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Hello all! Hopefully all of you out there accepted to the Fall 2009 RN program at FCCJ will join me on this thread so we can help each other out. I went today to get my pants and found some of the... Read More

  1. by   hgerun5
    hey allie!! I dont know if my emails are gettin to you bc they are not in my sent mail. so if you can if you didnt get my emails try and e mail me so we can switch!! yayy! thank you I really want days!!!
  2. by   hgerun5
    maybe its bc i pressed the email instead of private message lol oppssss!!! i will try private message now
  3. by   amberFCCJ
    i already have a nice labcoat that fits me. does anyone know if i can just buy an extra patch and put it on it? it would be 4 dollars versus 22.
  4. by   crtm0924
    Stat line kits

    I went this morning and got my kit. There were 6 (after mine) left but the lady said she had a few hidden for extras and that she will be getting more in soon. She also asked me to pass along that she will have enough for everyone and that she is waiting for more to come in. The problem was that fccj told them that we would not be getting our acceptance letters in the mail until Aug 17. I hope this helps
  5. by   Cookie09
    I called statline almost two weeks ago to place my order and they said they would call me when the order came in and they never did. I guess I will call in the morning to see if they still have some before driving all the way out there. Surely they know how many of us there are so we all should be able to get one before classes start. I also called last week to order my polo shirt and they were supposed to call me and didn't. Does anyone if you go by florida specialty to pick it up or do you pick it up and pay for it at orientation?
  6. by   Jordyn117
    cookie09, you get the polos at orientation. when I called they told me that I didnt need to order one or anything, they were just going to bring them and sell them at orientation.
  7. by   Cookie09
    Thanks. I went to Stat-Line today and bought my skills kit. They only had about 3-4 available but were in the process of putting more together. So now I've got everything I need except for the polo shirt and hemostat. Does anyone have suggestions on where to purchase the right 6 inch hemostat that we will need? I can't believe orientation is only a few days away and school starts in a little over two weeks! OMG!! I'm getting more excited by the day!
  8. by   Jordyn117
    Ok, I am getting so excited for orientation!

    I was wondering if any past students had any suggestions about what to bring to orientation? Also, does anyone know which hospitals are on the list of clinical sites? Thanks
  9. by   Stephanie09
    How are we supposed to dress for orientation. Business casual? Casual?
  10. by   misswhitney
    You can wear whatever. I know people in the past have worn the same color so that they know they are from allnurses.com. Target has name tags for a $1 if you guys wanna do that lol.

    I know I brought a pen and a bag/purse because they gave out info at orientation. Bring money for your polos and food. There is a burger king, starbucks, publix, hardees, mcdonalds, taco bell, krystal's, and a few other restaurants off of Dunn Ave. not to mention the cafeteria.

    Hospitals I know you can go to are:

    Baptist DT, Orange Park, Baptist South, Baptist Beaches, St. Vincent's, Memorial, Shands, and Mayo. Pretty much any hospital in Jacksonville besides Kindrid and Specialty.
  11. by   alexjpaul
    Hello ladies I was just checking to see if anyone has spoken to the nurse to find out if it is going to be a problem if you do not have your titers results back by monday. I have left a message and e-mailed. Mine will not be in until Wednesday.
    Also, do you all plan on meeting at orientation.
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  12. by   Silverdragon102
    Can I remind members not to post contact names from school, institution etc as per terms of service

    No potentially libelous information about specific schools, instructors, or health care facilities/entities should be posted in these forums. While it is important to be able to network, everyone should be mindful of the following:

    1. It is a small world - when we narrow it down to a state and throw in some personal info, there is actually a pretty good chance someone may recognize you if you are not careful. Your privacy is paramount to us.
    2. While allnurses.com is a wonderful place to vent (without excess personally identifiable details) it is not the place to express why ("x" specific person, place or program) is terrible. Gripe away, but since we cannot permit allegations to be made about named entities, your care in not naming them is very much appreciated.
    3. Please do not give out personal information about others. Do not name names where anyone could identify the person in any facility including your nursing programs.
  13. by   JuneBugFL
    So do we find out what our schedules/classes are and what books to buy at orientation? And am I going to be able to just find out what books and shop around or are they going to have to be bought the day of orientation? So excited to see everyone on Monday!