Fundraising ideas needed...

  1. I am looking for fundraising ideas for our nursing club. The only thing we can't do is food (local health department restrictions).

    We need an idea for Thanksgiving and for Christmas!

    It is to fund some of the nursing scholarships.
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  3. by   Bonny619
    We had a yard sale this past summer to raise money for our pinning ceremony. We made nearly 600 bucks.

    We are also having a fundraiser at Rubios, if you bring in a flyer on a certain day, 20% of the bill will go towards our ceremony.

    Just some ideas to work with!
  4. by   MistiroseRN
    It's a shame you can't do a bake sale we raised over 200 in one afternoon. We are raffeling off a steelers basket for our next fund raiser. What about candy bars? They are very easy to sell.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    how about making your own cards ie birthday.
  6. by   nyapa
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    how about making your own cards ie birthday.
    Or consider making a calendar. You don't need to have a fancy camera these days...
  7. by   nurz2be
    Quote from Hopefull2009
    I am looking for fundraising ideas for our nursing club. The only thing we can't do is food (local health department restrictions).

    We need an idea for Thanksgiving and for Christmas!

    It is to fund some of the nursing scholarships.

    Here are a few things we do at our school, mind you we have a dress code at our school.

    For instance you can sell "dress-down" vouchers for like 2-5 bucks. We sell ours for 2. This allows the student to wear whatever to school for 1 day, that day is pre determined as well. You get money they get ticket and get to wear shorts to school, or flip flops, like I said our school is very strict about clothing.

    You can do a can/bottle drive....people in your school drink sodas I am sure, get containers for those and you can sell them to a recycling center.

    You can have change wars.....each class at your school, or in your department, depending on the size of your school, gets a large container and everyone that wants can drop change into the container.... class with the most change wins a pizza party.....this one is best done over a months time.

    Car washes are a fun way to make money, if you are in a warm climate like I am in Florida.

    Contact local businesses or students parents to donate items, or gift certificates, for a auction. Local artists like to do stuff like this too....they are a great source for this type of stuff.

    You can do a maid for a day sales..... Need faculty approval for this one..... faculty will "buy" your services for a specific time period....You do gopher type things for this specific time period.....These things are to be done around the school, not in a private home setting. The faculty member signs off on the time you spent doing whatever for them...upon its completion the money is given......or if you all decide the money can be done at first. Instructors and office staff love this one....they don't have to make all those annoying copies for a while.....

    You can get local businesses, movie tickets really make this basket a winner, to donate items for a "gift basket" the larger the better, make the basket and sell tickets. The highest bidder wins....all proceeds go to your department. Faculty really get involved. You can do a male staff one with stuff like sports stuff, fishing stuff, tool things, dinner or movie tickets guys like too.....ladies do a candle, movie, manicure, massage, spa, music type basket..... for the holidays you can make a meal basket...turkey and the works... or if not highest bidder wins... sell tickets for a few dollars and have a raffle, this depends on the school you attend.

    You can have a weight loss challenge...set a date...people pay to enter.....official weigh-in.... winner gets ___________ whatever seems sufficient.

    Student nurse wars.....have chapters of your schools, if there are several, or other nursing schools. Teams would compete on MAR errors, nursing diagnosis for clients, student nurse trivia.

    Entry fees for a talent show. This can be really fun. You can REALLY draw in a lot of students with this.

    Hope some of this gave you a little help. Good luck hunting for money......
  8. by   PRESLA
    ]A raffle for a well stuffed gift basket stuff given by local stores ie. coffee shops, book stores, bath and body stuff, ect. Maybe do a gift wrapping at a local mall if aval. Silent auction at your school display items and have people write down bid and it goes to the highest bidder. Good luck.

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  9. by   IrishIzCPNP
    I'm figuring when you say food that you can't make the food.
    Look into something like Auntie Anne's. They have a fund raising program.

    Yankee Candle has one.

    Sometimes there are local things...we have something called Joe Corbi's that does pizza (that I think is gross but it sells). We also have a dessert company here that does fund raisers.

    Our school has done the Yankee every year since I've been there. The students are asked to bring the forms home and try to sell them.

    Sometimes doing these package fund raisers work best.

    Here are unique ones...

    This one is nice because there is NO minimum!!!! There's no risk in selling these at all. These are also nice because with the push towards using less plastic (water bottles are a big thing right now) people may really jump on these. Some stores in our area will pay you a few pennies per bag that you use of your own. I have these myself that I bought with a co-op.

    Here's another earth friendly one...
    If I would like to order a large quantity of SIGG bottles for my organization (school, sports team, non-profit, charity, etc.) can I get a discount off of normal retail prices? Yes, for large quantities, we can offer you a discount:

    * 25-49 bottles = 10% discount
    * 50-99 bottles = 20% discount
    * >100 bottles = 30% discount

    To place your large order, email us at with the following information:

    * Name of your organization
    * Your name
    * Your address
    * The SIGG products you are interested in

    We will reply and finalize shipping & billing information.

    I have bought these ones...they are legit and you can get them done by different companies and have them usable for different companies...
  10. by   twinkerrs
    The second years in our program sold steth covers that they made out of scrub material. Cheap easy to make.

    My daughters school does a version of change wars that always brings big bucks to her school. Each class gets a jar or each degree program or however you want to set it up. All pennies in the jar count towards the classes count. Any silver change is a subtraction. It gets pretty cut throat and is easy to get wrapped up in. Last year I think in a school of about three hundred kids they made 1500 bucks. You can give the winning class a pizza party or something like that.
  11. by   mcknis
    This came right from our class presidents website. (yes we have a huh?!?)

    We are going to have 3 raffles; each will be held for a $250.00 gas card from the Duke/BP. The first raffle will be between summer and fall quarter, in that little break we get in August. We all have to sell 30 tickets, (90 in all).
    90 X 74 (the number of students we have at this point) = $6,660.00.
    What does this this money pay for?
    Well, it all goes toward our pinning ceremony. If you don’t know what the pinning ceremony entails– it’s a lot. First and foremost, its a tradition letting our loved ones know that we’re going to be doing something meaningful as nurses; its not just a job. It’s a beautiful ceremony, filled with love and excitement. It’s held immediately after graduation at the Palace theater. We each get a pin and a rose. In the nursing class of 2007, over 500 family members and friends came to the pinning ceremony. But, like I said, it entails a lot. Here are some of the things that we need to purchase.
    • All of the nursing pins. Instead of each person purchasing their pin, this will be paid for.
    • Flowers for each of us. The instructors hand them to our loved ones to give to us right before they pin us.
    • The refreshments for 500+ people who attend.
    • Flowers for decorations.
    • Rental of the Palace theater.
    • A corsage for each of the instructors.
    • A gift for each of the instructors (both first and second year, plus our clinical instructors).
    • The $750.00 for the gas cards we’ll be raffling off.
    • If there is money left over (which most likely will be the case), it will be split up between all of us to put toward our NCLEX review class after we graduate. It’s a $400. class; last year there was enough money left over to pay for most of the test.
    Guys, we need to do this. I hate fundraising with a white-hot burning passion, but its necessary. I know this won’t be the case, but what if someone decides not to sell the tickets? Well, they’ll have to buy their own pin, plus pay their portion of the pinning ceremony odds and ends. Believe me, it will be cheaper to just sell the 90 tickets. Please don’t be difficult and make us have to do this. Keli and I will be keeping track of the tickets sold; so please do your share. if you only sell 70– it doesn’t count. You’ll have to pay your portion. Please sell the 90. If you’re having a hard time selling them, please hit up our classmates or the faculty."

    We are selling raffle tickets right now for gas cards to get us through. Cool idea, and easy to do.

  12. by   fundraiscandies
    Chocolate is a better fundraising product. It is one of the best ways to raise funds. Because so many children like the candy bars and chocolates very much. To view more information read on Fundraising Ideas.
  13. by   prinsessa
    How about selling t-shirts with funny nursing sayings on them?
  14. by   tanthalas
    Drive drunk people home from the bar for a flat rate, say $5. The last group that did this made over $500 a night.