Future Nurses - Are You Lost?

  1. Ok, so I have been on this site as guest & then member for over 7 months now, and I still do not understand most of what is talked about on this board. Like procedures, simple things - I don't even know the blood pressure stuff, whats good over whats bad.

    Don't misunderstand me, I love it & have learned much, but there are things that seem like I should know because I am going into the field and I don't. And FIELD - gosh, some of the special fields, I don't know what they are, much less how to pronounce them.

    Are there others out there who feel as lost as I do, or am I just in the dark


    PS I start A&P 1 on Thursday. My stomach hasn't been right since last week due to nerves- many people I have talked to had to take this class 2 times, so I am really
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  3. by   marilynmom
    I'm sure most of the procedeures you dont need to worry about just yet. They will teach you all that in nursing school. You are still just doing your pre reqs it sounds like so just concentrate on those. No one expects you to know anything about blood pressure or procedures at this point so don't get stressed out about that! Goodness...lol

    As far as the different specialties of nursing just the more you read the more you will inderstand about them. I am interested in so many different aspects of nursing and probably wont really know what I like till I try it.

    Oh and I didn't think Anatomy was that hard. There *is* a lot to learn but its also very interesting at the same time so that makes it kinda fun. Yes there are some who have to re-take the class (there are a few in my class who failed it) but I should make an A or a high B in the class.

  4. by   ava'smomRN
    i felt lost at first. but after i finished my a&p class and got a job as a cna i could somewhat understand somethings, however there are still a great deal of things i don't understand and i just get discouraged and don't continue to read them and i say hey once i learn this in school or clinical then i will understand it. technically right now you should be lost, you havent been dircectly exposed to this stuff yet. right?
  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    Back when I started my pre-reqs I took a medical terminology class just to get a head start. There is a lot of memorization required, but it was definately worth it!

    The rest will come in time!
  6. by   Gator,SN
    Relax!!!! You are not supposed to know all these things yet!
    I remember the first time that we went to clinical at a nursing home. The patients had lists of diagnosis as long as my arm and then some. It was like another language. I learned a lot that semester! We would copy them all down and then have all weekend to make a care plan. We got together in groups and compared. These things seem to stick after that....for example, COPD, ROM etc....
    I'll never forget my favorite: W/C
    I searched forever and finally was clued in that it meant wheelchair...

    It will all come. Take the previous posters advice and check into a terminology class. That might be a great help too!

    Best of luck to you! You'll get it all in no time and then you will start to write everything like a careplan. (reason, cause, rationale)

  7. by   RN2007
    I was wondering what "clinicals" are like in school? Does your instructor follow you around and watch you do everything? That seems like it would be nerve wracking. Oh, and what does the term "didactic" mean? I am supposed to start an ADN program and can relate to being nervous.
  8. by   maire
    When I started nursing school I knew zilch/zip/nada. You aren't supposed to know this stuff, that's why you are in school! Relax...you will learn everything you need to know! It may seem to come easier to those with medical experience, but by the end of the semester you are all in the same place. CNA experience is helpful but not a requirement!

    (We need a hug smiley, sheesh)
  9. by   PennyLane
    I agree you're not supposed to know this stuff at this point. Nurses aren't born nurses, you know. They go through a lot to get there!!

    I'm just finishing up A&P II this semester (have my lecture final next week---), and a lot of stuff 'came together' in this class. In A&P I we learned a lot of terminology, and A&P II for us focused more on the physiology side of things. How systems work, how diseases impact those systems, etc. It's VERY interesting and, while I can't claim to know that much, I know a lot more than I did a year ago.

    You could take a terminology class, but don't overload yourself with extraneous classes, esp. if you have to work while in school.
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    it will come with time; all the best to you.
  11. by   RN2007
    Would a few of you nurses or students who have already done clinical courses, please do some of us future students a big favor and fill us in on how clinicals go at a facility, etc.? This is just general info and would help some of us get a feel for how the instructors and students work together when we are sent out to do clinical work at a med-surg floor, or wherever. After I read many posts on the general nursing board here about instructors being sooo mean and downright hard nosed, it scares me that some of these instructors seem like they are just waiting for you to slip up and make a bad mistake. I know there must be really good instructors who are also not only competent but nice as well, but some of the RNs and LPN stories make me really wonder, ya know? So, please enlighten us basicly how the instructors interact with the students while the patients are providing patient care, etc. as part of the clinical process. Also, can you please tell me what the word "didactic" means in nursing, because I keep running across this word on these boards.?? Thanks sooo much for helping us. ... April
  12. by   Mkue
    Gator, I had to laugh w/c

    Mine was NAS- no added salt..

    Good Luck justjenn, everything will fall into place and you will learn so much
  13. by   howie122832
    I am coming to the realization that nursing school is really just a lesson in completion! I just started my first job as a nurse, on an Oncology floor, and I feel totally stupid! I am now realizing that I can't be expected to know everything going in! Nursing school teaches you theory, and you just gotta "practice" to learn how to be a nurse!
  14. by   justjenn
    Thank you everyone for all your insight. Yes, I know that I will learn when I am in school, but GOSH, there seems to be sooooo much to learn, little overwhelming to look in at.

    I wanted to take Med. Termin. but, w/ working 45 to 50 hrs a week & taking A&P 1, I wanted to be sure that I devote all my time to that class. Lots of people apparently fail this their first shot w/ this particular teacher. My husband p-up my books for that class today & HOW AM I EVER GOING TO REMEMBER ALL THIS STUFF - How do you guys (not meaning guys literally, I'm from Jersey) remember ALL the parts of the body, veins, muscles, things I never knew I had. UGH!

    Thanks again everyone - & yeah, if someone can inform us what a "day in clinical" is like, it would help us newbies out.