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smoup specializes in psych/dementia.

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  1. smoup

    Patient Population?

    Just curious what patient population everyone works with, or would like to work with.
  2. smoup

    Specializing in PMH nursing after graduation?

    Of course. Why wouldn't you?
  3. smoup

    Do you have Malpractice Ins?

    Thanks everyone! I'll definitely look in to getting some.
  4. Just wondering if any psych nurses have malpractice insurance? Is this something I need to think about getting? I was told conflicting advice in nursing school and am not sure the best course of action. Thanks!
  5. smoup

    Going that extra mile ... literally

    Not as a nurse, but when I was a PT aide I walked to/from work (~0.5 miles) in a blizzard. It was so bad they ended up getting the plows off the road for a period of time. It made for very eerie walking! The walked to/from work for the next 2 weeks as we had back to back blizzards and the road I live on wasn't plowed.
  6. smoup

    For New Grads -YES you can do psych.

    Another new grad who went straight to psych nursing. While it's only been 3 months, I don't see myself regretting my decision. I WOULD have regretted my decision to do med/surg! That's just not me. It's never been me. I've ALWAYS been a "psych" person. No regrets!
  7. smoup

    "Just a Psych Nurse"

    Wish I could like this more than once! Can't agree more about the teamwork and trust in coworkers.
  8. Heard this all through nursing school. It's not the clinical skills that are hard, it's everything else. A lot of the clinical skills we do, someone has taught a family member to do to take care of their loved one, or taught the patient themselves. I went straight to psych after graduation. Never planning on working in a hospital setting.
  9. smoup

    How did your employer recognize Nurse's Day?

    Each shift got food every day. Everything from free breakfast for night shift, to pizza, desserts, wraps, etc.
  10. smoup

    UMSON Fall 2015

    I know those still waiting are frustrated, but keep in mind that just because no one on Allnurses has had a change in status this week so far, that it doesn't mean no one has received a change in status this week. Allnurses is not the entire population of those who applied by a long shot. Also, everyone is not notified at the same time because they have to manually change every status. That in itself takes time. The more people applied, the longer that will take. Different program have different people reviewing the applications, so they all hear back at the same time either. Again, I know you're frustrated but this is how UMSON does things. I'm sure the riot on Monday didn't help either.
  11. My unit doesn't do this, but you could have the patients give the people they want to be able to get information a "code word" that the caller must give when they call. Not sure how it works since the person could give it to another person. As for if the person is getting upset/angry, you just have to be firm with explaining that you cannot give out any information.
  12. smoup

    Behavioral health

    I think of it more as an adjunct. Some psychiatric patients have a mental illness with no behavioral health (acting out) symptoms, such as those with certain types of depression, whereas those with dementia have a psychiatric illness that includes usually includes behavioral health symptoms. Some places are equipped to handle those with behavioral health issues, while others are not.
  13. smoup

    UMSON CNL Fall 2015

    PinkEagle I am so happy for you!!!
  14. So true Viva. ANY ONE can end up with a mental illness. I really don't understand some people's "get over it" attitude. Have they never experienced mental illness, either personally or someone in their family? What if it happens to one of their kids? It's just sad.
  15. I had the same number of clinical hours for psych as I did for OB, peds, and community. The only clinical that had more was med/surg. It baffles me that some programs have so little exposure to a population that is in so much need.
  16. smoup

    UMSON CNL Fall 2015

    Interview invitations went out over a week or so period, if I remember correctly. Try not to let the knowledge that someone has an interview and you don't (yet) worry you. I know that's impossible, just trying to help.