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  1. I wish I knew in the beginning that studying the night before doesn't mean it'll be retained for the exams. That most study groups ended up being social gatherings and unproductive. That lateral violence starts in nursing school and should not be tolerated by anyone at anytime. Scores on a test or in a course are no reflection of how you will perform as a nurse. Friends chosen wisely can be your best asset....no one else besides your classmates knows what you are going through and you need that person sometimes to calm, support, and encourage you. If you have the time...volunteer as much as possible as soon as possible.
  2. Jennybrie

    People sure do have some nasty opinions about nursing

    I was just thinking this very same thought the other day. Friends that I could talk to about anything two years ago are suddenly speaking another language....or is it me. I've gotten some negative comments but its "crabs in a barrel" more than directed to the nursing field itself. Maybe the comments are made out of jealousy more than actual disrespect of nurses. Sorry to hear that you have to put up with these comments. I think most people are misinformed when they watch Greys Anatomy, scrubs, House, etc.
  3. Jennybrie

    What do you so to relax from nursing school?

    At first it was some wine and TV on the weekends...as the intensity grew so did my need for escape. I worked out more (every day after class); baked cookies, cakes, etc.; played computer and video games, read fiction novels, took a bubble bath, complain to anyone and everyone that would listen. You'll find your own de-stressors and learn about some good ones while in the program. My best advice to anyone is to spend one day a week for yourself and not even think, look at, study anything related to school. Good luck!!!
  4. When I hear people say things like this it makes me wonder what else is going on. Nursing school is not the reason to break off a relationship and sometimes the struggle through the program can make bonds stronger. I know a few people in my class that became separated or divorced but I also know several that got engaged. It really will depend on how strong your bond is prior to start of school. If it's a weak bond then the stresses of school might just break it. Good luck!!
  5. Jennybrie

    Storage clipboard with built in calculator?

    I used a storage clipboard all through clinical and preceptorship and I really liked having everything in one place when I needed it. Always have extra sheets on hand just in case (water/coffee spill, etc.). Carry a "brain" of some sort...most nurses use shift sheets but until I developed my own style I used a little notebook to right everything in so I didn't have to take my clipboard into rooms. Always have a handful of pens (they tend to grow legs and walk away). This thread is also very helpful to new students https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-student/top-10-nursing-825460.html Good luck!!
  6. Jennybrie


    Thank God you were there to save the boys life I used to lifeguard for many years at an indoor/outdoor pool with a water slide. The outdoor pool was 3 feet deep so most parents liked to have their little ones in that one verses the bigger pool indoors. What many parents didn't realize was the current of the water slide pulled anything that wasn't grounded to the bottom (kids in floats) towards the bottom of the slide. After saving an infant from the bottom of the slide by jumping in and pulling him to his mother (who turned his back on him) she yelled at me for touching her son and telling me that it was "unnecessary to save him"!!! Looking back I think she was probably embarrassed but she could have at least said thank you or shown some sort of gratitude for doing the job she failed to do. P.S. I was just as dumbfounded by the response of the mother that I couldn't say anything and went back to my post. I actually started second guessing my actions with her reaction so I had to replay the event over and over in my mind.
  7. Jennybrie

    Is nursing school supposed to be harder?

    Take a look at the statistics of your school, retention rate, placement rates, NCLEX passing, etc. If they can't provide you with this information then administration doesn't care about the results of its school. I'm sure you're just an exceptionally good student and are worrying over nothing .
  8. Jennybrie

    Poop in nursing

    Maybe I'm the naive one but I went into nursing knowing that I'll be dealing with bodily fluids on a regular basis. Human beings eat, sleep and :poop:. Our first rotation was in a LTC facility and I am so thankful that I learned the fundamentals of skin care, feeding, positioning etc. to the point that it becomes second nature. I agree with previous posts that the bronchial secretions are the worst and just hearing someone snort up a loogie gives me chills . I think too many people go into nursing thinking it's like scrubs or greys anatomy.
  9. This is my worst nightmare. I'm so afraid of missing clinical or being late that I can't sleep the night before and have to "self medicate" for any chance of sleep more than 2 hours. Thanks for the story...especially the part where you go to the wrong facility....I've actually done something similar when I went to my clinical site instead of going to school.....hey they were both heading in the same direction and at 5:30am the brain doesn't function past red light, green light and only 3 hours of sleep.
  10. Jennybrie

    I know this an old beast BUT ...

    When I was doing research on the local schools as far as retention ratings, NCLEX passing and placement scores I found only one BSN program that was similar in statistics to the ADN program that I am currently enrolled in. In the end all that matters is that licensure and job placement after graduation. I think sometimes the non-accelerated BSN programs are at a disadvatange when preparing for NCLEX because the amount of time between learning the material and taking the test (eg. fundamentals freshman year and NCLEX 3.5 years later). I don't really hear good/bad things between ADN and BSN just differences between the nursing programs so this is an interesting insight into a controversy that I didn't even know existed. Thanks for the rant and good luck!!
  11. Jennybrie

    Nursing Math Class

    Will another math course be offered in the program? I knew someone in my program that tested out of the math course but she took it anyway to be better familiar with med math formulas. If an actual course is offered within the nursing program I'd say to test now and focus on the material then but if not it would benefit you to take the course so that you have a strong math foundation for clinical and NCLEX. Good Luck!!
  12. Jennybrie

    May 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    You forgot to empty the Foleys on the west wing again didn't you!!!
  13. Jennybrie

    What to wear to a volunteer interview?

    Business casual is the norm....the post by GrnTea is a great example of what you should wear
  14. I also have a bachelors in a hard science but all the hospitals I have talked to require a BSN. I understand that you don't want your last degree to "go to waste" but you might be able to transfer some of those credits. Good luck!!
  15. Jennybrie

    I Ask For "Nothing".

    Thank you for the article! You always write with heart and compassion and full of wisdom. I appreciate that you take the time to share your thoughts and experiences. God Bless!!
  16. Jennybrie

    It's Finally Happened!

    I thought issues like this only came up out of facebook, twitter, etc. I had no idea that venting on this site would lead to a possible termination/disciplinary action at work unless HIPAA was violated. It's very ignorant of this person to post enough about their workplace to be recognized and think that they would remain anonymous. If I were this person I would want to know that those around me DID recognize me on AN for good or for bad. At the very least I would be embarrassed and definitely fearful of losing my job if negative posts were brought up. As others have said using posts as part of a work-related evaluation would not be appropriate but off the record it would be courteous to inform him/her that you recognize them on AN. Good luck!!