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  1. Clinical hours calculations

    I’m curious how people are having their clinical rotation hours calculated for nurse practitioner school rotations. In my program, it’s based off contact hours on the site. I’ve heard Chamberlain only counts the actual face to face time with patien...
  2. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    It was the p Just Google “entitled generation...” 99 percent millennials...
  3. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    Wow you guys - I don’t know where you get your information - all you have to do is Google “the entitled generation” and millennial is all over it - 99% of all the hits will be millennials. It’s also the generation who got the trophies for losing.
  4. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    I’m not even sure where that comes from. I think you’re giving baby boomers a very bad name. That is a very hard-working generation. Probably the last of the hard-working generations. Their parents were “depression era” kids and they were raised fru...
  5. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    That is absolutely incorrect. I think you’re mixing up boomers with other generations. I don’t know any boomers who got everything they wanted. It’s probably the last generation that worked their butts off. You are aware that boomers are 60 to 70 yea...
  6. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    I’ve seen this behavior in seasoned nurses as well. I think the new nurses are probably more under the microscope in many situations. In an environment where seniority rules and many people want somebody to manage, that new nurse can be the target o...
  7. Job Flip-Flopping: When Will I Find My Place?

    I can’t wait to read all the responses because I feel like I’m reading my own story here. Before I read everything and make suggestions, I’m trying to get my bearings here. It sounds like you’re in a career change if you’ve been an RN for six years b...
  8. Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    I think it’s either in your blood, or it’s an acquired taste- takes time to like it. There is limited way to know what it’s like without trying, but if you don’t like it, there are many areas you can move into before you find a great fit. For me, s...
  9. OMG....agree...they HAVE to come up with better titles for studies so if they are valid (this one sounds pretty obvious - not requiring a study...) that they don’t give the impression of a waste of time and money. How about “reducing adverse events ...
  10. Without knowing your policy...is it possible that your OT is paid separately? One of my friends works for a large U-based hospital where nurses are some weird class between salaried and hourly. They have to punch a time clock, but OT hours are paid...
  11. Job Flip-Flopping: When Will I Find My Place?

    Another thought....Travel nursing in your own area. Most agencies allow you to specify how far from home, I know several who travel in nearby towns and return home each night.
  12. Job Flip-Flopping: When Will I Find My Place?

    I think I’m going to be like you! Pretty much ruled out med surg as a place I don’t want to be!!
  13. Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    usually a job like that requires 2-5 years experience but I have seen listings like that...can also teach at community college level with a few years experience and “working” on a masters.
  14. Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    I agree, there are a ton of little things I didn’t foresee, that I could easily leave behind. The fact they set up schedules for 32 or 36 hours generally, to avoid paying overtime, knowing how frequently nurses need to chart later or run over; the “...
  15. Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    Good for you guys! How about when handling hazardous drugs?