Areas of nursing

  1. Just curious,

    Based on your clinical and/or personal experiences, what are 3 areas of nursing that you're most interested in? Which 3 areas are ones that you know you would NEVER work in?

    For me, the *Top 3* areas I would like to work in are:

    1) Geriatrics/LTC. I have worked at an ALF with dementia and Alzheimer's patients for over 3.5 years now, and it's my passion.

    2) Psych.. I have always been interested in working in a psych facility. If I didn't go to school for nursing, I would definitely be going for a degree in Psychology. I find everything about it fascinating, and the only kind of meds I was interested in reading about in pharmacology were psych meds.

    3) Forensic nursing.. I also find this area of nursing very interesting, although I think it would be very hard to get into.

    The areas I would most likely *not* work in are:

    1) Med/Surg

    2) Cardiac/Telemetry

    3) ICU

    ...actually, just hospital nursing in general.

    What about you?
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    Fun post! Can't wait to hear responses!

    1. Pediatrics- It's where my heart is. I love children, I think they are so special. I love their imaginations and their innocence. PICU gives me a chance to use all my technical nursing skills.

    2. Labor and Delivery- I think there is something special about the miracle of birth and I love the supportive role of the nurse in L&D.

    3. Wound Care- I love the complexity of some wounds and the critical thinking component. I love that you have to examine the entire patient- home situation, diagnoses, symptoms, finances, etc. and come up with the best treatment plan.

    Where I would not like to work:

    1. Emergency- I like to build relationships with patients and be able to follow up.

    2. Rehab- just not for me

    3. Burn nursing- I couldn't handle seeing patients in so much unmanagable pain.
  4. by   leenak
    I'm no where near starting nursing school yet but I have to admit babies kind of scare me so L&d is definitely on the bottom of my list. I'm interested in public health and psych. Lately, I've been considering that I might like pediatrics but I don't know the details and how that would mesh with my interest to work with kids but not babies.
  5. by   theantichick
    Fun post!

    1) ER
    2) ER
    3) ER

    Seriously, I'd probably enjoy any critical care area, but I'm an ex Paramedic, and REALLY want to work ER.

    Least Faves:
    1) Peds - I don't deal well with kids in pain.
    2) LTC/Alz - I'm better suited to the short-term interventions.
    3) Psych - I may change my mind after my psych rotations this summer, but right now it'd be toward the bottom of my list.
  6. by   ziggysgal,RN
    This sounds like fun!

    I'm a few weeks away from graduating from a Vocational Nursing program (August 5) and begin my general education classes for my next step (ADN-RN transition) in the fall...

    My preferences right now (at either level) -
    1) MedSurg
    2) ER
    3) ICU

    My absolute do not want areas -
    1) L&D
    2) Peds
    3) Surgery (any capacity)
  7. by   SqualsKnight
    Well right now I actually do work in an ICU as well as a stepdown unit (one "unit" on two floors, we generally go to whichever we're needed at) and I abosolutely LOVE being here. So I'd have to say-
    1. ICU
    2. ER
    3. Burn unit
    1. Pediatrics (Floated over once and I was mortified)
    2. L&D
    3. LTC
  8. by   prospectivepville

    1. ER (I'm like you theantichick, I could just eat sleep and breath trauma! But I'm a former 911 operator, I like the sudden panic, the calming people down, and my best friend is an EMT, so I'd love to get to see more of her, and see the other side of her stories!)
    2. Pediatrics, I know wayyy different than ER, but I love kids. I'm gonna have a dozen of em if I can ever afford them!
    3. ICU, critical care is by far to me the most interesting.


    1. Oncology, cancer to me strikes a nerve and very close to home. There's a difference between caring and caring too much, I couldn't undertake that heartbreak again, I would inevitably care too much.
    2. Geriatrics, I love my elders, but much like oncology it would be a reminder of how helpless one can be in certain situations. My stint in my CNA course taught me I love people, I could most likely make a brilliant RN, but long term care is not for me.
    3. Labor and Delivery, yes I love children, and the miracle of birth is beautiful. Yet, there are certain parts of the anatomy that will just never be my favorite, give me blood guts and gore, but nothing turns my stomach like after birth!
  9. by   ashleyisawesome
    hmm.. in no particular order because i havent made my mind up yet. haha


    1.Psych - i am really interested in psychology and my favorite part of nursing is therapeutic communication. i have several friends, family members, and ex boyfriends with mental illnesses, so i have become very good at calming them down and i have a bit of an understanding of how they tick. but im also nervous that if i go straight into psych and dont like it, i will lose all my clinical skills and be stuck there

    2. Pediatric Long Term Care - I had a friend with a little brother in a place like this and we went to visit him and it was so nice there. i really do like kids and id rather care for them in a home like enviroment and get to know them over a long period of time.. downside: i dont know how i would deal with one of littles dying.. but im going to see people die reguardless so.. eh

    3. School Nurse at a School for the Deaf - Its a stretch, there are not a lot of positions available, but ASL and Deaf Culture are my second passion and I would love to combine the two. But I wouldnt really get to use much clinical skill there either.

    Least Favorites:

    1. geriatrics - ok i am a pca in assisted living, and i like my job, but im getting bored with it. i think its time to move on. haha

    2. emergency room - im tend to become frazzled sometimes and wouldnt want to deal with all the stress and pressure put on me.

    3. OR - I have a tendency to get hypoglycemic if i cant get a little snack in every once in a while.. this has caused me to pass out before, and i also pee a lot. haha so standing in there for hours on end would be torture for me.. i guess i could wear a diaper? plus, the smells get to me a bit. i can stand them but id rather not.
  10. by   Despareux
    Most desired:

    1) Pediatrics Oncology
    2) Psych
    3) Forensics

    Least desired:

    1) Med/Surg
    2) Geriatrics
    3) L&D
  11. by   cgravier
    med/surg-you learn/need to know a lot
    flight nurse-helicopters? hello! sign me up
    ER-everything you learn in school you see in the ER-some say its a lot of headache/tummy ache patients and BS but others say depending on the hospital its crazy

    I dont wanna work with babies or babies mommas
  12. by   snow_bear
    Top choices:

    #1) OR
    #2) Peds
    #3) Home Health/Hospice

    Do NOT want to work:

    #1) Burns
    #2) L&D
    #3) LTC
  13. by   ImThatGuy
    I'm only going to apply for ER jobs so that ought to answer the question, lol. If not that, then it's back to patrol!
  14. by   my3suns
    My top 3:
    1) ER
    2) OR
    3) L&D
    I also have to give an honorable mention to ICU

    My bottom 3
    2) hospice
    3) psych