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Hello I am a new RN that passed NCLEX. I am writing to maybe vent or maybe get some advice who knows. Anyways I just found out I cannot be a graduate nurse (you know start working) right now... Read More

  1. by   TriciaJ
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    I am not a troll... I literally just got my license. I will be honest going through nursing school and studying my ass off has burned me out. In fact I took the nclex without even caring. I just said sat there and said well if i don't pass i am done with this XXXX. Alot of you are snobby but will be shocked at how many escorts i knew are in fact nurses now. I have never done it myself but i know people that do... I dont look down on them. I was simply venting... I may or may not do it but after spending 2 freaking years learning as much as possible even topics i know i will never want to know i am broke while my friends who are escorts have freaking homes fully paid for and brand new cars. Sometimes I get mad because I decided to help people but now here i am broke and hungry. Yes my graduate nurse program starts in 2 months but i cant wait that long. I hear some people have jobs already but I don't know what that means. Can a graduate nurse work somewhere else like a nursing home while they wait? Every other job i search for wants an experienced nurse. I refuse to be a tech like how the hell am i working backwards. I just want to learn to use my skills and do what i have always wanted to do. . like i said I am NEW to the field. My parents never even finished high school so I cannot ask them for advise.
    Wait...it's beneath you to work as a tech but not as a prostitute? Okay, carry on.
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  2. by   Kooky Korky
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    I would simply starve before I risked my license, career, health, and life, by being an escort, period.
    You most likely would not. You would figure out that you could panhandle or get a job in fast food places or any of a dozen other places.

    You would go to churches and other religious institutions and charities.

    Or friends and neighbors, etc.
  3. by   CharleeFoxtrot
    Quote from Kooky Korky
    ...Or friends and neighbors, etc.
    or she could hit up all her "party girl friends" that she is so very jelly of for a short term loan.
  4. by   FurBabyMom
    Dude, if it's an eat or not eat, pay rent or not pay rent situation - I'd be hitting up retail until I can get started in my nursing job. It's the holiday season. Target, Home Depot - there are some reasonable options. Daycares or school based childcare programs?

    I would not work as an escort. I couldn't make myself do it - and I would be too afraid I'd be the person who gets caught. That won't look good at all, and you would have a lot of issues even with the arrest but no conviction (even if they never prosecuted) as someone applying for a healthcare job.

    Personally, I very humbly went back to my former job (call center - customer service) after graduating while I worked to figure out where I'd be working as a nurse. That took me about 6 months, and while I greatly disliked it, I did it because I needed to.

    I really hope this is a post for attention and the OP is not literal...
  5. by   Alex Egan
    Sex work and a professional license just don't mix well. There's nothing wrong with either on their own, but together they will eventually clash. Even no contact work like caming, or being a proDom will get around eventually.

    Earn money on your feet, not you're back because you have that license to protect. You got some great suggestions further up with flu clinics ect.

    Remember that your Education and license last a lifetime. Eventually your friends who are escorting will be older and find it harder to get work. People who are successful at sex work do it while they are young and able and get out while the chips are up.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Staff note:

    Hey guys play nice. Realize that sometimes we all write things that maybe looking back we shouldn't have put out there.
  7. by   CrunchRN
    Tons of temp jobs available now. Go apply to anything and everything and take what starts right away and pays the best. That is all it takes.

    You need to mature a bit (we all do when we are 20!) so get started now. Take a job whether you like it or not and don't compare yourself to others. You have already risen higher than any in your family so enjoy your achievements and work hard and start your real journey.
  8. by   RNrhythm
    If you get caught/arrested you can lose your license.
  9. by   ruby_jane
    Quote from hppygr8ful
    So struggle is my old friend that keeps me humble. When it comes to survival no honest job is beneath you!

    As always, Happy, I appreciate your perspective on life and things! Humility and grace. Best wishes for the season.
  10. by   SaltineQueen
    Quote from RN252
    I refuse to be a tech like how the hell am i working backwards. I just want to learn to use my skills and do what i have always wanted to do. . like i said I am NEW to the field. My parents never even finished high school so I cannot ask them for advise.
    You've been given lots of alternatives. If you would rather have sex with strangers than go "backwards" there's not convincing you to do otherwise. If you choose to go forwards with this dumb idea, protect yourself. And I don't just mean condoms.
  11. by   jnemartin
    OP, I understand your stress. Right after I graduated I thought I found my dream job but it ended up not working out almost immediately. I was worried that working somewhere 2 weeks would "ruin" my chances elsewhere, and that all the good jobs were snapped up by other new grad nurses while I was wasting my time with what was essentially a scam job (There are lots of jobs out there that just want your license on file, trust your gut!).

    In any case, a friend of mine was working at a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), used to be called a "nursing home" in the old days. She told me they were hiring for on-call nurses, so I stopped by. They hired me on the spot. Many SNFs have high turnover because the work is very hard, the patient ratio is high, and the patients can be really demanding. So it is not uncommon for you to walk in with your resume and walk out with a job. IT WILL NOT BE YOUR DREAM JOB (probably), but it will get you through. SNFs also tend to pay more than hospitals because the work is less desirable. On top of that, on-call nurses often make more, because their work is considered to be at a premium (i.e. you are coming in when no one else will). For example, my first hospital job paid about $27/hour, with no differentials. My on-call SNF job started at $35/hr and pays more for nights, weekends, etc.

    If you can find an on-call job at a SNF, this could solve all your problems. SNFs pay well, and especially over the holidays you will be needed for lots of shifts. And you can even keep the on-call job (sometimes called PRN jobs) after you start your new grad program, just for extra $$. That's what I did, and it's worked out great!
  12. by   jnemartin
    as an addendum to my previous post, ASK your nursing school friends for job leads! You don't have to tell them the whole story if you think that will hurt your chances of getting the job for a short period of time... but SOMEONE has a way to get your foot in the door. (MOST nursing jobs are obtained through networking and personal connections, at least in my experience and observations)
  13. by   anewsns
    I remember once I was so poor I had to eat a butterfinger for lunch because it was the highest calories for the cheapest price. I scrounged up nickles and pennies from my car to get it and waited a half hour in line. Someone yelled, "look! this girl waited half hour in line for a butterfinger!" then I was late for class. After work I got my student aid check but also some parking ticket or something in the mail. I had no gas and about 2 dollars and my rent was overdue by 2 weeks. So I started driving to the only open bank but the bridge was closed and the other bridges were too far, I would run out of gas. So I backtracked and went to a gas station and paid 2 dollars for gas. But it was too late, the bank was closed. I had a full day the next day- I was working as a CNA on a heavy assisted living floor part time for 11 dollars an hour- no benefits. (Nursing home acuity, assisted living staff level!!!) and full time school, no financial supports besides myself. I practically sold my soul for those nasty expensive Sallie Mae loans so I could get extra leftover from that. Rent was a couple weeks overdue and bills were months overdue. I went home and cried myself to sleep, I had like 8 or 9 months of school left, and I was like 24. I got hired at the nursing home (a facility that was part of the same company) for 26 dollars an hour and almost fainted in relief when he told me my salary. that sucked. it really sucked. I wouldn't have posted something like this at the time but I sorta understand the dramatic mentality where you feel like you just want to vent and everything is earth shatteringly hard all the time. -Survival mode!!! TraumaRN is right though, we all posted stuff we hoped we didn't- they should have an option to easily delete stuff.