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I was wondering:rolleyes: Would you still do this if you won the lottery?????:confused: I was wondering would I still do this if I won the lottery. I went to play the power ball lottery today,... Read More

  1. by   Despareux
    I would do something to help enhance the lives of disadvantaged children, and maybe get a Doctorate degree. Pay off our home, help out mine and my husbands family, and set aside some for our kids.

    But I guess this may never happen that easy because I've never played the lottery, and probably never will.
  2. by   imintrouble
    I would never strap on my scrubs again. You really don't strap on scrubs, but it sounded good.
    The closest I would get to nursing would be to visit allnurses.com

    Also, if my state would allow it, I would keep one million for myself and my husband, then share the rest in $1,000,000 increments.
    If you see such a thing in the news, you'll know it's me.
  3. by   bree*
    Let's not try to act like a saint here lol. I would quit nursing in a HEARTBEAT. Maybe volunteer. Start my own business. Start a family. Travel the world!
  4. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I'm a school nurse, so I would finish out the school year per my contract and sense of obligation (no way they'd get a sub for the rest of the year and I have diabetic students and students with daily caths). I would not tell a soul, even family, right off the bat.

    After the school year I would quit and probably open up a daycare/pre-school for kids with medical conditions that cannot be managed easily in the traditional daycare structure. Would hire RNs, LVNs and childcare professionals and have a bus service to cover most of the metroplex (DFW).

    That or just volunteer, or indulge hubby's dream of opening a restaurant/bar. Or move to the Island and be a beach bum
  5. by   rockinRN04
    Yes I would! I would change how I do it. I would volunteer to work for those who can not pay for services in our country.
  6. by   sharpeimom
    for my husband and me, not very much would change. (if i were still physically able) i'd still nurse and my husband plans to teach until he's in his eighties because he loves it. our house is almost paid for and we've already both traveled to six of the seven continents, and retirement is covered. maybe travel more, support no-kill shelters more fully, help more low income families through our church's project, do even more volunteer work, take in and love more abandoned and abused cats. read... read...
  7. by   JenTheRN
    A few years ago I would have said, yes, I would continue being a nurse.

    Now? I would quit. I would buy a house in the country and open a coffee shop or bakery or something.
  8. by   eriksoln
    Define "still work". As an RN........nope. As Angie said, too much risk of lawsuits.

    What I would do: Buy my parents a nice home. Get myself set up in a dream home, continue school. I would on the other hand......let my degree lapse. I'd, in essence, retire.

    Once "retired", I'd volunteer at hospitals. I'd sit with patients, as a volunteer. Or, I'd simply accept minimal pay (for legal reasons, so I can be a sitter).
  9. by   Hygiene Queen
    I would give some to Mom, Dad, Sis, Auntie and my best friend!
    I would contribute to my dear friend's political campaigns.
    I would buy property.
    I would dance naked and wave a handful of $100 bills around over my head singing, "Nana nana boo boo!" in my ex husband's front yard.
  10. by   MrChicagoRN
    Depends on whether the amount was life-altering, or mind-blowing.

    I'd remind myself of the large number of lottery winners who eventually became bankrupt, and set up a financial plan to ensure a life-long income.

    I'd pay off the few bills we had, and buy only the rewards that were affordable within that years budget. I'd continue to work, but it would in in a "job" designed for me/by me. Would probably buy that BMW K1600GT and do some travelling.

    Maybe set up a foundation or scholarship to increase the flow of new nurses into the system.

    Give my grown kids a percentage in an amount large enough to help them, but not make them dependent on the money, or spoil them.
  11. by   PediNurse3
    I think I would...couple days a month. I enjoy the interaction.