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  1. Since you’re in California, I am too- consider going to work at Satellite Healthcare as a PCT. You will learn SOOO much, make more than an LVN in most settings and get some confidence. Then, if you want, get your RN. Satellite gives $5,000.00 a year for education to all employees, up to $20,0000.00
  2. AngelKissed857

    Discussion at nurse's station

    I agree worth all of the above, CNA needs to be fired- but I’m just wondering if APS has ever been Involved?
  3. AngelKissed857

    United States university FNP

    No, I'm sorry if I'm not being clear. I want to know if I can go to a site and see that 98.2% of the 2019 graduates of ABC University passed the exam first time.
  4. AngelKissed857

    I've grown tired of FMC

    Come over to the Home Dialysis side of things. Entirely different ball of wax- absolutely LOVE my job. PD and HHD are amazing modalities.
  5. AngelKissed857

    United States university FNP

    I have what is probably a dumb question but haven't been able to find the answer elsewhere. Is there a place to see what their pass rate is on the states and national exams- like the NCLEX? Thanks
  6. AngelKissed857

    CWOC Exams

    Thanks, that's what I'm going to do.
  7. AngelKissed857

    United States university FNP

    Just wondering if there are any updates by those if you who enrolled?
  8. AngelKissed857

    CWOC Exams

    I completed the WOC program last June at Cleveland Clinic, did the on-site preceptor program. I haven’t signed up to take the exams yet as I am terrified that I am not prepared. I did well in the program, have continued to study, and typically have what I would consider a “normal” level of test anxiety. But this set of exams has me frozen. Can anyone who has taken the exams in the last couple of years please tell me if they are crazy difficult, easier than you expected, etc? I’d appreciate knowing your experience so I get myself to sign up for the exams and get through this. TIA
  9. AngelKissed857

    Nursing hospital situations

    Remember too, that hospital nursing is only one option out there. There are so many other places to practice. You might love home nursing, transitional nursing, public health, wound care, surgery, the list is nearly endless. Right now you are a student and can't do a whole lot. But look for the things you can do. In nursing school I had a patient who had been hospitalized for weeks, one arm was taped to her side, and she was miserable. I got the ok from my nurse to do a bed bath. Shampooed her hair-heated shampoo caps can be amazing! Gave her a bedbath, massaged her feet and hands with lotion, changed her bedding and gown and she was in years with gratitude. Turned out she was a 90+ year old retired NP/PHN. Gave me one of my most treasured compliments to this day/ told me I was an old-school nurse who knew how how to do what really matters for patient care. Look for opportunities to make patients happier, take care of grieving families, make people smile. These are skills that they don't tell you about in NCLEX prep, but that I personally use every day in my practice. Those moments make my day.
  10. Hi all, I'm hoping for any tips in working well and respectfully with an Eritrean family. Parents are very traditional, large family group at every training which is quite exhausting. I can deal with that. But my biggest concern is not having the patient treated by family as a bed-bound invalid. Any experience based thoughts are welcome! Haven't been able to find much online that is helpful. Lovely and caring family-want to give them my best.
  11. AngelKissed857

    Recording Lectures?

    I used LiveScribe pens all through school and found them incredibly helpful. You must take the notes in LiveScribe notebooks, but they are very reasonably priced and I actually only used 3 for the whole of nursing school. When you upload to your laptop, you can change the settings to replay at 1:50 or higher to play back faster. Cuts out all the dead time.
  12. AngelKissed857

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    I swear to God, I do NOT get paid enough for this nonsense!
  13. AngelKissed857

    Got offered a job in peritoneal dialysis

    I'm a PD nurse in a home therapy setting, on an absolutely INSANE day with doctors there, I MIGJT see 12 patients. And there will be a while lotta overtime for the charting!
  14. AngelKissed857

    Feedback appreciated

    Just out of curiosity Green Tea, did you system allow orders to be put on hold by the RN? Not being able to electronically stop a med as the RN taking orders seems terrifying to me! Let ya of room for errors as this situation clearly illustrates. Good for you for landing on your feet.
  15. Would love inexpensive, fast and easy suggestions. She starts day after tomorrow so I dunt have much time! She will have her own desk, locker, etc. Ideas?
  16. AngelKissed857

    Problems Before Nursing School

    I had to provide proof of health insurance recently for the WOC program at Cleveland Clinic!

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