Dwindling class members?

  1. How many class mates of yours have dropped out so far? We started with 120 in May , we are now down to 93 to date.
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  3. by   luvmy2angels
    I'am in an evening program so our starting numbers are a lot lower to begin with. We started with 29 and are down to 18. We lost most of them during the first semester, and 2 of them had babies and will come back and join the class behind us. I love being in a small class. When we do our clinical rotations we are divided in half so there are only 9 students to 1 instructor. We have been lucky in having a lot of 1:1 instruction time with the instructor. Good Luck to you!
  4. by   JR816
    My class started with 36 students. We have 3 instructors for our clinicals. So we also will get alot of 1:1 time with the instructor. We are just finishing our first semester as well. We had one student who had to drop out because she found out she had cancer. Our instructor said that 3 others students did not meet the grade requirements and they will not be returning next semester. She wouldn't say who they were but we can kinda guess. I also will be graduating in May '07. This semester, as greuling as it was, seemed to fly by. Good Luck to you.

  5. by   RNinJune2007
    Quote from Tanzanite
    How many class mates of yours have dropped out so far? We started with 120 in May , we are now down to 93 to date.
    We start out with about 45, and we started in August. We are down to about 40, but by the end of the semester more will be gone (failing). By the time you graduate, there is only 10-15 at our school
  6. by   JentheRN05
    My class started out between 60 - 75. We had about 5 graduate early. 15 graduate on time, 15 graduating one class behind us. And there's probably about 10 more still trying to make it through, which means they have likely either failed the maximum amount (2x) or dropped out of school, or been on probation. Which means so far 35 actually made it through. I can't say if the others will or not. What's funny is now that I'm an RN and working on a floor I did clinical rotations on, I am having some of my original class members as students for my patients! That's just wild. They did quite well. Okay I'm starting to ramble.
  7. by   crb613
    They are dropping like flies! we started with ~30 (this semester) & are down to 16. Some failed the 1st part of med surg,some did not pass clinicals & 1 just did not come back. It is sad & I feel so bad for them, some were there for the second time.....must be horrible! We are now planning our graduation & pinning (May '06).....Lord how awful would it be to plan all this stuff & then not make it.Good Luck to everyone!
  8. by   tx2007
    Wow we started with 30 and are down to 28 right now, I suspect more will be gone by next semester though.
  9. by   hotdog19d
    We started out with 20 or so at orientation, and are now down to 9.

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  10. by   rogramjet
    I think they accepted 44 and we graduated like 12. We used to laugh about it being Survivor. I wanted to come into the pinning in buffs and carrying torches with the Survivor music playing but I was the only one with that type of sense of humor.
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  11. by   sydie
    Same at my school. We are semester #1, started with 36 and are down to 31. There are at least 5 more that are at risk for failing...if they do not pass our next exam (cardiac/resp.) they will have to leave the program. According to the instructors my class is not doing so well. We have a hand full of students doing well with strong A's and B's. Most of the rest are in between C/D, with not many in the middle. I expect to be down at least a few more before we make it to 2nd.
  12. by   skyyhiflygirl
    We started with 30 last semester. We lost one early (decided nursing was not for him) and one did not return for this semester (although I know she passed the first semester and may still return). One dropped this semester and we picked up two who did not pass their first time taking 2nd semester. I know there are several in danger of not passing 2nd semester (like 7 people so far). Right now we are at 29, so its looking pretty good. Our school has a HUGE amount of assistance for those that are struggling, so we do have a large number of people that actually finish school.
  13. by   lunakat
    We started out with 30 in the day class. One dropped before mid-terms. 2nd semester we didn't lose anyone. Now in 3rd we have acquired 10 LVNs. So we are up to 39 but it looks like we are going to lose another (maybe, she is still in theory, but kicked out of clinical because of some weird stuff involving personality conflict c instructor, possible racism according to grapevine. There has been word she is seeking a lawyer.) So if this one leaves we will have only lost 2 so far, and we are graduating in may so hopefully we won't lose anymore....
  14. by   cdelacruz71
    We started the first semester with about 80-82 students. At last count we were down to 69. 2 dropped due to having a baby but will be back next semester. We had one drop from our clinical group after our first week in clinical....I guess it was too much for her.