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So, I know a couple of well established people at their job site who when they got hurt there, did not want to be treated there... Here's the story: A NP at a big HHC hospital in New York was... Read More

  1. by   dreamingofbeing
    I am delivering my second child at the hospital I currently work at primarily because my OB has privileges there. If I had to be treated for any other medical condition I would go to the hospital my PCP has privileges at which is about 45 minutes away. I don't trust the hospitalists that are at our hospital and I don't care for any of the other physicians enough to switch PCPs.
  2. by   beckylpn1
    I have had several surgeries at the hospital that I currently work at and have been seen by MD's there. It really depends on who the ER doc is when I, or my family member, go in.
  3. by   NurseCard
    Currently, no, I work in psych. =)

    But, I have been treated before at the hospital where I worked. Had back surgery in September, at the same hospital that I worked in. Six years ago, I had my daughter in the same hospital where I worked.
  4. by   ImMrBill3, RN
    I'd have my buds make sure which doc was carvin on me for sure. Other than that h*** yeah, seems to be the best place around, that's why I work there (and it's affiliated with the school I go to).
  5. by   nursepammie
    Yes, I had both my children there and recommend it to everyone I know!
  6. by   chicookie
    I would get treated at my hospital but I wouldn't want to end up on my floor. I would feel way too exposed to my coworkers and I work very hard to keep my work life and private life separate.
  7. by   theatredork
    Yes, and I never have to worry about ending up on my floor since I work in neonatal.
  8. by   tntrn
    If I needed OB care, yes I would. If I would be placed on our Med-Surg Floor, there's no way! It's poorly staffed, very unorganized, and I've floated there often enough (that should tell you a lot!) to see that many things get missed.
  9. by   flightnurse2b
    absolutely. my hospital is the best in the area. i have already planned to deliver my baby there in novemeber.
  10. by   nerdtonurse?
    Like someone else said, med-surg? No way, chronically short.

    If I was in a wreck, one thing we all do is tell each other, "if Dr. X isn't on call, FLY ME OUT." We've only got one surgeon I'd let touch me. My internist works at the hospital, and he knows if I crashed on the way in, get me outta here if it's serious.

    If I ended up in ICU, I'd feel safe, since most of my friends have been "promoted" to ICU. But, oh, dear Lord, don't let me be at the mercy of some of the airheads on dayshift on my floor. They could kill Lazarus.

    My family has a "not thru my door" list if I did get admitted for some reason.
  11. by   talaxandra
    Would and have - two years ago I had surgery there, and I've presented to my ED on multiple occasions, and brought family there. I wouldn't be comfortable being treated on my own ward, but if the issue was one of our specialties I'd probably be happier there than elsewhere, unless it was a neuroscience issue - I have no interest in my colleagues catheterising me!
  12. by   casi
    I would definatly get care at the hospital I work at. I've actually ended up in the ER a couple of times. It was a bit awkward, but it is the hospital my doc is at and I do know and trust the staff.
  13. by   Goingthere
    LOL, at some of the replies. Nerdtonurse? I shared your post with my mother and we just laughed. I completly understand the reasons some would not want to be treated at their hospitals. But would you vocalize it like she did?