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  1. skyyhiflygirl

    Your school's nursing cap

    I am currently a student at COD. We only purchase caps for the Pinning ceremony now. It has one maroon and one gold stripe. Also, we now wear solid maroon scrubs from Aviator. No more white except for graduation. Yay!
  2. skyyhiflygirl

    Night shift & social life

    I am usually sleeping while my friends are working. Its great because I get together with them and I am refreshed and ready to go and they are exhausted from a days work. By the way, I work 12 hour shifts and only three or four per week (full time plus an extra for the money. . .lol). I am a night shift junkie. . .
  3. skyyhiflygirl

    I Feel So OLD In My Class!

    44 years old here and starting my 3rd semester. I am not the oldest in my class and definitely not the youngest. I have so much camaraderie with my fellow classmates that I feel 20 something when I hang with them. It has really given me a perspective on a different generation and I sure enjoy their energy. Have fun with it and get to know your classmates. You will be glad you did.
  4. skyyhiflygirl

    Where do you buy your scrubs?

    I am absolutely in love with Aviator Uniforms. The best fit and the best fabric that I have ever owned. The pockets on the pants they sell are to die for and they have a million custom options for pockets. http://www.aviatoruniforms.com
  5. skyyhiflygirl

    As a nursing student...

    It is neither a step forward or a step backward. Its just different.
  6. skyyhiflygirl

    Had orientation today

    This is EXACTLY what I did. It made my life so much better to just open up that little calendar with all the information stuffed into it. I even put my reading assignments into it. It was by FAR less confusing than the syllabus and gave me a MUCH better perspective. . .
  7. skyyhiflygirl

    What is telemetry?

    I am a student nurse assistant on telemetry. We actually have 4 telemetry units, each one is 30 beds and each has a completely different focus, though all of them monitor cardiac rhythms. . .
  8. skyyhiflygirl

    As a nursing student...

    The problem is that now a days it is perfectly acceptable to sleep with someone before marrying them. That is why people only date one at a time. I mean if you sleep with more than one at a time you are considered a "slut or loose, etc".
  9. skyyhiflygirl

    Scrub sites... again

    My favorite scrubs are Aviator Scrubs. They are more expensive than most but are by far much more superior in quality than most. Definitely worth the money. http://www.aviatorscrubs.com
  10. skyyhiflygirl

    Finished Semester One (of 4)

    STRESS RELIEF. . . The party after the semester is over. LOL. After first semester ended we had maybe 10 people at the end of semester blow-out. After this 2nd semester we were maybe lacking 2 people out of the entire class (31). I guess the stress really does build and everyone needs an excuse to blow off steam. . .
  11. skyyhiflygirl

    Share your highlights of the semester!!!

    Just finished my second semester. Discovered I really do not care for pediatric nursing, also discovered that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE trauma ER nursing. Didn't think that going in so it was an interesting learn. My first patient of the semester was a man in resp distress who was a diabetic/renal failure dude. So confused and in trouble. I got to transfer him to ICU and watch the ICU nurse "discover" what the problem was (overdose from fentanyl patch - kidneys not disposing of drug properly). She gave the patient narcan. . .I got to watch this very confused lethargic patient come down off the fentanyl patch and recover - becoming aware of life and his surroundings. His wife was so grateful for us "bringing him back", as she never knew what was causing him to be so far gone till we transfered him. I also discovered this semester that I don't care for the "Mercedes Benz" hospital I work in. I prefer the Kia hospital down the street. . .go figure. . .
  12. skyyhiflygirl


    That was some really great info. They were giving dobutamine in the cardiac stepdown the other night on a guy waiting for a pacemaker. They didn't want to make him tachy but did want to get the rate up into the 50s. . .someone suggested dopamine and everyone just freaked. . .funny. . .now I know why. . .
  13. skyyhiflygirl

    I cannot get past the "Phelgm" issue.

    Your post cracked me up. I did a one day ER rotation where I was up to my ears in phlegm, blood, pus, etc. The cake was the guy with the severed small artery. . .it was shooting blood like a fountain, just like a cartoon. . . Hate the hacking sound of phlegm. Makes me gag. . .that and vomit, but I do it because it is necessary.
  14. skyyhiflygirl

    What "JOB" did you work to put yourself though School?

    Started out waitressing (great tips), then after the first semester of nursing school decided to work as a student nursing assistant. Definitely hard work but I work 3 to 4 12's a pay period (2 weeks) and make enough money to cover the bills with differential and time and a half for the last 4 hours of the 12 hour shift.
  15. skyyhiflygirl

    As a nursing student...

    ROFLMAO. . . The reason I laugh is that I flirt and am flirted with a lot. It is innocent as I am married and very happily I must say. It cracks me up when the young ones (nursing students and doctors alike) start asking me questions like "how is he/she", "are they single", "how come you get all the attention". The reason I get attention is I am confident and not a threat or an "issue". But it is fun. I flirt with the young, old and those in between. . .but dang, my new GP (my regular doc retired) is sure a cutie. . .its a good thing we are both happily married. . .he's a flirt too. What was the point of this? Oh yeah, if you are in nursing school to marry a doc, get out. Managed care has zapped all the big bucks so if they don't come from old money they are no different than you or I. In fact, you may end up making more money than them one day. Your salary will not be dictated by managed care.
  16. skyyhiflygirl

    Littmann 3000 stethoscope???

    Wow, I hear better with my cheap $9 stethescope than with my $89 Littman. I think it is more because it seals my ears better than the littman. Someone told me I should put the hard earpieces back on my littman and try it again. Maybe I should just invest in the cardiology version.