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  1. justme1972

    Doctor leaves his 8month old in a hot CAR!!!

    A physician CAN lose their license if they are convicted of non-patient/medical related crimes. We had a veterinarian in an area that I used to live in, that had a newborn..it was the first time he was dropping the baby at daycare, a break from the normal routine. The baby went to sleep in the car, and he went to work that day and left the baby in. He discovered the baby was deceased when he came back at the end of the day. The paper said that he collapsed at the car. He had to go through the process of being arrested and was on suicide watch while he was in jail short term and had to be transferred to a psychiatric facility until he recovered. As tragic as it was, this veterinarian was not a bad parent, it was a very, very tragic mistake. He STILL lost his license.
  2. justme1972

    Doctor leaves his 8month old in a hot CAR!!!

    Most courts base child support based on income. In my state it's 30% of your salary. Many cardiologists make around $20 to $30K a month in salary (not gross) and some make even more than that. So, technically, that's not out of line.
  3. justme1972

    First Negative Experience w/a Dr...

    Ok..I have to be honest. You did say something wrong to the physician, and my jaw dropped when I read what you said. When you asked the patient which antibiotic was it...and the doctor said, "It's alright, I know what it is."....THEN you said, "Um, It's not alright...."....anything you had to say after that, I can tell you, she wasn't listening. Then it appeared that you said this in front of the patient...which I sure hope didn't happen, b/c if it did, it was very inappropriate. If you needed to know to charting, then you should have said, "I just need to know which drug it is so I can chart it." I think the outcome of the conversation would have been quite different. Daytonite is 100% correct. You want to work WITH doctors, not stay in a battle with them.
  4. justme1972

    Feeling really down.

    I'm not sure if you are married or single, but it's probably something to consider to move out of the area. I would also tweak your resume to show the year and leave off the month that you graduated. Go to every job fair that you can, browse the websites on monster, careerbuilder, every website that you can find that has nursing jobs. You also need to isolate what the problem is. Are you getting interviews and no job offers or no interviews? You may also want to consider your career counselor at your old school and tell them you need help...that is only, their whole job. I would also call your old nursing instructors...they usually know everyone who is anyone at the local hospitals....they could help you get around the nurse recruiter. Also, are you following up on resume's? Sending thank you notes? Just be creative and keep your chin up.
  5. justme1972

    You cant be fashionable for nursing.

    Every instructor has their 'thing' that they get stuck on...don't let this one set the tone for how things are in a hospital...schools are different. I personally wear my hair to where if I had to put in a foley or an IV, it don't have to touch it to get out of the way..if your hair is medium length, I don't really see how you can do that. At minimum, I have to clip the front section of my hair back. Ponytails are not necessary. The nails...this is where the instructions we were given were sort of oxymoronic...we were told we could wear "clear" nail polish, and from a bacterial standpoint....this is no different than a color. However, chipped nail polish never looks good, and unless you are going to keep a french, polish that doesn't match your makeup or in too-bright tones such as red, orange, or other strange colors, to me, is unprofessional. Just remember that it's a nursing job where you take care of sick people and that takes priority over fashion.
  6. justme1972

    Persistent Nurse Recruiters?

    Try to understand that just like nurses have protocols, so do other professions in the hospital. Recruiters are required to make so-many contacts with potential hires, and they have to keep a record of their contacts, what they have done to "lure" the potential employee, what they have offered, all of this has to be documented. It's not desparation, it's part of their job. Recruitment for any employer is technically a sales job and many recruiters also have a sales or marketing background, which is what you want. You have to know how to overcome objections, gather information about what someone really wants, what would it take to help them make their decision...etc. The nurse recruiter at our major hospital system is an RN..but she has her MBA instead of an MSN, with an emphasis in....surprise, Marketing.
  7. justme1972

    Doing away with side rails?

    I have heard something similar that is supposed to take place in our state come January 1st. Even with "padding" on the floor, elderly clients who have osteoperosis will still break bones with the fall, no matter how much padding is placed there. If they can break bones from pathological fractures..then why would the padding help? It's one of those things that may take place, and then someone will wake up and realize that they didn't quite think it through.
  8. justme1972

    Pharmacology and math

    Send me a PM...we had an entire class that was over an entire semester dealing with nursing Math. I'll send you the ISBN number. My textbook was excellent, broke everything down, and I bet you could probably pick up one for dirt cheap.
  9. justme1972

    Help I'm being kicked out of nursing school!

    Or screaming..."I'm an addict"
  10. The problem is, the Generation X'ers, like myself, have no memory of classmates actually dying of these things. However, our parents do. It's easy to dismiss them based on "personal philosophy" when you have never actually seen a child practically choke to death or die from these diseases from massive infection, they will probably sing a different tune. There is no doubt in my mind that some children do have adverse affects of these vaccinations...just like medications, someone has to be that 1% (theoretically speaking..not literally). Granted, if that 1% is your child, it's devastating. I couldn't imagine. There was a pediatrician on a talk show years ago that felt very strongly that the chicken pox vaccine cased his daughter's autism (b/c the behavior had turned so sharply after it was administered)...however, he said, "As a pediatrician, I cannot sit here and say that I am going to advice parents to not vaccinate, and if I had another child, I would."
  11. justme1972

    RN-BSN or Frontier Bridge Classes

    Don't forget to look at the tuition. I found Frontier to be far more expensive to do their "bridge" classes vs getting a BSN and possibly going in BSN prepared...just no question as to how it compared expense-wise.
  12. justme1972

    Kicked out of school for being pregnant!?

    190% illegal. Pregnancy is considered a short-term disability and is protected as such. This not only includes employment situations but educational settings as well. They are required to make "reasonable accomodations" just like everyone else. No school, public or private, is exempt from that.
  13. justme1972

    I failed out of nursing school my last semester....help!

    This varies college by college. BSN courses are more likely to transfer however, ADN courses rarely do.
  14. This is a child that died of chicken pox...what is unusual was that this wasn't an infant, but a 12-year old. Article didn't say if the child was immunized or not, which to me, was a pretty important detail that was missed. http://www.local6.com/health/18271674/detail.html
  15. justme1972

    male nurses refusing to do certain treatments?

    I don't see it as an option for the male student or nurse to refuse it based on gender, but obviously, a patient has the right to refuse it. However, if a patient is willing, to me, a male nurse should be treated no differently than any female nurse who refuses to do a procedure because they just "don't like" to do them...probably the wrong profession. Having a moral objection is one thing, but lord knows there is a laundry list of procedures that won't make my day, but if it has to be done, it has to be done.
  16. justme1972

    Second opinion, how to ask doctor for?

    On a personal level, I don't ask a doctor for a second opinon..I just get one. I also never get one from the group the first doctor was in, b/c another doctor will most likely not go against the medical opinion of another physician in that same group, so to me, that opinion would be worthless to seek. Just my