my phone. I can't wait until this is over!
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    LPNs in the ER

    No LPN's in our ED. We do have EMT's and Paramedics, and a really good working relationship between all of us (Dr, RN, tech, etc) In Virginia
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    Chances of a new grad starting in an ER

    I just passed the NCLEX yesterday (yay!) and I'm starting a new grad residency in a level II trauma ED in July. I got my EMT last year and have been volunteering at my local squad ever since. There are opportunities out there, you just have to track them down and be proactive. Best of luck!
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    NCLEX July Test Takers

    So rescheduled my test, moved it up from July 9th to today. It cut off at 75 questions, and a few hours later I got the "good" PVT pop-up. What a random, vague, test with about: 25 SATA, 10 pharm, 15 delegation (LPN and/or UAP) Stay focused, believe in yourself, and take breaks if you feel yourself getting down. Be BOLD and BRAVE and get that RN !!
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    NCLEX July Test Takers

    3o days is about $99, it doesn't have an assessment. To get an assessment you need the $199 package ☹️
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    NCLEX July Test Takers

    So I just rescheduled my test for this Thursday, June 26th! When I checked the test website there was an opening and I grabbed it. Ready to do this and pass and be done!! :-)
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    NCLEX July Test Takers

    I just purchased the 30 day package of UWorld and I really like it. The rationales are straight forward and I like the option of marking questions for later. Good luck!!
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    77 Q's on NCLEX & passing!

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    Taking notes and reading?

    I scan over the chapters (introduction, any boxes, vocab and conclusion) and then print the key power point slides (not all if there are a lot) before lecture. Then review verified youtube resources for the big concepts, and use Khan Academy Medicine for the deeper explanations. I like to use a mix of resources and mediums, I can;t just sit and read or I don't retain information well. Experiment and find what helps you the most. Also I have a small group, 3 other people, that I study with in person and online. We help keep each other on task and teach each other stuff they struggle with (teaching others a concept is really helpful for you both). Whatever you do, do something!
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    Fluid Volume Excess Careplan

    Do you have the Nursing Diagnosis Handbook? It has everything you need for writing nursing care plans, including all three parts of the NANDA. It also has all the goals, interventions, special considerations, etc. Of all the books I've bought throughout nursing school I've used this one the most. Well worth the purchase price.
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    I'm too afraid to do anything in the clinical setting

    That awkward feeling is because this is new, and you're stepping outside your comfort zone (which is a good thing)! There's no way around it, if you want to be a nurse, you are going to have to embrace new experiences. If you don't fail sometimes then you aren't reaching far enough. As a woman I can tell you I've never given a second thought to whether the nurse or doctor taking care of me was male/female. I just wanted them to be competent and kind. Trust in yourself!
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    Nursing Dx

    I would start with what is going to kill her *now*, then work backwards on the priorities. (Not getting enough protein could make her sick eventually, but choking on food could kill her today). You'll eventually get the hang of it, and soon it will become second nature to 'write' care plans in your head as you assess patients. PS: Remember that goals are patient oriented, and interventions are nurse based.
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    Tips for new nursing student

    I would make certain you have plans for how you're going to handle different issues you may have (children, pets, bills, job). Make backup plans, for your backup plans, with another backup plan. Life will happen, things change, being able to roll on is vital to doing well. If you aren't very organized, now would be a good time to think about ways to improve that area. Nursing school is different than any other pursuit and being flexible is a big help. Good luck!
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    Head to Toe Assessment

    My biggest piece of advice is remember that this is all new, and it will feel uncomfortable, and if you knew what to do you wouldn't be in school! Try to learn several new things each day, research what you missed and commit to not missing that item next time. Lather, rinse, repeat. Forever. Learning requires you to step outside your comfort zone, way outside your comfort zone. That icky stretching feeling? It's you growing 🙂
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    Best advice for a new nursing student?

    I'm in my third semester, will be graduating with my ADN in May :-) Good luck, relax, and focus more on learning the concepts and less on the grade you get on each test. I know there is a lot of pressure about your test grades, but if you don't *understand* what your testing on, you won't progress through the program anyway. Be open to learning about yourself, your previously held ideas, and new ways to see the world. Find your people, seriously, find people to laugh/cry/share this experience with, they are there I promise! Pace yourself, it is a marathon, not a sprint! Be kind to others and yourself!! HUGS
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    Your school's Grading scale?

    In Virginia: 92-100 - A 86-91 - B 85-80 - C Anything below 80 is failing.
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    Feeling Like My Notes Aren't Cutting It

    My biggest piece of advice would be to worry less about taking notes and more about understanding the concepts. As you advance through nursing school you'll find that very few tests ask knowledge questions, rather they are about application of knowledge. Try reviewing multiple sources of reliable information, mix that in with reading textbooks, and viewing of power points. Use lecture time to really listen, ask questions, try to see the bigger picture. Also don't forget about making appointments with instructors to review tests, and utilize the tutoring center. Good luck!
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    Nerves, Nerves, nerves everywhere!

    Practice things out loud, by actually doing and saying them. There is a world of difference between reading over something and actually doing it. Recording yourself practicing them on your cell phone, and then watching it back, can also help you see what needs improvement. I spent this summer (the break between my 1st and 2nd year of my ADN) getting my EMT and wow did that require a ton of practicals/checkoffs. Using this same techniques from my nursing checkoffs helped me be much calmer. You can do it!
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    Any Advice?

    To be able to grow you have to experience some growing pains, have to get out of your comfort zone :-) Great advice above, practice, record yourself, make friends/family listen to you. Realize that life skills always feel awkward at first, but with time they can become easier. You'll feel so accomplished too. Good luck!
  23. Her hospital has now issued an order barring police from patient care areas period. They also are no longer allowing the police to talk directly to the nurses (they will have to talk with nurse supervisors). I think this is an important line in the sand. I'm glad a hospital is standing up for whats right. Utah hospital to cops: Stay away from our nurses - The Washington Post
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    B student

    In most nursing schools you need 92+ for an A, and a B is 85-91. As long as you're passing with a C though, the most important thing is learning the material. Being able to apply that knowledge going forward is the end game for all of us. Best of luck!
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    What should I study ahead?

    Depending on your particular life circumstances, I would work on plans to make life smoother when school starts. Things like meal planning, back up to your back up daycare plans (if applicable), any car maintenance, house plans, etc. While much of the material in nursing school is complicated, I find the biggest hurdle to be the 'time-consuming aspect' of it all It just requires time to read, review, reflect, read again, then try to rephrase, etc. Good luck!