Anyone doing well 1st semester?

  1. I have read several threads about people failing first tests and being frustrated, but not many about doing well. After a slight hiccup with a dosage calculation exam we had to take at the beginning of the program (had to get a 90 on it within 3 attempts or you can't progress further in the program- I made a 86 on the first, 100 on the second), I have been really proud of my test grades and clinical check off scores.

    I don't go around tooting my own horn. If someone asks about what I made on a test I just say that I'm happy with my grade. I know that I just need to worry about myself, but it is hard for me not to feel guilty for being proud of my grades when there are people who claim to study constantly and are failing.

    I was just wondering if anyone else out there is feeling like this in their 1st semester. I'm taking school very seriously and it is awesome for that effort to be reflected through my scores. Maybe me feeling guilty about doing well when others are failing is a personality flaw that I'm going to have to overcome.
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  3. by   ScientistSalarian
    Everything's going swimmingly so far - test/quiz scores are right where I want them to be, I'm getting the hang of clinicals, and haven't had to give up too much in the way of free time or a social life. Then again this is only the first semester so I'm sure the hammer will fall at some point, lol.

    As long as you're not swanning around smugly after test scores come out or are actively trying to make other people feel bad about their grades there's really no need to feel guilty about doing well. You worked hard for those scores so give yourself a private little pat on the back and keep on keepin' on
  4. by   Everline
    I did very well in my first semester. But I studied a lot. I don't know how people can just wing it. I have to actually study. I'm in my second semester and so far so good. But I never get to a place where I'm real confident. I just try to do the best I can. Nursing school is humbling. I feel grateful for my grades and having a supportive husband/family.
  5. by   SopranoKris
    So far, everything is going great. 98% on my first lecture exam, 94% on my first Physical Assessment exam. Had a set-back with my med math test. I have always got 100% on med math before. I completely blanked on how my mL were in an ounce and ended up getting 3 questions wrong and did not pass the 1st attempt (you can only get a 90 or better to pass). I ended up get 100% on the re-take and I'm done with med math for the semester. Whew! Our skills evaluations are simply pass/fail. All passes so far...yay!

    We have our 2nd lecture exam tomorrow. I'm really enjoying nursing school. Yes, it's a LOT of hard work! Yes, there's a LOT of studying. However, I just love what I'm learning and I've got wonderful classmates. I used to get so nervous that nursing school was going to be horribly difficult. It's certainly not a piece of cake, but it's not as bad as I though it was going to be. Sometimes, you have to take with a grain of salt what you hear/read on the internet. After all, who goes around posting "everything is great" posts all the time? We're going to hear/read more negative things than positive because that's human nature.

    Congrats on getting off to a good start and keep up the good work
  6. by   CeeCee82
    Thanks and congrats to everyone doing well. I was so nervous at the start of my program but feel confident that I at least know what is expected of me. In my program we are expected to keep up with what is due without 100 reminders. I understand that and stay on top of it. I think there's more responsibility put on us to keep up with everything without the instructors holding our hands like I feel is done with some pre req classes. I'm flexible but a lot of people in my class freak out about not being reminded everyday to check the syllabus.
  7. by   Mandy0728
    A lot of my pre req teachers don't even tell us verbally when test days are because it's on the syllabus. It baffles me when everyone gets so shocked when I tell them we have an exam in 2 days. I'm like "it's on the syllabus!" I always highlight as we go through the semester & mark on my calendars when the tests are. I'm sorry, but if people can't put that little effort into looking at a syllabus, then you don't belong in college . Period. End of rant.
  8. by   smoup
    I haven't had any tests yet, first two are this week. Up to now though, I have A's in all my classes. That's not saying much without tests though. I'll come back when I get test grades and update LOL.
  9. by   A&Ox6
    Just remember never to compare how your doing with students in other programs. I had a major complex because my friends and cousins were talking about all their As, but then I looked at their syllabi and I realized that the way grades are broken down vary greatly from program to program. Also some programs or professors will grade on a curve and some won't. Ideally, don't compare grades with anyone, but if you want to gauge your progress focus in your program.
  10. by   LoriRNCM
    My average in fundamentals is a 93, which is one point into the A range, so I'm happy with that. I don't know my course percent avg in assessment/pharm but it's a B. And I study like mad for those grades.
  11. by   Jaynie_Marie
    First semester rocks!!! I am loving it!!! I study a lot and do all of the reading (of which there is a ton, of course...), but it is worth it. I got a 98% on my first Fundamental's exam, a 86 on my first Pharmacology exam (not really the score I wanted to get, but I'm a serious overachiever), and passed my physical assessment check-off on my first try (check-offs are set up as 'pass/fail' with one chance to retake it if you fail)! I know that there are some people in my class who are really struggling to make a passing grade, though - which is an average of 80%. Honestly, though - while it is great that things come easier to some people than to others, the important thing is that we all pass...when we graduate its not necessarily the person who did well in school who will be the better nurse, and for job-hunting we will all be on an equal playing field as new-grads. Good luck all!!
  12. by   aaakers27
    It's going good, I'm doing well. However this is the first semester of an all new redesigned nursing program. So, we are basically guinea pigs, and the professors are SOOOOOO unorganized it's ridiculous. Hopefully they learn from this!
  13. by   Guy in Babyland
    You should not feel bad about doing good. Like you said, you are taking nursing school serious and the instructors are not holding your hand. That could be the issue for some of your classmates, they may not be taking it serious and expecting the instructors to constantly remind them of assignment due dates and test dates. It may be difficult for some students to adapt to being away from home and having to be independent and self motivated.

    Keep up the good work and get don't sucked into other people's drama.
  14. by   CeeCee82
    I appreciate everyone commenting. I'm not going to feel guilty for doing well. I'm not going to be smug about it, but I am proud of myself for my accomplishments so far. I had our unit 2 test today in fundamentals and made 100%. We also had to write out an assessment on a fake patient and read out our findings. The instructor was impressed and even said that it was a thorough, "advanced practice nurse" quality assessment. I am going to keep high standards for myself and try my best to keep up with this momentum.