Any Student "must have" item advice?

  1. Hello everyone-- Happy Easter btw, :hatparty:
    I'll start LPN school in august and was just wondering if anyone has any advice on "things I wish I had known about", or "can't live without" item I should get...?
    Also, should I order any magazine on a regular basis--are there any for students? --and books I should buy.
    Thanks for any advice--God bless,
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  3. by   nurseunderwater
    good shoes
  4. by   LadyT618
    AJN is good to subscribe to...give you a heads up on several topics in nursing.
  5. by   canoehead
    An excellent drug book and a great medical dictionary.
  6. by   sabine_rn
    Quote from canoehead
    An excellent drug book and a great medical dictionary.
    Can ya name names?? :chuckle
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    thanks and happy easter to you!

    congratulations on starting your program this fall.
  8. by   klone
    Quote from sabine_rn
    Can ya name names?? :chuckle
    I would suggest waiting until you get your syllabus or book list from your school - they will most likely have one that they'll want you to get.

    For our school, they require Davis's "Drug Guide For Nurses" and Taber's "Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary".
  9. by   unknown99
    Davis' Drug Guide is awesome!!!
    A good careplan book is essential.
    I would also recommend a little pocket size spiral bound book called LPNNotes (I used RNnotes for RN school... it was indespensible!!!)
    A tag for your stethescope.... the stethescopes disappear if you lay them down.
    Good, supportive shoes!!!
    The support of your family!!!

  10. by   rebel_red

    The following are must haves:

    1. A big bag of oreos.
    2. Tums
    3. Tylenol

    Seriously, depends on your school. Ours is an 11mos LPN program and they provided everything for us. Texts, uniforms, steth, penlight, b/p cuff, Taber's, Drug Guide, Lab Reference, and Care Plan books. We also had a meet/greet lunch/orientation with the outgoing class and they had prepared a packet for us of what they found most helpful. You might want to see if your program does something similiar, or provides students with a list of what they will require. Personally, I couldn't face the day or night without my trusty Taber's.

    Congrats again and best wishes

    8 weeks and counting!
  11. by   meownsmile
    Just a little reminder, dont ever ever go to clinicals without your stethescope.
  12. by   theblondeone
    A good, strong backpack preferably with wheels!! Those MedSurg textbooks weigh a good 10lbs each!!
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    THis is a great thread...keep 'em coming, would ya?
  14. by   Renee' Y-Y
    As far as knowledge is concerned...please, please, please pay attention during your assessment is the basis of everything you do.