First paper due and still have no clue

  1. So this is my very first paper, for my very first semester of nursing, and I have no clue where to start or what to do. For one we haven't even started writing care plans with goals or interventions and I have no idea how to use NANDA. I only have a week to write the paper and the teacher has yet to email me back, (she is a very busy person). Anyway here are the guidelines can someone please help me and point me in the right direction....

    I have chooseb the topic of Leukemia. I have to find an article or articles and summarize what the articles are saying. (No problem there but how am I going to find an article that says everything.)

    Then in depth describe the pathophysiology. (I think I might get this.)

    Desribe two medications that may be prescribed and list the actions, side effects, complications, and nursing implications. (I get the meds, but how is it suppose to fit in the paper?)

    Nutritional needs for patient. (I get this.)

    Describe usual medical management for patient. (Like we would try and get ride of the cancer, if not possible we would make patient comfortable?)

    Write a problem list. Include all pertinent nursing diagnosis. Must use NANDA and include problem related to possible manifestations. And include two potential problems. (this part I have no clue!!)

    Choose three nursing diagnoses from list and write one goal for each. (I just dont understand how this is going to all fit together. An example of sorts would have been nice.)

    Write 8 interventions with rationales for each three problems.

    One can see how I am in quite the pickle, I have never even seen a proper nursing paper like this one. And the reason I have to write this paper is for punishment for missing clinical, thats why I have one week also. Any help would be appreciated, or even pointing me in the right direction.
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  3. by   rdsxfnrn
    won't miss clinical again will you????? there are far too many ????? to answer here. maybe you can get help with one of your teachers.
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  4. by   That Guy
    Holy crap glad I never missed clinicals. That is quite the punishment. I would start by making a chart of your diagnosis and rationale and then find a way to type it up into an actual paragraph.
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  5. by   Peetz
    This 'replacement" assingment is far to unaceptable for you to do in your first term of your first year without having any teaching on nursing dx or interventions or outcomes. There is just no way for you to be exspected to know this without propter teaching. A student cannot just be exspected to know what all these things are, it takes lots of time and practice to get nursing dx and interventions right. I would definalty talk to your instructor and tell her/him you feel this is to much for you with out the proper teaching and request a different make up assingment, something within your current learning level.
  6. by   ellakate
    Okay, let's just get it over. Write this paper and you will be smarter than ever! When writing papers I have found it acceptable to review known experts. So for you, choose from: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society.

    Advise: Use National Cancer Institute, because they have specific information for health care providers. Use this as a resource. If you want to do more research, think twice. "Leukemia" is a huge topic. Advice: Focus on one kind of leukemia, suggestion Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia.

    The reason that I selected this leukemia is that it is the one that I have encountered most in my career. So this information can help you learn as you research. Start writing ASAP. The hardest word of a written assignment is the first one. After that, it flows (that is the theory, anyway!).

    You can do the rest; you just got rattled and need a little guidance.
  7. by   OCD_Mom
    Oh crap note to self NEVER EVER miss a clinical!:bowingpur
    Personally start by writing your points for each guideline you have been given. "Describe two medications that may be prescribed and list the actions, side effects, complications, and nursing implications. (I get the meds, but how is it suppose to fit in the paper?)"
    Med 1
    Side Effect(s)
    Nursing implications(s)
    Then do the same for the second med (and the rest of the paper-remember to cite appropriately)
    Then throw in your transition words and explanation for each point. You should be able to organize it in a manner that flows well: Description of disease and the disease process, Treatment, and nursing issues that "Could" occur. Then tie it all up with your Selections of the three nursing diagnoses from list and write one goal for each. I hope you have a good Nursing Diagnosis Book that can guide you otherwise go hang at Barnes & Noble and write your paper there.
    Best of luck YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
  8. by   itsmejuli
    That is wicked punishment for missing clinical.

    The first nursing care plan is always the hardest because you really don't know where to start. Don't panic too much, I'm sure your instructor is well aware that you've never done a care plan before.

    Take a look at the top of this forum, there is a thread all about Care Plans.

    Find yourself a Care Plan book to refer to. Its going to help you immensely and you're going to be writing a lot of care plans. On your book list should be a suggested Care Plan book.
  9. by   SRK77
    I am still trying to figure out how it is this far into the semester and you guys haven't started writing care plans. yet. I think this punishment assignment is a bit too much for you at this point. However, I think you just need to get it over with. For future reference, don't miss a clinical though.
  10. by   Rednights
    He/she must have missed his/her first clinical LOL. There's no way you go into clinical not knowing how to write a basic care plan let alone not knowing how to use that big fat blue NANDA book they should have made you buy, this is terrible planning by your teachers.

    Anyways this is just a huge time sink of a care plan you're basically doing. Think of it as a care plan first then just mash up all your things into a essay format with transitions and what not. Simply put its a care plan turned into an essay. The funny thing is they didn't teach you how to do care plans .... so ... pickle is in a pickle ....

    Articles ... from your databases, you access these from your college website, or. your library card. Pubmed is a basic one. There are ton of them. Google Scholar works too =)

    Pathology ... just get it from your book.

    Meds ... from your drug book and pharm book.

    You're going to have to talk to your teacher on explaining how to use that NANDA book or you're going to have to google a how to. Be grateful they gave you a week.

    The moral of the story is ... unless you're dead you go to clinical, that and if you have H1n1 ... go ahead and bring in everything else (sarcasm) as these teachers need proof you're really sick .... doctors note if you got one ...
  11. by   ok2bme
    Yuck! That's a lot of stuff, but at least it's not busywork, it actually sounds applicable to nursing school and practice. It sounds like you're on the right track, and just need some direction with the nursing diagnoses. Nursing diagnoses have three parts

    1) The Nursing Diagnosis Label: this comes from a NANDA approved list, there are by my estimate around 150. Lots of nsg dx books have a section where you look up the disease process (leukemia), and it will give you suggestions.

    2) "related to": these are associated/contributing factors or causes..such as age, environmental or cultural elements, disease process and tx, etc.

    3) Defining Characteristics: these are the signs and symptoms that "prove" and validate your nursing diagnosis, the defining characteristics are followed the phrase "aeb" or as evidenced by. Here you can put vital signs, lab values, pt quotes, etc.

    Some nursing diagnoses that may be appropriate for leukemia:

    -fatigue r/t disease process, stress, poor nutritional intake, treatment
    -imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements r/t decreased ability to eat and absorb nutrients as a result of anorexia, nausea, diarrhea, difficulty swallowing, side effects of chemotherapy, difficulty swallowing
    -risk for infection r/t inadequate immune system
    -disturbed body image r/t loss of hair, change in appearance
    -activity intolerance r/t side effects of treatment, weakness from cancer
    chronic pain r/t metastatic cancer
    -compromised family coping r/t prolonged disease or disability progression that exhausts supportive ability of significant othersconstipation r/t side effects of medication, altered nutrition, decreased activity
    -impaired physical mobility r/t weakness, neuromusculoskeletal impairment, pain
    -risk for infection r/t inadequate immune system
    -risk for injury r/t bleeding secondary to bone marrow depression

    etc. etc. don't forget the aeb which I didn't include, because they're the easiest part. For the problem list you only need to include the nsg dx, not the r/t or aeb, but for the three you choose you do need to include them with the goals.

    For the goals..just make them specific, make it quantifiable and include a timeline. For example, for risk for injury: client will explain 3 methods to prevent injury by end of clinical shift.

    For the interventions..get a NANDA nsg dx book or go to Barnes and Noble and look through it. Look up the nsg dx, and it will give you a long list of interventions..pick the ones that are especially applicable.

    Best of luck!