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  1. If you work in the field already and feel you have terminology down I wouldn't worry about it. Many of my classmates did not work in the field or were big science people and struggled in Blocks 2 and 3. I have a son with chronic illnesses so I was introduced the hard way but like I said years ago terminology was a pre-req so I had to take it anyways. Rio offers an 8 eight week 3 credit course HCC145 or they have 3 separate 1 credit courses and they also have HCC146 a 2 credit course as well. I got rid of my old text otherwise I would give it to you. You may be able to go to Barnes and Noble a pull a book off the shelf a skim through it. I thought it was a SUPER EASY course. If you need to boost your GPA that is always a good way to do it too.
  2. I definitely would finish all co-reqs and I would also consider taking a terminology course (a 1 credit used to be required.)
  3. I took 202 @ RIO YEARS ago. I just graduated from Nursing school last month. Good luck!
  4. OCD_Mom

    Gateway community college controversy

    I am almost done with Block 2 and totally agree about NCLEX practice questions and doing the reading assignments...if you prepare for lecture you will quickly decipher the answers for nearly every question. I use Saunders and Prentice Hall NCLEX books and both seem like good prep books for current exams and HESI thus far.
  5. I received a B in all. All I can say that I busted my butt and shed lots and lots of tears trying to get through. I also dropped A&P 2 once because the instructor was so awful and nearly dropped Micro but fought my way through it. If you are going to take it online I highly suggest putting a good hour or two each day to really get to know what you are looking at. Use everything that comes with your course all CDs and websites. I still think micro would have been a breeze in person because I could have used info in class to effectively see differences in the different slides (after a few hours EVERYTHING looked the same.) As for A&P I think it was better I used the lab CDs and all of the quizzes that came with it to learn the structures, I had personal issues with my son that interfered with my studies then. If you have any more direct questions just ask of PM me and I'll answer what I can.
  6. I took both at Rio Salado and it was a lot of work. Most of my "lectures was the instructor basically retyping the text on the screen and giving you a list of websites to review (many links never worked.) Micro was probably the worst, my instructor was very immature at least her emails reflected that assumption. If you can get a class that is in-person I would say that would be better, don't get me wrong I learned what I needed to but I think the classroom setting would have been MUCH easier in comprehending all of this. Each week you will need to write Essays over selected topics and for your proctored midterms and finals it will be lots of multiple choice and a handful of essays. Definitely look into what your school of choice accepts, some will not accept any of these courses from a distance learning curriculum. Good luck
  7. OCD_Mom

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    cscanlon: skim through the posts around pages 30ish there is a list of the interview questions which consist of the Banner Health mission statement broken down. You then need to explain how in your life professional or personal have exemplified those traits. Good luck!
  8. OCD_Mom

    Replacement for block 2 Banner Fellows Program

    I met someone who said they had a classmate who waited nearly 2 years at Gateway. The wait is so long because almost no one failed Block 1. There were also a couple who did not pass Block 3 and waited a over a year to get into a new Block 3 course all are now in traditional programs but still Banner Fellows. Good luck!
  9. OCD_Mom

    Banner Fellows March Cohort

    for Block 1 reading & notes from Pre-clinical...everything is fair game. Once you get to Theory and Pharm majority is from lecture HOWEVER there are questions from the reading only. Remember never read more into a question what you are given is what you need to think about!!! Use the questions at the end of you chapters and know the objectives in the beginning as well.
  10. OCD_Mom

    Banner Fellows March Cohort

    So how was your first week? I am sure you are knee deep in reading, watching videos....and all the rest of the preclinical "fun" I experienced in October. Keep up on your reading and studying and start working on study groups...I still haven't found mine and I will pay for it real soon.
  11. OCD_Mom

    March Banner Informational Session

    I go to gateway now and saw that some of the info sessions are being canceled. Your best bet is to check the website and call the info number (or contact GatewayCC) to get a current schedule.
  12. OCD_Mom

    Care plan crisis

    Now I have several: Bathing/hygiene Self Care deficit r/t (her diagnosis or symptoms) Dressing/grooming self-care deficit Feeding self care deficit Toileting self care deficit Think of maintaining skin integrity, dignity, maintaining & improving nutritional status just providing a quality life with care and compassion
  13. OCD_Mom

    Priority Nursing Dx help PLEASE!!

    Your welcome at least someone can benefit from my personal hell I experienced a few years ago. j/k I love my children and I probably wouldn't be where I am today had I not had these experiences, right?! Good luck!
  14. OCD_Mom

    diverticulum diet

    high fiber avoiding seeds and nuts which can cause further damage to the colon wall causing potential leakage of contents into the peritoneal cavity. My friends husband just got diagnosed and hates eating vegetables...this should be a long hard transition for him
  15. OCD_Mom

    Priority Nursing Dx help PLEASE!!

    Fatigue is also a NANDA for Renal Failure and I personally know from my son's past condition that he slept like a log. A low Hgb and Hct will also cause greater fatigue and remember even though her RBC are sat at 95% does not mean that O2 is adequate for her needs if there are not enough cells to carry O2, you had mentioned a slightly elevated resp. Also if she is on dialysis fatigue will be even more so. Elevated WBC can also be related to renal issues as it also effects your immune system. I am just beginning Block 2 however these are personal experiences I have had with renal failure for 3 years prior to transplantation of my son. I did refer back to my NANDA book for confirmation on these bits I posted.
  16. OCD_Mom

    at a loss with maternity careplan please help

    In my NANDA book (8th Edition Nursing Diagnosis Handbook by Ackley & Ladwig ppg 180-187) Breastfeeding is covered. Ineffective Breastfeeding: r/t infant receiving supplemental feedings with artificial nipple or knowledge deficit OR Interrupted Breastfeeding: (the r/t here seem a bit off but I think knowledge deficit could be applied here too) I actually want to become a lactation consultant working with new mom's of NIC and ill peds patients. I am a HUGE supporter of breastfeeding like your instructor. There is the possibility of nipple confusion for a new baby, typically the breast takes a little more effort than a bottle to get the milk out of + there is no milk for a couple of days so many think the baby will starve and needs a bottle (not the case.) Also giving a bottle right away also prevents the mother's body for producing an adequate supply of milk especially if she plans on becoming the sole provider of nourishment to her baby. If you get an opportunity seek out a lactation consultant on some of these.