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I was wondering:rolleyes:

Would you still do this if you won the lottery?????:confused:

I was wondering would I still do this if I won the lottery. I went to play the power ball lottery today, because today was just awful and I figured why not play the lottery. The jack pot is 60 million.

As I sat and pondered how I would spend my winnings. I wondered could I really not ever nurse again???

I think I would still be a nurse somehow it is in my blood part of me. Although with a 60 million dollar bank account behind me I would definately say when, where and how I would be a nurse.

What about you????? What would you do????


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I'd work per diem, after an extended vacation. I love what I do and I don't think I could ever really give it up, but I sure could stand to do it alot less.



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I would pay off my condo in CA and my house in AZ. I would throw out my tenant in my house in AZ and refurbish both places with a decorator. I would set my kids up with a HUGE college fund so I wouldn't have to worry about that.

BUT, I would finish school I think. I worked too hard for too long to get where I am.

Then I would work when I wanted in both states -- probably agency. Just to keep busy in between other travels...


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Oh Heather!

You would be jaded as heck...c'mon get real!

And if you continued to wish to work, there are some upstart psyche wards that you could make grants to!

Oh here's one! Just chartered!








Glad2behere's HI-5 PSYCHE CLUB!

All donations accepted, lottery winners subject to 6 figure contributions. An entire ward named after you or your illness, whichever you prefer. Certified checks or wire transmission only please, wouldn't want to chase you if you changed your mind or minds.


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no way! no more nursing! i'd probably do volunteer work but it would be at an animal shelter. love animals. i'd be living in the country with all kinds of adopted critters. :D


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Oh yeah... and I would buy a pair of those dansko shoes -- YIKES $104 plus shipping??!!


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Would not even work out a notice. Would call from my cell phone on the way to picking up my winnings. That is reason, I will not win the lottery and have to keep working until they put my old bones in a nsg home bed! LOL


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I would definitely continue to nurse...........I am to graduate December this year, and have just got a grad position starting February, so I am eager to start my career...........BUT I think I would first have a really good holiday, fulfill that dream of seeing New York, and set my family up financially for the future.

bew :)


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I would do it, for free, in underserved countries all over the world. Like a working vacation!


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I would try my best to spend at least 90% of it on women and beer,

and waste the rest!!


Well, you asked!

Nursing? No way. Flying around the world learning all the different regional recipes......oh yea!

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I would do volunteer parish nursing............pay off my three kids college tutition needs, mine and hubbys tutition. MOney is just so tight with five in college..........LOL


I would not work. I believe I couldnt have enough mal practice insurance to cover me as soon as somone found out I was a multi millionaire they would have law suites coming and going. I would pay off my bills, set my kids up for life and travel and enjoy the rest of my life.

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