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RN since 1986, married, no children at home,5 dogs, 1 cat and 1 goat(weedeater)

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  1. realmean1

    I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine 😞

    May as well add mho in here. I am NOT getting the vaccine. mRNA tech is still too new. I was in the Navy when the flu vaccine first came out and yes they tried it on the military first. Almost did not survive it. But, now take it every year. Also take the pneuo . at least once every 5 yrs. Reasoning: Have been tested and still get tested once a week due to my job and have been (knock on wood) negative. Do NOT practice masking all the time, only at work. Will wait and if I get it and survive, then, will have immunity the natural way. By the way, feds said at one time, everyone will have "herd immunity" by next May, before the vaccine was pushed. Anyone like me, who has CAD, HTN, extremely scarred up lungs, COPD, chronic pancreatitis and insulin dep. diabetes has to die of something. Covid numbers are based on a lot of false positives and doctors being encouraged to call everything Covid related. It is a Virus, not the end of the world. The media has blown this way out of the water, but, we are going to vaccinate dear old grandma who is a 100yrs old has Alz., can't walk, can't feed herself, incont of B/B, in a nsg. home, against Covid, because her grandchild, who comes to see her once or twice a year, wants her to live forever. Yeah, right.
  2. realmean1

    They should be force to retire

    I retired from a nsg home 3 yrs ago. When I did, I got calls every day to come back to work. Finally after talking it over with my retirement plan and discussing it with the better half, I agreed to go back just every other weekend, But, I can't go over a certain amount of income. It is nice, still keep my hand in nursing, still see old co-workers and make some pocket money. But, some weekends are worse than others and sometimes, just want to just say enough and stay home. My better half doesn't like me working. I do enjoy my time off. Will not give up my retirement.
  3. realmean1

    Salary vs per hour for floor nurses

    Hit the wrong button.LOL ALWAYS, put some money aside for yourself. Put it in gold, silver, something that you can use, but, takes an effort to use. If it is easy, will use it up quick and un-necessarily.
  4. realmean1

    Salary vs per hour for floor nurses

    I have been in LTC for 15 years. Was hourly, but, since I was making too much money, due to OT/holidays and making sure work was getting done, was placed on salary. Was I given a choice? Yes, work or find another job. That was a few years ago (13) Do I regret it? Yes, have worked though open heart surgery with complications, ARDS, cholesectomy and now post op 9/24/13 robotic prosectomy. Have survived being coded x4 and 2x on a vent. Point is, thru all that, am still as broke now as I was when I was put on salary. Before that, as an hourly paid employee, was able to pay the bills and have a little extra. Too old and too many problems to even be considered for another job. So, if you are still young and in good health, my advice is to stay on the clock. On salary, you will NEVER be paid for your time and effort and the powers that be will have you as a scapegoat for whatever they need. One more little piece of wisdom gained the hard way. ALWAYS
  5. realmean1

    Allowing Corpsman to Become Nurses

    I was a Navy Corpsman from 1973 to 1977. When I got out in IL, the only thing I was qualified for was a nursing assistant and/or EMT. But, unlike some of my friends who went into other fields, I sucked it up, did the CNA thing while going for LPN, then worked as an LPN while getting my RN. Unless you were a Corpsman before 1975, which was when they changed the classes, there is no way to understand what a Navy Corpsman did. Everything that a floor RN does, Corpsman did it. Along with serving with the Marines, and as independent Corpsmen on ships. It made it alot easier getting the degree and working at the same time. President Obama doesn't have a clue what a corpsman does. Neither does the rest of the civilain population, so may as well just buckle down and get it done. I also got into the Air National Guard, which paid for books, etc for only 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks/year. Of course that pre-Iraq. Might think differently now. Have I regretted the way I did it? Only when work gets to be bear, then wish I drove a truck for a living.
  6. realmean1

    pin ?

    Got LPN pin, is in drawer somewhere. Got the RN pin, think it is beside the other one somewhere. Not into jewerly. Is personal choice, I guess.
  7. realmean1

    Career switch - from 6 figure salary

    Just have to post on this thread :chuckle I personally think work of any type suxxes. Am an RN supervisor, have worked in just about every part of a hospital there is. Been a hopital corpsman, a CNA, LPN etc. Have worked every type of frigging shift there is to work. My personal record is 1 and 1/2 mos of 7p-7a straight, NO time off. Yep, that was fun. Anyhow, take a good hard look at nursing. It is pretty good, pays the bills. But, if you get sick easily, can't stand the sight of a pt throwing up, usually all over you, someone bleeding out, constant diarrhea, etc etc. Then, you may want to try something else. Usually, the problems you will encounter is not the pts, but, the staff. We are our own worse enemies. Getting fired as an "at will" employee is not an everyday thing. Getting really p.o.ed and quitting is another. Nsg. jobs are easy to come by, but, you want to avoid job hopping every 3-4 months unless you are per deim. People will talk about ya. :) And yes, I have done lots of other things besides nursing. Good luck inwhatever you decide.
  8. realmean1

    Can you believe this?

    One word says it all. This thread reminds of a long ago RN, who turned down a terminal pt.'s morphine drip 'cause "She can get addicted to it" Proably the same type nurses who lecture pt.s, who have terminal lung CA and still smoke. Duh, alittle late now to quit don't you think? Hospitals don't give alcoholics drinks? Maybe not, but, are mighty free with the Ativan, Xanax and so forth so they get a chem. buzz and then get hooked on the drugs and the etoh. I don't agree with ICU pts smoking. But, on a general floor, you have wasted an hour or more trying to convince someone of your beliefs, etc, while they could have gone, had a cig. and come back and in a lot better state of mind than getting more upset listening to why they can't, shouldn't and so on. Have not met a smoker yet that did not know that smoking was BAD for them. Jeez, your non-smokers and reformed smokers (who are the worst) remind us every freaking minute of every day. If I am in pain, sometimes a cig helps more than the pain meds. If I can't sleep, a cig helps me to relax. Instead of lying in a stange bed with all the loud noises going on, waiting for the lecturing non smoking nurse to get off his/her 15 min (read-30-45 min.) break or finish looking at the Avon or 3-4 scrub catalogs, to give me a pill that I know will not be effective for 30-45 min or a shot 15-30 mins (IM) I could have been outside, smoked, back in room, in bed, in less than 15 min. Give me a frigging break. Now, before you all start with the flames, self rightous, indiginant replies. I smoke, I am an RN, I have worked every area in a hospital that has nurses. EVERY Area. Has anyone ever picked up my pts when I went out for a cig.? NO! I have been a nurse since we autoclaved bedpans and urinals, used glass IV bottles w/ time tape, cleaned our own needles and so on. Have seen every kind of pt there is to see and have come to the conclusion that we as nurses are our own worst nightmare. Enuff said!!!!!!!!
  9. realmean1

    "Nurse Appreciation Week" gifts from employer

    What week? We had a day, but, then had nursing home week which was fun. For Nurse Aprrec. Day, each nurse (Rn and Lpn) got personalized gifts: Walmart gift card, big drinking glass (no logos) filled with candy. From reading all these posts, I think I work in a great place. 14 more yrs and I will have a bed there. LOL
  10. realmean1

    Nursing and tattoos

    8 tats for self, wife has 8. Our last ones were 1 mo. ago and we are 48. The last tattoo I will get will be D.N.R. across the chest.
  11. realmean1

    Nurse Magazine "just for men"

    Been reading Nursing(insert year here) forever, and this on-line zine. Never thought about a male nurse mag before. Do think we need a bigger, better selection of scrubs thou. Is getting next to imposs. to find a unisex pants with a zipper and a hip pocket. LOL
  12. realmean1

    Here's another one...

    I have now gotten a family practice MD that actually listens. Had to shop around for a while thou. did go thru some real wieners. Think Minor Deity is a required course to become a doctor.
  13. realmean1

    Part Time RN's

    Alabama RNs can pretty much work whatever they want to. Currently, working full-time at nsg home and part-time at large hospital, just to keep skills up. Pay is excellent for this area. Hosp. in Selma paying 25/hr prn. In B'ham average prn pay is 26/hr and up. "Heard" a hospital in Montgomery paying 35/hr. These are prn rates based on experence.
  14. I work at a LTC fac as a supervisor and also cover 12hr shifts in an LPN slot: meds, tx, etc. I sympathize with those who work in h#llholes. I certainly agree that the steps Eddy took were excellent. I guess I am a troublemaker at my fac., when I see something wrong, I usually bit#h about it, until something is done. My current targets are unnec. drugs and figersticks. Have yet for an RN to justify sticking someone's finger every day for months with no change in routine insulin or oral meds. Routine tylenol every 6hrs for yrs. Megace for yrs, even when the pt is eating well. My all time fav. Ventolin treatments, 3 bronch dilators, nasalnex, give Tussex for cough. These are all v.o. by the nurses. The MD has no clue what all His pts are taking. 6am med pass takes as long as 9am. Can someone tell me why a geri pt needs lo-dose synthroid at 6 am????? with no hx of thyroid problems??????
  15. realmean1

    What keeps you in the nursing profession?

    Why do I stay in this nursing thing? Well, 6. Truck driving don't pay that well. 5. Can't get paid to stay home and drink beer. 4. My Lotto numbers havn't come up yet. 3. Wife likes to shop and then do more shopping 2. Have to get the basic needs. And the Number 1 reason is: I like getting used and abused!!!!!!! Seriously, have been an RN since 1986, LPN before that, CNA before that and a Navy Corpsman, have had lots of good stories and bad. Today, went in to help out, was supposely off. Got called to the DON's office for a "conference" 1 and 1/2 hrs worth of her telling me what everybody else has been saying about me for the last year, need to improve my "team attitude", lots of other stuff and finally not to bother the Admin., etc. Said I wasn't going to get my annual raise. Topped off whole drama by saying: "I really like what you are doing, so, don't change. By the way, can you help me out with this schedule?" Made me come home and have supper at 930pm. Discussion I had with the Admin. was a whole different thing entirely. Maybe trucking ain't looking so bad after ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. realmean1

    DNR? Why not?

    Has anyone ever been in a successful code of a pt over 75??? We don't make the choices. I work in a LTC currrently, have worked on geriatrics in a hospital. Ran codes of 90 yr old pts and it is not a pretty sight. Ribs break, etc. Now if I have some one going "bad", I call the MD first, then the family. Usually, MD says "Well, if the sponsor wants them treated, send them." I do explain to the sponsor about comfort measures, codes etc. Like I said, we don't make the choices. What really stirs my grits is when someone is admitted for terminal care, has a signed DNR that spec. states no tubes or tx. to prolong my life, the DON insists on inserting an NG tube because: "We can't let them starve" Personally thinking of having D.N.R tattooed on my chest.