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  1. Need Help

    treatment is to lower the temperature of the dialysate to 35-35.5.. Causes body to work to conserve body heat and increases B/P or at least keeps it stable.. Also make sure there are no nitrates on chest, no B/P meds taken before dialysis.. etc... bo...
  2. Spreading Your Wings: Career Alternatives for Nurses!

    How right you are. Most of the participants of this site are too busy knocking people down for their beliefs.. We all have our niche in life. We just have to ride the waves of life and hope we land on the beach and not in Jonah's mouth.,... bobbi
  3. HANDWASHING: Male hospital staff lax

    How did we get this far with our dirty hands............. bobbi
  4. Help! I need ideas!

    are mutlidiscplinary and PT OT RT and any others chart there... I always try to chart when I have contacted one of these team members and why.. "RT consulted r/t SOB, O2 Sat of 90% (our protocol 92 or greater) etc..." Hope this helps... bobbi
  5. Board Certification for Med/Surg

    I am board certified in Orthopaedics Have been since 1998 Ordered tapes and books from the ortho site and also CD with test questions on it..The book test was waaaaaaaaaaay old but the CD's were current.. The tapes were nice because as you say I coul...
  6. Nursing Reentry-How'd you do it?

    of nursing in your area..Many of them offer refresher courses and the State Board of Nursing in the state where you settle may have a list of possible courses...Good Luck and welcome.... bobbi
  7. gender as a qualification

    As long as there are male doctors in L&D I will uphold your right as a nurse to work there too.............. bobbi
  8. ANA membership

    and a pacifist .......................... bobbi.....
  9. ANA membership

    Are they using smoke and mirrors on you too.. I think you were the CEO in last quoted post weren't you.... Tell me the truth you aren't a CEO are you???????? bobbi They just don't get it...
  10. Setting a bad example?

    That's what I wanted to talk about FOOD... bobbi
  11. Setting a bad example?

    someone who is overweight is the best person to teach another about nutrition... Been there done that.. Also, unless you have walked a mile in my shoes don't even pretend to understand me... And like others are so fond of telling me Maybe you should ...
  12. If I interpret that word to mean to give someone courage then that is the only way to go...... bobbi ( Here I am again) May the sun shine brightly on you, in peace, and may the wind be always at your back..or something like that..... P.S. They're gon...
  13. pt to nurse ratio

    Go to dialysis ... Three patients in the morning and three in the afternoon. No nights, no Sundays, no major holidays.. ie T-Day and Christmas ,,,,,, bobbi ( I'm everywhere) May the sun shine brightly on you, in peace, and may the wind be always at y...
  14. Staffing

    Put out a six week block of blank time and let your staff fill in the blanks.. We used red X for days that were absolute needs. Like child 's school play etc.. Leave up for pre-determined time and then fill in the blanks and rearrange as needed..Wor...
  15. Ortho is the best...

    I do hemodialysis full time and ortho on the side.. Actually, only nurse in hemo WITHOUT a "bad back" cuz I know how to transfer...LOL