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  1. 8 or 12 hour shifts (single mom)

    Also, keep in mind that most childcare facilities have after school programs where they will pick your child up from school, so you can keep both children in the same facility. You may also qualify for a subsidy program depending on your income. Chil...
  2. 8 or 12 hour shifts (single mom)

    12 hour shifts are awesome in a two parent household, because it can almost eliminate the need for child care. If one parent works M-F and the other works 12 hour weekend nights (like so many of my co-workers with children), you rarely need to arrang...
  3. Too direct?

    Everything is perception. I'm sure you have every good intention and that many of your patients are able to take the feedback and recommendations positively. We also tend to be a little thick-skined as nurses, so certain things don't bother us the wa...
  4. 101 Things I Wish I'd Known Before BOLC

    Lunah, this is awesome!
  5. Becomming a new nurse make you literally sick?

    I think I've picked up my first hospital bug too. Headaches, nausea, diarrhea, weakness, and a fluctuating low-grade temp. Luckily, I'm off three days this week. I guess this is another warm fuzzy welcome to nursing, lol
  6. To all the newbie ER nurses out there...

    This is a great thread. Not quite in the ED yet, but hoping to be within the next year. Congrats OP!
  7. Candidate performance report....Pearson Vue or BON?

    It really sucks to be so close and not quite make it. I'm sorry I definitely support what others have suggested. I did a few thousand questions over my prep period and really made a mindful attempt to successfully answer the questions, read the rat...
  8. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Took NCLEX on 1/21. Got the good pop up this morning, which is so reassuring. I'm like everyone else, I won't officially believe it until my license posts. But it sure was nice to have some type of reassurance. Good luck to everyone yet to take the e...
  9. would you do this if you won the lottery

    I'm playing the lottery with some coworkers and decided to fart around here to see if the idea had been visited. What would you all do?
  10. GA, CO, or TX Which state has a higher pay rate for RN?

    There's been difficulty for new grads finding positions since roughly 2008, when the big recession started. We no longer live in the world of selecting jobs and specialities; we often have to take what is offered and be happy to have employment. That...
  11. What states have the best job outlook for new grads

    Pitt Memorial is in Greenville. I hear great things about the area an I had a classmate who interviewed and was offered a position there. It's worth exploring :)
  12. What states have the best job outlook for new grads

    NC was pretty tight last year, but has gotten better. I just graduated a few weeks ago and had two firm offers before graduation and one pending from the place I precepted. I accepted one of the firm offers and will start soon. Try looking at the Tri...
  13. Accepted... should I get books and read ahead?

    Please enjoy yourself. I'm wraping up my last semester and I would kill for a break. Take one for me... :)
  14. i don't discuss grades. very occasionally, i may reciprocate with a close classmate who discloses her grade first (and without my prompting), but i do not participate the majority of the time. after exams, i take a walk to enjoy the beauty of campus,...
  15. You can always indicate that she's at risk for altered coping. She's in the taking in phase of the postpartum adjustment, so she's on cloud nine and all about the experience of the birth. Just because she's happy now doesn't mean she's not at risk fo...