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  1. Do I need the original articles / booklets from lectures when submitting for a CEU audit? I haven't been selected but I feel I may this time around. Thanks
  2. Rednights

    Meet nursing managers or wait for HR?

    Long term care... Go in person. As I've read before... In person in the hospital... Need to be lucky. I suppose it's how well you sell yourself blocking your way to the unit manager
  3. Rednights

    How long is the average wait before an offer?

    I was hired after they read my references. About two weeks total.
  4. Saunders NCLEX is what I used during med surg as my supplement. I caught on late, would have gotten some test questions right.
  5. Rednights

    Driving an hour to school there and back

    As others pointed out you'll be driving more in the long run with the LPN route. The 45 minute drive is a great time to review for tests. I spent the time going over info in my head during the ride. Hopefully your ride isn't stressful packed with traffic.
  6. Rednights

    Failed the pre-employment talent screening test

    You always pick the right or left side answer (agreed 100% of disagree 100%) on those. Never middle. And of course don't pick the controversial ones.
  7. Rednights

    graduated in dec 12 and still no hospital job-nyc area :(

    NYC area only? You need an incredible amount of luck to land a job in the hospital, worse yet you've been hired already so that "new grad" title is off the table. If I had one choice of the other, I'd do the home care. In an ideal world I'd keep the safe job (Case manager) and per diem home care until you know the home care job is going to be stable.
  8. Rednights

    Advice for 22 yo male in nursing

    EMT assessments relate to nursing. CPR codes are the same. Talking with people / families / patients are the same. Lots of EMS relates to nursing. Yes first part of clinical is CNA stuff while they gradually increase your responbility with nursing.
  9. Rednights

    New Grad Cover Letter help!

    "As you see from my resume" isn't really direct enough. Don't make them search, point it out immediately whatever your trying room impress them with (some sort of relevant experience).
  10. Rednights

    New Grad Resume Help

    List all job experience, especially if you can relate them to nursing. Person reading your app might pick up on something unique in your history. All of your skills are expected (though not mastered), most students have the same skill set it's implied, is just padding your resume . List all clinical site with any unique rotations you did.
  11. Rednights

    Proper etiquette for filling out applications on site

    What you're doing is fine. I got my first nursing job going in person from LTC to LTC. The DON interviewed me on the spot when I walked in and I got the job right there and then. It's been 1.5 years I've been with them. Keep it up, be persistent, you get lucky here and there.
  12. Rednights

    Opportunities After Nursing Home Employment

    Don't do any type of supervisor / management as a new graduate for LTC. You're expected to know how things work in the facility. Expecting to know how all the nursing and then management policy is a huge risk on your license. Everyone will be coming to you for answers. Start as a floor nurse.
  13. Volunteering will at least fill in the gap of unemployment.
  14. Rednights

    What's a fair salary for a NEW RN GRAD?

    28 base ... full time new grade LTC
  15. Rednights

    New Grad May 2013!! Need Resume/Cover Letter Help!!

    Pretty boring cover. I'd play up on the CNA/Private Duty experience. And how you're advancing your career into nursing.
  16. Rednights

    Resume help

    I think it's a bit too general and should be trimmed / tailored a bit better for nursing. Meh who cares. Clinical Rotation / Experience horribly under-detailed / expanded on ... didn't even reach the minimum IMO. Again .. who cares .... Something like that ... needs to be narrowed down ... it's all over the place and isn't written well enough to focus the reader onto how your experiences cater to the job or nursing in general ...