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  1. JR816

    Mayo Clinic and Shands: Jacksonville

    Does anyone know what the pay rate is like at Shands and/or Mayo? I am just looking for a ball park....I have five years experience with a BSN in the ED with ACLS, PALS, TNCC.....any input would be appreciated!
  2. JR816

    Sound pollution in your ED

    Someone in administration dropped a noise meter off this week. It looks like a stoplight and she put it in the middle of the main desk. Green is good, yellow is pipe it down, and red means were disruptive.......... my thoughts, aerosol haldol in triage when pt's arrive and no one will really care how loud you are
  3. JR816

    How much of a yearly increase in pay do you see?

    My hospital has a clinical ladder system. I was fortunate enough to start out at 21.75. With a point system, nurses are able to earn their raises by going above and beyond the expectations of a 12 hour shift. I recieved an additional $2/hour last year and will get an additional $2/hour in August. There is one one more year that I can do this and I will top off at $28.50/hour next August.
  4. Does anyone here work for or know someone who works for the Baptist Healthcare System? I have two interviews set up for next week and I am nervous. I have a full time job now that allows me to work 4-12 hour shifts a week. I love a little overtime and I have been doing it for awhile. However, I am travelling 40 minutes each way. Baptist South is down the street.....I have thinking about making the move for some time and now I am a little nervous. I have been a primary charge nurse covering scheduling, productivity, bed assignments (43 beds) and employee certifications/education for a tele floor. I am wondering what the experienced nurse salary is? What kind of educational reimbursement benefits they offer? Do they have any incentive for working the 4th shift? Any and all advice would be appreciated.
  5. JR816

    Medical errors

    I am a renal nurse that works on a 43bed unit with an agency run dialysis room. IV Antibiotics are ordered post HD. They are supposed to be given on rinse back. Therefore, the HD RN is supposed to give the medication. On our EMAR, it is scheduled with no time attached and the route is HD. Through lack of communication, we had a yong septic patient go 7 days without the meds because the HD RN thought the floor nurse was giving it and the floor nurse thought the HD RN was giving it.........this young man almost died. There is no accountability here.
  6. JR816

    Please Help! Super short survey

  7. JR816

    Starting Salary

    $22/hr for my hospital
  8. JR816

    D.o.n addicted to narcs

  9. JR816

    Anyone work at Orange Park Medical Center?

    I interviewed at OPMC when I graduated three years ago. The interview consisted of 4 administrators and a round table discussion. They asked questions about my background, critical situations, chest pain (MONA)......I felt like an interrogation. And after I passed that round, I had to take a dosage calc exam. It was kinda hard. I was hired for a med/surg floor and turned it down. I was really not impressed with the interview process. I felt like they were drilling me instead of getting to know me. On the other hand, I have friends that work there and really like it. Good Luck.
  10. JR816

    Taking the NCLEX in January? Stop in here...

    I failed the first time I tested, and I thought I was prepared. All I can say is Kaplan, Kaplan, Kaplan!!!!! The information to be tested on is so broad. It is almost impossible to study for. Kaplan teaches you how to break down the question and how to throw out answers. I passed my second try with 160 questions. Good Luck!
  11. JR816

    Kaplan question Trainer 7...Need help!!!!

    i passed!!!!!! i am so relieved. thank you everyone for your words of encouragement!!!!!!!!
  12. JR816

    Help! Nclex Rn Tuesday

    I shut off at 165. I think I got the last one right. I probably had 30-40 med questions (lol, bullsh*t), 2 dosage calc, ton's of priority, 5 or 6 select all that apply, lots of infection control............who know's what to think. I don't want to be awake for the next 48 hours........I am going to sleep.
  13. JR816

    Help! Nclex Rn Tuesday

    Hbug..... Good luck to you today!!! I am also testing this morning. I just woke up to go over my labs and pretty much want to just get this over with. It is my second attempt and I am a little more nervous this time around. (more nervous but more prepared). I have utilized all of the Kaplan resources and some of the Ssunder's. I wish I could wave a magic wand and wake up 48 hours from now with all of this behind me. Keep me posted on how it went.....
  14. JR816

    How many of you felt like you failed but passed?

    I felt like I passed but then I failed. lol. I am taking it again this morning. I am sending positive thoughts your way. I guess it's a good thing to think you failed. That means the questions were higher levwl questions. Good Luck to you!!!!
  15. JR816

    Kaplan question Trainer 7...Need help!!!!

    lol......the million dollar question. i am going to study for four hours this morning and then call it a day. I am going to the football game to relax and hopefully my many greuling hours and some sleepless nights will get me through bthe next 48 hours. Please say a little prayer and thanks for your words of encouragement.
  16. JR816

    Kaplan question Trainer 7...Need help!!!!

    If you don't mind my asking, what was your cumulitive qbank score? I feel the same way. I started doing some Saunder''s just to brush up on my content and found the wuestions to be kinda easy. I only have a couple hundred qbank questions left but my scores are ranging from 60-80%. I think that's kinda good.....right?? How long ago did you pass?