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I was wondering:rolleyes: Would you still do this if you won the lottery?????:confused: I was wondering would I still do this if I won the lottery. I went to play the power ball lottery today,... Read More

  1. by   loricatus
    I would either buy a large peice of land and set up an animal sanctuary; or, look into buying a closed-down hospital and initiating a governing board of only nurses. If the doctors can do it, why can't nurses? Personally, I think this would make for a well run hospital that is patient-centered, without the phony customer service attitude brought in from those with business training and not a moment of patient care experience.
  2. by   NurseLatteDNP
    I would pay off my house and pay off my car first. I might sell them then and buy bigger ones.
    Take my family on a all inclusive dream vacation.
    Give money to my family and my husbands family.
    Work...only PRN.
  3. by   twinkletoes53
    I would first of all, assist my brother financially, and help out his second daughter as she goes through college. His first daughter just graduated from college last week, and daughter #2 wants to go to med. school---she will be a Senior next year.
    I would take my favorite Aunt and Uncle on a nice, long vacation; someone cool, as they hate the heat.While they were gone, I would renovate the house they are in, which is 47 years old, and needs a LOT of work.
    I'd put money aside to help my sister, who may be getting married in the near future, and relocating to another country. As a matter of fact, I may decide to join her there!
    I would continue to work, only der diem, part time, able to choose my hours and days. That's because I truly love my job, and would miss it if I left. Pay off my house and all debts; Reinvest a big chunk; provide much more support to the numerous charities I contribute to now.
    But first of all, make sure all taxes have been paid on your winnings!
  4. by   kenny b
    I'd probably set up a nursing school.
  5. by   Sisukas
    After I gave my 10%, I'd set up trusts for my nephews and granddaughter, probably fund a nursing scholarship or two in my area, and give to the local junior hockey club.
    Then it would be my turn. After a trip to Finland, my husband and I would quit work and he'd be a full-time musician. I would manage the band and then be their road-trip nurse.
  6. by   utexas08
    Question is how long it would take for your coworkers to find out and ban you from making extra "spending money" lol
  7. by   sugarnurse
    i am also a foster parent to troubled teenage boys. i would build a very large home, hire some help, and take in at least 50 boys.
  8. by   JailRN
    Absolutely would continue to work. I love my job. I love my boss. I love the PD. I just wouldn't work any OT anymore.
  9. by   corpuscles
    i'd still nurse, although i'll probably set up an institution of some sort that gives free medical services and manage it.

    or maybe, a travelling/practicing nurse. id love to go to different places and offer free services while im at it.

    the money, id probably just give 3/4 of them to my mom (she''ll budget it until the nth generation of our family) and the remaining 1/4 will be used solely by me... so thats what im going to use for my free services/ charity.
  10. by   prmenrs
    My favorite fantasy(ies)!
  11. by   UM Review RN
    I don't think I'd be able to work here in the States.

    Where there's money, there's lawsuits.

    So I'd probably do volunteer nursing work in other countries. Or buy a hospital and set it up so that nurses ran it.
  12. by   NBMom1225
    Along with the usual fantasies of getting out of debt, building my dream home, and helping out my extended family, I would give a big fat donation to the Children's Hospital of MI whose wonderful staff treated my daughter's cancer (in remission 6 years and counting!). And to the Ronal McDonald House that I called home for so long...I would always remember that there are others who need the same help our family once did.:spin:
  13. by   ybq2008
    I'm playing the lottery with some coworkers and decided to fart around here to see if the idea had been visited.

    What would you all do?