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  1. by   morghan
    You might be a nurse if...........
    you can go all day without going to the bathroom or getting a drink!

    HA HA

  2. by   Sundowner
    THese are wonderful!

    You know your a nurse when.....

    You insist on keeping track of your family members bowel movements......the state does frown upon impaction.
  3. by   jayna get urinary tract infection often...due to prolong holding of your bladder...what do you think about the bladder with the size of a footbal .....and also not taking much fluids .
  4. by   3651bht
    You hate to tell the new guy you just met that you are.
  5. by   jayna
    ..or he'll leave, instantly..
  6. by   nurs4kids
    Originally posted by kday

    Do any of you guys ever start calculating the volume of urine to document after YOU pee???

    Just a reflex sometimes....aaaaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkk!!!

    Hate it when I do that....

    okay, kday, i missed this in nursing school??? How many cc's per second?? lol
  7. by   nur20
    Not only do i calculate the volume, but check out the color and appearence !!!! Would do the Ph and specific gravity if i had the equipment !!!!!!!!!!! LOL,
  8. by   kaycee
    You can't watch a medical TV show meant for entertainment without analyzing it and saying,
    "Oh yea right"
  9. by   nur20
    That is so true KayCee. My husband says i can,t have a general conversation without analyzing it !!!!!! OCCUPATIONAL HAZZARD
  10. by   DAB
    If you sniff urine . . .

    if ER is on your "must watch" list . . .

    if total strangers feel compelled to share their health history with you in the grocery line . . .
  11. by   NursiePooh
    i must say everyone, these are so VERY

    ...IF you have ever considered putting a FOLEY in all of your family members during a long road
  12. by   KeniRN
    You might be a nurse if...

    your medicine cabinet at home looks like the med room at work.

    you stitch up your own kids.

    you triage your family & friends over the phone.

    you want a Foley for yourself on those 12-16h shifts
  13. by   RNKitty
    If your children are crying in another room and you don't want to hear about it unless there is active bleeding or broken bones.