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fluffwad specializes in MDS coordinator, hospice, ortho/ neuro.

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  1. fluffwad

    dnr in geriatrics

    It's usually the families that won't allow the DNR. Too many think it = "leave them in a corner to die". I spend A LOT of time correcting misconceptions about this.
  2. fluffwad

    How do I stop worrying all the time?------LONG

    Ditto to all of what Angie said + the realiztion that we are not responsible for the function of the universe or almighty enough to make sure everything goes right. Everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff; and it doesn't happen according to our plans. God is in control.....we justneed to step back.
  3. fluffwad

    MDS Coordinators on call question

    At my facility, the MDS nurses have no on-call, no weekends, no holidays.
  4. fluffwad

    Has anyone taken the CRRN exam lately?

    How did insurance changes effect CRRNs? I've had my CRRN since about '97, but I have to say I rarely ever meet any other CRRNs. I absolutely agree that you should get the core curriculum from ARN. The test was like taking boards all over again.
  5. fluffwad

    What is a compounding pharmacy?

    It's a pharmacy that can make special preparations themselves...not just sell prepackaged medications, we have one here that makes a topically applied cream with Ativan in it. (They don't manufacture the drugs) I think these used to be a lot more common in the 40s - 50s maybe ( I could be wrong) but I don't think they've ever been very common.
  6. fluffwad

    Pain medicine use on the rise in the US

    I just sent a comment to that site asking them if they were totally unaware of the National Pain Control Initiative.
  7. fluffwad

    Pureed Sweet & Sour Pork and other Reflections on LTC

    I agree that the pendulum has swung rather far in the other direction.....but I was doing LTC when half the patients were zorked on Haldol, people used restraints on anything that moved and tied the patients to the rails in the hallways. Sounds like the folks above you don't really understand the regs, they're just running scared with no understanding. But them regs are there because idiots did stuff that wasn't right and people got hurt....( gee, we never had any problems with patients smoking in bed before officer......) Also sounds like someone needs to talk to the families about what they can / cannot realisitically expect. Let's face it, no one learns about this stuff ahead of time, and some famlies never get realistic. But life ain't fair, the patients aren't there because they're easy deal with ( they'd be home if they had no problems) and the challenge is to cope creatively with the pile of lemons you've got to work with that day. I also think that there's going to be a culture change in the next couple of decades, I just don't see the baby boomers putting up with life in the nursing home....and I don't see Medicare / medicaid staying solvent or paying for a lot of the stuff they're still willing to pay for now.
  8. fluffwad

    "Don't Send Anyone Out!"

    The other side of this argument is that some nurses send folks to the ER inappropriately.............sometimes because they didn't want to be bothered with dealing with the situation. A Skilled nursing facility should be able to deal with temps and low blood sugars. For example: sending someone out to sit in the ER all night for a 101 temp that could have been evaluated there is just thoughtless. I work in a SNF. Sometimes it's the docs that send them out because they don't feel like being bothered with it.
  9. fluffwad

    Job satisfaction

    At present "high"............although last September I was seriously considering leaving, possibly without notice. But the admin finally saw what was going on around him ( after half the staff either went to him or mailed anon. letters) and canned the DON. I'd never worked with such a pathologically toxic boss......... our new DON is one of the best I've ever worked with. It's amazing how much difference one person can make.
  10. fluffwad

    How many Nurse jobs have you had?

    In 23 years, I've had 8 different jobs in 3 different states.
  11. fluffwad

    How about the HARDEST job in nursing?

    Pediatric Hospice
  12. fluffwad

    how long is your commute?

    20 min./17 miles.( up to 40 minutes if it's snowing heavily) I refuse to do more than 30 minutes one way.....I don't get paid for the hours of my life spent in the car.
  13. fluffwad

    MDS Revisions March 2006

    I just printed all 52 pages of that out at work today. Oh boy, homework![bANANA][/bANANA]
  14. fluffwad

    Prostitutes retraining as geriatric nurses

    I think my main concern would be that the former-prostitutes would have an adequate understanding of what is / is not appropriate in this field. We've had our share of new aides and those who became aides after their welfare ran out................some of these folks have never been exposed to and have no idea of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the workplace. Ditto with a few nurses I've seen recently.
  15. http://www.upi.com/NewsTrack/view.php?StoryID=20060314-125952-2393r BERLIN, March 14 (UPI) -- About 30 German prostitutes are giving up working on beds to working with bedpans in a 2-year program to retrain as auxiliary geriatric nurses. The program in the western state of North Rhine Westphalia is being funded by the Lutheran Church and the European Union, The Telegraph reported from Berlin. :selfbonk:
  16. What is your perception of how the management in your facility / on your unit functions?