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  1. snow_bear

    Lcc roll call applying for 2014

    I will be applying for Fall 2013 as I am seeking to relocate to mid-Michigan. I figure I will have 139-141 points by March, so I don’t know if that will be enough.
  2. snow_bear

    Lansing Community College

    That's what I was afraid of. I think I will be better off to finish school where I'm at and relocate after graduation. Hope the job market is better by then! Thanks for your responses. :)
  3. snow_bear

    Lansing Community College

    Do I stand a chance of being accepted into LCC's 2013 nursing program if I don't have ALL of the pre/co-reqs completed by the end of this year? I have a 3.9 GPA, will have all of the pre/co-reqs (including Pharmacology) by the end of this fall term, except for Microbiology which I will take in the spring (both class and lab). I am also taking a 15 week Certified Nursing Assistant class this fall. It's not likely that I will find any kind of patient care employment until after I finish the course and take the certification exam. Currently, I do not work in health care so I can't earn any additional points there. I have an Associate's Degree in another field, but I don't know if they will accept that for consideration for their accerlerated track. I've been wanting to relocate to mid-Michigan for some time now and it would be great if I could attend NS there. But, I'm afraid that missing just 1 class will mean another 3 years of waiting - if I don't get into LCC next fall, I will attend nursing school where I'm at and look at employment opportunities in MI after I graduate. Sorry for such a long post and thanks in advance for any info anyone can give me!
  4. snow_bear

    Nurses with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Hi. I am a pre-nursing student and was just diagnosed with RA this past January. Since that time, I have been on prednisone and methotrexate and while I am better than I was before treatment, I still have a lot of pain and fatigue. I will probably begin a biologic soon. I currently work a full-time secretary job which leaves me stiff and tired and I work part-time as a waitress on weekends, which is killing me. I've cut back my hours, but even after just a few hours, I'm in horrible pain. At this point, I can't imagine 12 hour shifts as a nurse and rotating or night shifts which interfere with your sleep would be even worse! I really want out a desk job, but am having very serious reservations about nursing. I'm looking at a cardiac ultrasound program and I only need to take 1 more class (Physics- which I'm taking now and it isn't as bad as I was afraid it would be) to apply to that program.
  5. snow_bear

    Lumbar Fusion - need some support

    I had a large disc herniation at that level about 12 years ago and had a discetomy without fusion. Made a complete recovery and returned to full function without limitations.
  6. snow_bear

    UPMC - PSB-RN Exam

    I would love to work for UPMC as a PCT and eventually as an RN. I've applied and applied, but nothing has come thru.
  7. snow_bear

    UPMC - PSB-RN Exam

    Well, I contacted Shadyside SON and was told that I could not retake the math portion of the exam because there are only 56 days between the date I took the exam and the last possible test date. I've pretty much decided to take a CNA course in the fall, find employment in that capacity, then try for nursing school next year at my current school ((CCBC-Beaver Co.).
  8. snow_bear

    PSB Test - Analogies....aaaarghhh!!! :(

    When the PSB-RN test, there were 30 picture questions. They're not hard - just look for the pattern.
  9. snow_bear

    CCAC - Evening/Weekend

    Are you able to select whether you want clinicals on the weekends or are they randomly assigned? I don’t care if I have clinicals all weekend and have to drive to Timbuktoo to get there. I just leave my job until after I finish the first semester and can work in a hospital as a tech.
  10. snow_bear

    UPMC - PSB-RN Exam

    Can I retake it for this fall? I was under the impression that you could only take it once a year. I got an "A" in Algebra. I think I was spending too much time working out the trickier problems instead of just passing over them and doing all of the easier ones first. The exam wasn't hard, but it was timed - 90 questions in 30 minutes.
  11. It looks like I may have to leave my current job if I want to attend nursing school as even the "evening/weekend" programs require that you be available some time during the week for clinicals. One program does have weekend clinicals, but those are assigned by lottery and there is no guarantee that I could get those assignments semester to semester. I have been unable to find a nurse's aide/CNA training program that works around my job and school schedule so I can't work as a hospital tech until after I complete the first semester of nursing school. My current job is not very well-paying, but it does provide my health insurance at almost no cost to me. My hours are set in stone and administration will not work around a school schedule. I also waitress part-time on weekends and could easily pick up more hours, but I would have to work a minimum of 32 hours a week for a year before becoming eligible for their insurance. I don't know that I could afford COBRA in the meantime. I don't know what to do. I'm getting frustrated and discouraged.
  12. snow_bear

    Appendicitis? Really???

    I had my appendix removed with NO scans before surgery because the doc was so convinced by my symptoms and I did have a high WBC.
  13. snow_bear

    CCAC - Evening/Weekend

    Does anyone know how the class and clinical assignments work for CCAC? The nursing dept secretary told me that some clinicals are on weekdays from 3:00 - 11:00 p.m. and some on Saturday mornings. Do you get any choice in scheduling or do they tell you where to be and when? I want to apply for the Spring 2013 start - either main campus or Boyce (fast track). I have a full-time job, M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. I do not have the flexibility to change my hours, so I need to find a program that I can schedule classes/labs/clinicals around my work schedule. Quitting my job to attend school is not an option. I'm getting really discouraged. I didn't do well enough on the math portion of the PSB-RN to be considered by Shadyside, but I have straight A's (including in Algebra!) and all of my pre/coreqs will be completed by the end of the year. Thanks for any help and info anyone can provide me. :)
  14. snow_bear

    UPMC - PSB-RN Exam

    I got my test results in: Reading Comphrension: 99th percentile Sciences: 95th Spelling/Vocab: 88th Vocational adjustment: 83rd Math: 36th !!! That obviously rules out Shadyside. Looking into CCAC now.
  15. snow_bear

    Are there any a&p tutors, or study buddies on this forum?

    Study everything and study every day. Take notes while reading your book, use the online resources from the textbook publisher, study guide, outline notes, flashcards, coloring books, whatever you find works for you. You can NEVER overstudy A&P.
  16. snow_bear

    A&P....love it or hate it?

    I'll be done with A&P II in a few weeks, then I'll be taking Micro & Patho in the fall. I'm not really looking forward to Micro, just hope it will be more interesting than I think, but Patho should be fun! :)