Am I an ogre? Or is it just me?

  1. Alright, after several months of posting here in relative peace, I am now about to have people angry with me. I can feel it coming on....

    Is it just me, or are all of these "help me!!" threads really getting on people's nerves? We have so many expert, helpful people here, and I think it's wonderful that everyone is so open and willing to share. And I do think it's appropriate to answer questions as to whether or not someone should enter the nursing field.

    But all of these threads where people want them to do their work for them are just really irking me lately!! When the poster wants someone to do the leg work for them, AND THEN POSTS IT IN 8 DIFFERENT FORUMS, is a bit much in my book. And don't give me this "I don't have a creative bone in my body" crap. If you're going to be a nurse, you'd better find out how to be creative, or care delivery is going to be rough. "Please give me an idea for a presentation!" "Please tell me some nursing diagnoses for my care plan." "How do you do a cardiac assessment?" (That one really got me.)

    The internet is a fabulous tool (that wasn't in use much when I graduated, and no, this rant is not just because I'm bitter), and this bulletin board is a fantastic forum for sharing. But give me a break. It's great to bounce ideas off one another, but trying to get someone to just do your work for you is taking it a bit too far.

    Ok, clearly I need help. This is a Dayray-length post!! Thanks for letting me vent, and I'm ready for whatever wrath may come my way.
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  3. by   tiger
    why not just avoid those posts/threads if they bother you? just a thought.
  4. by   Stargazer
    It's not just you.

    I'm a little gobsmacked by the seeming dearth of problem-solving skills exhibited around here lately.
  5. by   2ndCareerRN
    It is the beginning of a new semester. Happens everytime. Some people feel they should be able to come to allnurses oracle and pose their questions for immediate answers.

    I will look at them, and not answer most. I will sometimes give a link, or a suggestion to point the person in the right direction. Very, very, seldom do I give a direct answer.

    If any of these students end up working with me, I want them to be able to think on their feet.

  6. by   Glad2behere
    Yeah, I think you have some control issues you need to deal with
  7. by   passing thru
    I think if they are real new students, they have trouble understanding what it is that they are supposed to do. For example, "do a cardiac assessment..." 1.) Where to start?
    It sounds SO (potentially) complex to to a newbie. To an experienced nurse, I'm automatically doing it as I talk to you. Color normal? Skin dry? Breathing normally......without effort? Able to talk without being short of breath? Lucid? Able to move about in bed without being short winded? Any little drops of perspiration on the forehead? How is the blood pressure? Any complaints of chest pain or pressure? Any nausea? Any cardiac meds?Listen to heart--apical pulse- with stethoscope. I can do all this in 2 minutes and have a pretty good idea of cardiac status.Not a full blown cardiac assessment, but a
    pretty good idea.

    To a newbie, it sounds like a big deal.
    Yep, it comes from years of reading and figuring out which symptoms go with which system, coronary..or what? And it comes with experience.

    It doesn't hurt to relieve their anxiety and point them in the right direction.

    I remember an instructor asking me in front of the whole class, "What do you think your role is as a nurse?

    I thought about it....and thought about it....and thought some more, and was struck dumb with fright and fear and ignorance. I never had thought about it and didn't know what my "role" was. I answered, "I don't think I have a role." ha ha ha ha ha ha

    No one laughed , thank goodness !! But I will never forget that incident.
    Now, I understand that -- as a nursing student-- I didn't understand my role in the hospital, nor did I understand my future role as a nurse. To me, the hospital was just there so I could do the required clinicals. I didn't think I had any impact on anything or anybody. I understood the housekeepers cleaned, the security guards guarded, the cooks cooked, but I did not know for sure what nurses actually did, what their "roles" were. To me, "roles" were what Hollywood actresses had. ha ha

    Now, it is an extremely simple question. 'Cause now I certainly understand what my responsiblities are....clearly defined in the Nurse Practice Act and in employer policies.

    So, I guess I am just trying to say, I think the inquirers are "green" and seeking direction.
    And, no, it doesn't make any of us ogres to get annoyed with them.

    Maybe that would be an interesting thread, stories of fright before we were "competents."
  8. by   PennyLane
    I agree. It's the posting in multiple forums that really gets me. And then it seems like the original posters never send a reply?? That's just rude.
  9. by   hoolahan
    I wax and wane on this. Somedays I am feeling really teacherish, and other days I am saying to myself, Oh for crying out loud, open your book like I did. But I don't answer on those days.

    I agree with passing thru's assessment of the situation completely. BTW, WHAT an intimidating question to be asked!! I think your answer was refreshingly honest, and definitely told your teacher a little more info is needed here!! LOL.

    What bothers me waaaaaaaay more than the students, our prodigy, are the requests for diagnosis. Just my pet peeve. I come here to be "off" from work, not to do more.

    Seems everyone on the BB has their own little pet peeves, so like I have been told a thousand times, "Just don't read what you don't like." Personally I hate when someone tells me that, but I nknow they're right. What else can we do??

    When anyone posts the same questi0on in multiple forums, that irks me no matter what the issue is. I would suggest a gentle reminder to the poster, if you answer, about overkill, b/c to me, that is an immediate turn-off and I will likely not open even ONE of those posts.

    Just my 2 cents
  10. by   Nurse Ratched
    I admit I'm kinda grumpy about posts from non-nursing people who want diagnoses of their medical problems or want to know if their docs were negligent. On my less charitable days, I want to post that this isn't ask-a-nurse lol. I avoid those posts as I am neither a doctor or a lawyer.

    The requests from students only *really* irk me when they're posted 2 days before an assigment is due - an assignment complex enough that they have clearly known about it for some time. (I guess the procrastinator in me is jealous I didn't have this resource when I was in school! )
  11. by   mother/babyRN
    It does get a little old, but if it ever bugs me, I don't reply...I don't have a problem answering queries because I remember how it was..Some people, IMHO, just know the right place to go for advice....I guess it really doesn't bug me but I have noticed a lot of it lately...I definitely appreciate all the answers and advice to my questions...
  12. by   BadBird
    When I was a student the internet wasn't around so I had to learn the old fashioned way, read my books, take notes, have study groups. I think that the internet is a wonderful tool for learning but I do not respond to the students who want us to do their work for them, it is just my personal choice. I guess a lot of students just want to take the easy road.
  13. by   ayemmeff
    Originally posted by mother/babyRN
    ...I definitely appreciate all the answers and advice to my questions...
    same here.I was reassured that I wasn't over-reacting about something,and I felt supported by all the kind concern and advice.
    I then felt strong enough to start getting the problem sorted out.
  14. by   jevans
    [QUOTE]I wax and wane on this. Somedays I am feeling really teacherish, and other days I am saying to myself, Oh for crying out loud, open your book like I did. But I don't answer on those days.


    I so agree! So on the days that I feel I can help I do so. When I don't, I don't

    But I have to say that I am so addited to this site that I check in every day

    So ignore the posts when you are not in the mood to help simple as that really