Dieting and nursing school

  1. I'll be the first to admit that I have put on a few pounds while in nursing school but I don't think loosing those pounds through dieting while in school is the best of ideas. I have several friends in school who are dieting and are getting by but I want to know your thoughts.

    I feel that dieting will place more pressure than is needed and you will constantly be distracted by thinking of food, the fact that you're starved and/or not being able to stay focused.

    Do any of you diet? If so how do you cope and is it working?

    Thanks for the replies and good luck!!!
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  3. by   NurseKis
    I will start one this upcoming week and I also want to hear what others need to say about the topic i lost 80+ lbs before nursing school and gained 60+ just after the FIRST semester!! i am going insane!! My goal is to be 130 now 194, and pass all my classes too! We can do this!! I will also start going to the gym early before classes. Diet alone does not cut for me.
  4. by   QuarterLife88
    I think you should forget dieting. It makes no sense to go around starving, and as you said, it will cause you to obsess about food. I think that even if you can't lose much weight right now, you could just focus on eating healthier meals because they make you fell energized and good inside, and not focus on how many pounds you can lose. Good luck to you.
  5. by   Sparrow91
    What I have found helpful in the past is spending my summers losing weight and developing healthy habits, that way when school starts I dont have to try breaking bad habits while under stress because the heathy habits have already been in place for months at this point. I also make it so that my goals are not to lose weight but to maintain the good habits and to maintain the weight that I have lost. It takes a lot of the pressure off! Good luck!
  6. by   FutureCRNA?
    I go to the gym on lunch breaks, a minimum of 3 times a week and it's great not only for health (and isn't that the best reason for dieting?) but also for de-stressing an getting the brain refreshed I have a quick yogurt, cheese & wheat thins in between. I find it much easier to eat healthy while school is in session & I'm busy. I have a protein shake for breakfast, bring my lunch & make a fairly healthy dinner for myself & my family. I also bring healthy snacks with me in case I get hungry. It's semester breaks that I find to be difficult with being home so much, I tend to graze.
  7. by   Stephalump
    I do weight watchers. It doesn't stress me out, I'm never starving, and it's flexible enough for me. Also work out at the school gym before or after class.
  8. by   Jennybrie
    Thanks for the comments. I like the idea of a healthy lifestyle and trying to eat right and exercise but (being devil's advocate here) sometimes it's easier to grab something fast on the way home or to eat whatever is available instead of taking the time to prepare healthy meals and snacks.

    Personally I don't boyfriend does however and is a very healthy person as well. I work out 3-4 times a week and on rare occasions I pick up something fast when I have a craving for it. I find that if I don't give into my cravings I eat more of something else just to fill the void of that cheesecake craving.

    So if you're not dieting and you are eating right and exercising, I applaud you for your determination and will power.

    For everyone else that struggles or like myself is all thumbs in the kitchen...feel free to share your recipes and tricks to a healthy lifestyle.

    My personal tips
    1) stick to a workout schedule and DO NOT make excuses not to go
    2) don't by anything at the grocery store that will tempt you to over eat or eat poorly
    3) try juicing....I started with carrots and added more as my taste buds would tolerate

    Please share your thoughts and ideas....we can all use the help and encouragement!!!
  9. by   NurseKis
    Quote from Stephalump
    I do weight watchers. It doesn't stress me out, I'm never starving, and it's flexible enough for me. Also work out at the school gym before or after class.
    I will start that next week!
  10. by   DebCRNBSN
    I'm counting calories on and it's free. You can download an app on your phone. Then you can scan the foods you are eating. It seems to be helping keep in calories in check. I just started so I'll update you on any weight loss later.
  11. by   Wrench Party
    Not dieting necessarily...just trying to cut out all gluten from my diet for the next few months, drinking more smoothies,
    drinking only wine instead of beers, and switching from pop to green tea in the afternoons. We'll see if all the small changes allow me
    to drop the holiday weight and look good for those job interviews coming up in the spring and summer...
  12. by   rubato
    I don't ever "diet", but I do try to eat healthy. I'm a fit person, within my normal body weight and all that. I work out a lot. But, even with all the good going on there, I gained weight my first semester. Why? I relied on hubby to plan meals. Bad idea. He's a competent cook just can't make a healthy meal to save his life (pun intended). And, I drank beer or wine to relieve stress from school. As in, every day. I have quit drinking, for the most part, and will prep dinner, at least the ingredients and printed out recipe, before I leave for school everyday.
  13. by   KelRN215
    Dieting is the most useless American pasttime there ever was. It doesn't work and the vast majority of "dieters" regain all their weight.
  14. by   dawniepoo
    I've gained 20 pounds since the beginning of nursing school. Apparently, I'm a stress eater. Now my uniform doesn't fit. I have no choice but to diet at this point.