Anyone doing well?

  1. Seems like all I have been seeing for post lately are people saying how bad they are doing.... Anyone doing well and want to share hahaha so many negative Nancy's out there!

    I love nursing school, am doing great and can hardly wait to keep learning!
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  3. by   StudentOfHealing
    I'm ... well. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. [May 2014 = Grad] I'm happy with clinical placement and I got off to a good start in peds theory.

    I'm aiming for an A in pediatrics. I'm sort of tired of hearing how hard it is to get an A... you bet its hard! But its NOT impossible!!! I've only made 3 As IN Nursing school. I want to make another A this semester!!! yes yes yes!!!

    ~~~~~~Positive Vibes ~~~~~~~~
  4. by   sjalv
    I consider myself to be doing relatively well. I should finish the semester with a B in Fundamentals and a B in Math for Nurses. If I really, really try hard, I can maybe make an A in Fundamentals, but right now the added stress isn't looking worth it. I have enjoyed all of my clinicals, and most of my teachers.
  5. by   RNstudent13renee
    I am doing really good, and I feel like I am never able to say that. All of my friends in my program are failing or very close to it and it is sometimes hard for me to chat with them while they are freaking out about failing a test when I just made an A on the same test. Woohoo for doing awesome and being proud of it!
  6. by   smoup
    I have 3 A's and 2 B's at the moment. Hoping to finish the semester with 4 A's and 1 B so we'll see what happens. I am 3 points away from an A in one class with 35% of my grade left outstanding, including a final worth 25%. The professor said it's very possible for me to pull out an A so I'm going to try my best. That's all anyone can do.
  7. by   krisiepoo
    whoop whoop! You bet I am

    I've aced 2/4 exams and got high 80s on the others in theory. In clinicals I've gotten nearly 100% on every single paper and am rocking patient care

    I'm in my 4th semester and I've done decently throughout. FAiled one test, learned from it and have done well since
  8. by   LoriRNCM
    I consider being one point from an A average doing well in both fundamentals and assessment/pharmacology, however, one bad test grade can ruin that for me. An 80 is a C, a 79 is failing. I am always on edge. And it's only first semester.
  9. by   kaydensmom01
    I did well. I graduated valedictorian of our nursing class of 60. I didn't even have all A's, l had a 3.7 gpa. I have taken 6 classes since graduating in May for the RN-BSN and have gotten all A's where you need a 95% or higher. I love learning, and keep a positive attitude which really helps.
  10. by   Everline
    I'm doing very well and grateful for it. I have an extremely supportive and encouraging husband and a daughter who leaves me sweet notes that I get when I come home from school. Plus she gives me good luck charms when I take exams. *smile*

    I study hard and stay humble. I am grateful to the Universe for my opportunities and hope to continue doing as well as I am.
  11. by   ER(notso)n00b
    I'm doing great! I'm graduating in 5 weeks, I've managed to keep my gpa above 3.9, and I am doing my dream preceptorship in the ER at the hospital of my choice. I have a job offer for a new grad program at a level 1 Trauma ER after I graduate. Life is good!

    This is not to say that I haven't had bad days. This semester started off to a rough start, but I was determined to overcome it and learn from my experience. I have an occasional day where I am just SO DONE. But I'm so close, so I just stay focused and take it one day at a time.
  12. by   kp1987
    Great job everyone!!!! I'm getting 3 A's and 1 B! Love it!!
  13. by   MissChloe
    I'm doing really well so far and I'm very proud of myself! I'm really enjoying everything I'm learning and a lot of it just clicks for me. I never, ever feel like I can talk about my grades with people in my classes because it seems like most of the ones who say anything about their grades are not doing well. I have to assume there are other quiet achievers in the class like me who are just not broadcasting things, but it does make me feel a little lonely sometimes!
  14. by   melizerd
    Final semester, just 39 days til pinning and I just received my official letter stating I am graduating with honors. good grades are possible!