do grades determine how good of a nurse you will be?

  1. Hello, I would like to know if grades really determine the type of Nurse you will be. I hear so much and how alot of older people (like myself) get by with a "C" which I am currently doing. Most of them are my Science classes the others I pass with B or A's.

    I just quite my second job and have 3 kids it has made this semester very difficult for me and I think that is one reason why my grades were so low. I am a single mother therefore that is why I needed to work 2 jobs. I am currently waiting on my final grade in A&P II and that will determine if I get into the Nursing program this year. I am very scared that I won't be able to make it because I hear so many horror stories. I am very dedicated and will do what I have to do to pass, but I am still worrying if passing with C levels in your class is what really determines how good of a nurse you will be?? any suggestions along with how do you survive Nursing school, work the 3rd shift part-time and take care of 3 kids who are teenagers?? Any help would be greatly appreciated?

    Thanks So much!
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  3. by   live4today
    Welcome 3kidsmomma to allnurses!

    Now...on to your questions:

    No, grades do NOT determine how good a nurse you will be. any degree format.....only show how good a test "guesser" or test "taker" you are. Some people are just really good at taking written test, some good at oral exams, and some guess good. Some know the material as well as how to apply the material they test on. This is the most well you can apply what you learn or test on. Application is the deciding factor as well as your ability to critically and professionally think through what you are doing as a nurse.

    I wish you well in your nursing endeavors.

    As with the kids, working part time, and going to school.....many a person has done just that and lived to share it with the ones coming along after them. Discipline yourself to do that which you desire to do and you will accomplish whatever you set your mind, heart, and soul on doing. Try to enlist the help of your teenagers. Let them know how much you want to become a nurse, and ask for their support, their encouragement...especially on your "down days", and their full cooperation in keeping the homefront running smoothly. Make it a family affair, afterall they stand to benefit from your success.
  4. by   straba
    Although I sincerely do not believe that high grades mean that you will be a great nurse, for many nursing programs a good gpa is the the first hurdle to getting accepted.
  5. by   marilynmom
    I don't think grades have much to do with being a good nurse either, BUT, I know at my school a good GPA is essential to get into the nursing programs (both ADN and especially BSN). Also one thing that I think may worry me a bit is if you are struggling with "just" your pre-req courses and barely getting by- nursing school itself is a lot harder and you can't just "get by". People do flunk out of nursing school and drop out because its to much.

    You ovioulsy have a LOT going on with being a single mother and working and going to school! How you do it I dont know, I think its great and no matter what don't give up. If you feel your grades are suffering maybe take 1 less class next semester and see if that helps bring your grades up a bit if you dont get into nursing school this coming semester.

    But no matter what good luck and keep at it! You can certainly do it!

  6. by   Audreyfay
    Sometimes a high grade means that nursing boards are easier, but it does not mean the person would necessarily be a better nurse. Sometimes a higher EQ (Emotional Quotient) means a lot more than higher grades. There are a lot of C nurses who have won the heart and appreciation of their patients, coworkers, and employers.
  7. by   USA987
    Some of my classmates are AWESOME nurses...but horrible test-takers!!! I would rather have them taking care of me over a 4.0 with no common sense or bedside manner anyday!!!

  8. by   Mithrah
    I disagree that some people can be considered bad test takers. You either know the information or you don't. Nursing is both an art and a science. You need to be passionate and caring towards your patients but also you need the science background to know what is going on with your patient regarding lab values, signs, symptoms, patho, etc.

    Grades may not be everything, but it is the method schools use to prove you are competent on the subject being taught. So learn not just for the tests but for the patients who need your skills.
  9. by   Diana in Sweden
    here there is just pass/fail once you are in nursing school ... all nurses need to make the grade, every test, but there is no "I got a better grade then you" we are all going to be nurses. some of the best future nurses in the class just squeek by on some exams....
  10. by   maire
    And to add to what has been said...IMHO when it comes down to it, once you are a licensed RN it doesn't matter if you got there with A's or C's.

  11. by   zannie
    I was watching Dr. Phil once, I think last fall or something, it was a while ago... and he made a comment similar to this - my name is dr. philip mcgraw m.d. - no one has EVER asked me what school I went to or what grades I got!

    I think that says a lot! If you pass everything you need to pass and take the nclex and pass and you become a full RN and you get through your training and move on to be a great nurse..... your grades won't matter - afterall, I think that educationally/academically - if you weren't cut out to be a nurse you wouldn't pass at all!

    I think that grades are based on a lot more than just knowledge - like someone said, how good of a test taker you are... what your current lifestyle is (can seriously impede your short term studying), etc...

    ::HUGS:: I think you'll do great!
  12. by   GPatty
    No. Grades don't mean diddly as to how good or bad you will be. What makes a difference is what's in your heart, and how well you care for your patients.
    I got mostly C's in nursing school because of a clingy husband who wasn't too hip on me studying all the time...
    But I get compliments DAILY from my patients and from other nurses...
    Just last night, one of my CNA's called me and said she was going to part time and wanted to know what nights I worked cause those are the nights she's requesting. AND~ a lady who has been a nurse since the early 80's said to me she can learn alot from me.
    Sound like they give a hoot about my grades? No. They care about the compassion I have for my patients...
    You'll do fine......
  13. by   FutureNurse2005
    I do believe that grades are important, but, I also believe that it takes much more than that.

    Just do your best!
  14. by   RNIAM
    I believe grades do matter to some extent. A basic understanding of the nursing process is needed to be an effective caregiver. If you make a C you have a basic knowledge. That is what you need. If you make a higher grade your understanding may be higher. Does this mean you will be a better nurse? Who knows maybe yes and maybe no. It really depends on how you use your knowledge. If you can take what you learn and put it to practice then who cares. I am an A sometimes B student and I am very proud of my acomplishment. I would never be the type to say that because my grades were higher than someone elses I am somehow better. I am just pleased that I have done as well as I have.