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  1. Hazard Pay

    None here. Plus we got all the extra pay differentials cut or eliminated and no merit raises this year. We were basically told we were lucky to have our jobs and not be furloughed.
  2. Did I get the job?

    I just went through 3 different interviews over the last few weeks and heard close to the same thing at the end of each of them. The difference with the job I was offered and accepted was the manager mentioned sending my information back to HR. Did y...
  3. how do you find your niche?

    In my 12 years as a nurse I have done: 1 year Oncology floor. I liked it but was physically attacked by a patient and for reasons to detailed to go into here I left that job. 2 years Telemetry/Intermediate care floor. Stayed as long as my sanity coul...
  4. New Job, Did I Make a Mistake?

    Going from floor nursing to any outpatient setting is a complete change but going from a floor to an office setting is a massive change. Four days is not even close to having a true feel of what the job should be. I currently work in an Radiation Onc...
  5. if you hate nursing, what would you rather do instead?

    I really would love to do hotel/motel management and tourism. I have looked into the program and as much as I'd love to do it I really like getting a paycheck and not adding more debt to our lives. Maybe someday I can do what I love and not what I ha...
  6. General question

    Welcome Bashair. I am finding this post very interesting.
  7. I have 2, one in the state I live in and one in the state I work in. I went through hell to get the one from the state I live in so I refuse to just let it lapse. I did put it in inactive status the last renewal since I just couldn't see spending mon...
  8. Started out in Oncology and thought that was my dream job, got assaulted by a patient and left. I went to a telemetry/ICU stepdown unit and hated every single day the 2 years I was there. My next job was Interventional Radiology and I loved it but th...
  9. Do these types of nurses require specific degrees?

    I'm a pediatric MRI sedation/Radiology nurse and I have an ADN. I have worked in Interventional Radiology, Pediatric Psych, Telemetry, and Oncology all with my ADN.
  10. Would YOU recommend to a friend/family member, etc..

    No. I would never discourage it if someone had their heart set on it but I will never recommend it and will steer my kids far away from it.
  11. per diem job

    I don't think it's a federal law but I know some hospital systems are like that. I am per diem right now but I can work as many or as few hours I want and not worry. One place I worked for made you take a permanent position if you continually worked ...
  12. Do You Use an MRI Compatible IV Pump for Peds Pts?

    We use MRI compatible pumps. We have 3 pumps so if a patient is coming from the NICU or the PICU and has multiple drips and requires sedation the intensivist has to decide what drips are the most important and what can be turned off for the span of t...
  13. Pain management for liver chemoembolization patients

    We use Fentanyl and Versed intra-procedure and have a Morphine PCA that we start immediately post-procedure. Our patients are admitted for at least 24 hours post-procedure. For nausea we do Zofran IV push PRN.
  14. Experience for Interventional Radiology

    I got my first IVR job with 2 years telemetry/ICU stepdown experience. I learned how to take care of vented patients very quickly because we took care of a lot of them and the ICU nurses very rarely stayed. I say go for it and apply. I'm glad I did b...
  15. Children's Hospital MRI's

    I work in MRI at one of our Children's Hospitals and I can tell you we are nothing like that at all. Everything we have is pediatric specific so we have all sizes of equipment from neonate to adult. We only have 2-3 pumps that are MRI safe so if a ch...