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  1. justme1972

    How to get stool smell off of your hands?

    Buy salt...keep it in your bag...work up a paste with a little water. Gets raw fish odor off..should work for stool.
  2. justme1972

    about being harassed as a male

    All I could say when I got past the first two sentences was "Wow". No question she was flirting with you...and it was very unprofessional for her to do so. Now, here is even the sadder part of the story: If YOU had reported it...they probably would have laughed and asked what your problem was and told you to laugh it off. If YOU had done the same thing to HER...you probably would have lost your job over it. I am a FIRM believer that all too often...males get the short end of the stick when it comes to sexual harassment.
  3. justme1972

    IV air bubbles

    As a student, posts like yours are very important to me. Maybe I'm still looking through nursing with rose colored glasses, and I know that time is of the essence with some procedures, but one of the things that I have noticed since I have been on this message board, is that some senior nurses post that they have never had such-and-such happen to them, and some of the newer ones post that they have went through 3 hospital jobs in 2 years due to errors. There has to be a reason why some nurses constantly make errors and some don't or are so rare and minor at the end of the day, they are insignificant. I read posts like yours and start thinking...is remembering the basics and not always looking for the short cut the key to the whole thing?
  4. justme1972

    Patients sending Myspace Friend Requests!?

    I can imagine how difficult something like that would be. I will never forget when I had a close friend about 5 years ago that was a victim of a violent crime and I went to visit him at the hospital at a larger city nearby that I used to live in. We were just chit chatting while the male nurse was just running through some vitals, bringing meds, changing out the IV, etc. He started talking about a new house him and his wife bought, how excited they were about it, started telling us how they found it, etc. So (and to me, this was a natural question in the flow of conversation)...I said, "Oh, which side of town did you buy on?" Now...keep in mind the question wasn't "Which subdivision" or "What address"...just what side of town. He looked at me like I had asked for his firstborn, and said, "We aren't allowed to answer personal questions like that." Keep in mind...this was a hospital where first and last names were on the name badges and the area also had a very easily accessible public land records search that had all of the public information of your home, right down to the address that the tax bill got sent to. I'll just never forget how rude he sounded. This is what he could have done instead: Just made something up.
  5. justme1972

    MEOW! Catty nursing students

    Sorry, I'm not one of these people that will treat someone with more respect than what they are willing to give back. That only reinforces what they are doing. These same three girls are also famous for calling everyone in class when they need help on an assignment but won't return a single phone call/e-mail when someone needs something from them. Took us awhile to figure that out, and I was STILL one of the few that was still nice to them...but one can only push it so far before someone is going to call them on it. I have zero patience with people like that. Children are taught to "ignore" rude behavior in school....b/c that means the teacher doesn't have to deal with the real problem. Adults need to learn that being rude has it's consequences and I was more than happy to give at least one of those girls a lesson in real life.
  6. justme1972

    scrubs and ironing

    Maybe I'm just anal...but for example, I bought two sets of the Katherine Heigl scrubs. I took them out of the dryer and the fabric "puffed up"...I dry everything on low and I do use fabric softener. If you ever get some extra time and want to know if your clothes or scrubs look good or if you THINK they do....put some starch on half of the garment and iron that half it. Then...hold it up. Then ask yourself....which side looks better...alot better. They also carry better throughout the day.
  7. justme1972

    MEOW! Catty nursing students

    If you live in a large city, no one pays any attention. When you live in a small, rural community where people give directions based on where other people live b/c everyone knows everyone...then you would know exactly how rude this is considered. You would have to live in a community like this to truly understand.
  8. justme1972

    Husband uncomfortable with my job!

    ...because they have to get their point accross in order to control, so of course he isn't going to keep his "concerns" to himself. I find it very hard to believe, in this day of mass media, that even the most uneducated and ignorant can put bathing a sick patient and an illusion of sexually stimulating contact in the same sentence. When my youngest neice (same age as the OP) was dating her husband about 3 years ago....he used to contantly call her all the time on her cell phone, she giggled and thought it was cute that he was "jealous". When her father (my brother) was in the hospital after a car accident, and we didn't know if he would live or die, he called her no less than 2 to 3 times an hour wanting to know what was "going on". I told her she needed to tell him to get a grip because what was "cute" now isn't going to be "cute" in a couple of years. At a very young age of 25, he obtained enough certifications to obtain very lucrative electrical contracts and was making right at 6-figures...not bad for a guy who never went to college and started fiddling with electrical as a hobby. He lavished her with jewelry, a new car, then they got MARRIED...and many was thinking...oh yeah, she has herself a really nice guy. Well guess what...less than a year into their marriage she had to leave him b/c he wouldn't even allow her to get a job, go to school, or leave the house because some guy might "flirt with her" and the final straw came when she laughed b/c some ex boyfriend (who didn't even know she was married) asked her out...and she had to sit through an hour of him screaming. Another girl in my Chemistry class...had a boyfriend that was just "nuts" about her. So "nuts" that after me trying to convince her that this guy was too controlling (for about 8 months) and she really needed to get out of the relationship (b/c he tracked her every move)...he finally pulled a gun on her and her 2 and 4 year old children and told her she wasn't going anywhere one night when she said she had to go to work....b/c he heard that a co-worker had a crush on her. These things ALWAYS start out small. I wouldn't be "pleading" or "educating" this man...I would look him straight in the eye and say, "This is training for a job at a hospital, not a brothel, I'm not quitting, and it's not up for discussion" and I would probably dare him to bring it up again. How he reacts to that will tell you everything you need to know about him.
  9. justme1972

    Grievance leads to physical conditions?!

    I understand how you feel, I really do. I'll never forget the first dog that I lost I cried my eyes out for weeks. I know that people like having dogs as "part of the family", but I think that this can also lead to problems. Unlike people, dogs have a much shorter life span..so the chances of you outliving 4 to 5 dogs in your lifetime is great. Animals also cannot tell use when they don't feel well in advance enough to help them. When we mope around we can say, "I'm really dizzy today" or "I feel a cold coming on" or "I'm nauseated today, I don't know why." Dogs probably go through the same thing...they just snooze instead and we have no idea. Try to change your mindset by knowing that your dog isn't going to be around forever....I know that's hard. Know that you are going to give that dog the best life possible...but knowing nothing you do is going to last forever. So far in my life I've lost two Boston Terriers, one to an illness and another due to a dog mauling. I lost a daschund to liver failure, a cat that just hit the road, another cat that someone shot and killed, and most recently a mixed breed that had a passion for chasing cars and she ran out of the house and right into the path of a neighbor's car. I have a Pug right now that I may have to put down...his mind is good, but he is having breathing problems and I sure don't want them to get so bad that he just stops breathing one day....that would be a horrible death. You just have to focus on the positive and never let yourself forget that it's a temporary relationship..and I know that takes some of the joy out of it, but for your health, you need to. We had a neighbor (now, granted, she had other mental problems) that actually went into shock when her poodle died and was hospitalized for almost a week. So yup, it can affect your health....just like anyone who has lost multiple family members, human or otherwise.
  10. justme1972

    starting on nights tomorrow. Question..

    Remember your Anatomy...darkness makes your body want to fall asleep. Keep tons of lights on....try not to look at the clock..find a physical activity to keep you moving and busy so you'll sleep good tomorrow and be as prepared as you can be for tomorrow night.
  11. justme1972

    Infuriating Responses To Questions

    I completely disagree with your philosophy. To take a blanket approach like that, I'll be honest, is lazy of any educator. Bottom line: They are getting PAID to do a job. I pay tuition in exchange for instruction and the school I choose claimed to have experts that could teach me how to be a nurse. They are not doing me a favor by showing up to class. With very, very rare exception, all of the students, at least in my nursing program, are above average students. Like another poster said, if I ask a question in class, it's because I have read it, Googled it, researched it, and still don't have the answer. If you have students in your class that are not at least trying to answer their own question, then by all means restrict your answering to THAT particular student, not to the entire class. During my first semester, they threw a fit anytime anyone was 5 seconds late for class. The instructors only noticed on the very rare occasion that THEY showed up on time themselves. If I have to be on time, then I expect them to be on time. Some instructors also have an excuse for every family emergency right down to a sick dog (yes, I had a clinical instructor call off 1/2 hour clinical day b/c she had to take her dog to the vet) as an excuse for not having an exam ready, handouts that were promised ready, etc. Funny how when something happens in our lives, we get the "You need to get your priorities straight" speech. I won't put every single instructor in that catagory. I just won't. There are people that bend over backwards to put together a quality class. However, college instructors know full well that it's probably the only job in America that you can have...that no matter how badly you do at it, no matter how many complaints you get, the chances of you having to lift a finger to change it or lose your job is slim to none. So yes, there are a few that take full advantage of that. I have one that comes in frequently, walks to the front of the room, slams her books on the desk and says, "Everyone had better be quiet today b/c I'm just 'not in the mood' " Well, I would like to throw back at her the same crap she throws back at her students: Leave your personal problems at home and pull on your big girl panties and deal with it. Just b/c a student has a complaint DOES NOT mean it's automatically invalid or that "we don't understand". We have expectations to...and should have every right to have those expectations met. If teachers don't like answering questions...then it's the wrong profession for them.
  12. justme1972

    Infuriating Responses To Questions

  13. justme1972

    MEOW! Catty nursing students

    There are 3 girls that sit together in our class that did an externship at the same hospital I did this summer. During orientation...through 5 DAYS of orientation...these same 3 girls sat at another table and didn't even speak to me...again, for 5 days and we are in the same classes! They wouldn't even speak to me in the cafeteria. So, call me catty, mean, rude, nasty, childish (at least I'll admit it!)...on the first day of class, these girls sat right behind me and one of them made a point to say, "Hey, how did your externship go this summer?" I said, "Well, if you had bothered to speak to me at the hospital whenever I saw you for the last 10 weeks, you would know the answer to that question, now wouldn't you?" I just turned around and enjoyed the quick glance of the jaw I saw drop open. I can't STAND people like that. Yes, there are people in the class that I don't like, but am always nice to everyone and I always speak to them where ever I see them, even Walmart.
  14. justme1972

    Husband uncomfortable with my job!

    This is a control issue...this has absolutely nothing to do with your job as a CNA and I'll be honest, it's a sign of an abusive personality. Even if you quit tomorrow, give him a few weeks, and he'll find something else he has a problem with. He has a MUCH bigger issue than having a problem with you bathing other men. Been there, seen that.
  15. justme1972

    Consent to drug test OB/L&D Patients

    Here is the thing...a lot of these drug mothers claim to be clean...so you can't use that as a criteria. They know if they admit to drug use it's an automatic social services referral...so they just take the chance that the test may come back clean. If they are given the option, they'll most likely decline the test.
  16. justme1972

    Uniform, where to get it from online, Legit.

    I'm one of those people that is very difficult to fit. So I went to the local, overpriced, huge selection scrub shop and I tried on scrubs to my heart's content. I marked down style numbers and sizes for each brand. Now, I can shop online for the best prices, and know when it gets home...it will fit.