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Hello I am a new RN that passed NCLEX. I am writing to maybe vent or maybe get some advice who knows. Anyways I just found out I cannot be a graduate nurse (you know start working) right now... Read More

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    Came here just to say this and will just quote this to reiterate.

    If this is legit, saw today at my local Target that they are hiring and you can start instantly @ $13/hour.
    Our Target starts new associates at $14 an hour, what many of the nursing assistants I mentioned earlier earn from Day One. And there are nursing assistants that earn as high as $18 an hour. But then, working at Target is going "backwards" for this person, and thus, beneath her delicate sensibilities. Unlike working as an escort.
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    Your post was about escorting until your rn job starts. If you never had any intention of doing it, then your post is, in fact, a troll post. You were just seeing how many people would react to it.
    Exactly. Trolling posts like this make me breakout the popcorn each and every time, I am seldom disappointed.
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    OP was great, as were the many, many posters sho think that everyone follows their religion or sense of morality.

    9/10 would read troll post again.
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    Quote from /username
    OP was great, as were the many, many posters sho think that everyone follows their religion or sense of morality.

    9/10 would read troll post again.

    If this is a troll post then there is no harm in pointing out that men don't pay an escort for sex. . . they pay to leave.
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    Nursing school is the easiest and less stressful part of this whole nursing thing anyway.

    Wait untill the real stress starts...
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    So many questions running through my mind
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    I am not a troll... I literally just got my license. I will be honest going through nursing school and studying my ass off has burned me out. In fact I took the nclex without even caring. I just said sat there and said well if i don't pass i am done with this XXXX. Alot of you are snobby but will be shocked at how many escorts i knew are in fact nurses now. I have never done it myself but i know people that do... I dont look down on them. I was simply venting... I may or may not do it but after spending 2 freaking years learning as much as possible even topics i know i will never want to know i am broke while my friends who are escorts have freaking homes fully paid for and brand new cars. Sometimes I get mad because I decided to help people but now here i am broke and hungry. Yes my graduate nurse program starts in 2 months but i cant wait that long. I hear some people have jobs already but I don't know what that means. Can a graduate nurse work somewhere else like a nursing home while they wait? Every other job i search for wants an experienced nurse. I refuse to be a tech like how the hell am i working backwards. I just want to learn to use my skills and do what i have always wanted to do. . like i said I am NEW to the field. My parents never even finished high school so I cannot ask them for advise.
    You're NOT a graduate nurse, you're a NURSE. A graduate nurse is someone who has been hired to work as an RN while they wait to take the NCLEX and have a true license.
    So many things about your post make me go "hmmmmmm"
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    Thank you! I wont do escorting. I was never going to anyways just was venting and really mad. It sucks studying all night and getting mentally scarred while your party friends do very bad things but make a ton of money. I was always the good girl. Honestly if i was that serious to escort I wouldn't have even thought of going through nursing school. Again I was just venting and really mad lol
    I guess if you were really mad while studying and getting mentally scarred while your friends are partying and doing very bad things and making tons of money you could hit them up to tide you over for a few weeks.

    If they're mad at you for not choosing to be a prostitute at this time and willing to leave you starving and homeless are they really your friends?

    Now, some advice that may sound too blunt. Under no circumstances should you imply, joke or otherwise get cute with the status of a CNA, tech, etc.

    Stop using the "lol" in any communications that contain reference to being a nurse. Even message boards and text messages. I say that because if you forget and slip that into an email or God forbid, your resume it will be absolutely deadly.

    Best wishes to you.
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    Well you're really young, getting out of school young- you're not far out of high school. And your parents didn't even graduate high school which means you pulled yourself into a new economic class (rare and commendable!) I had really ridiculously hard times around nursing school as well and was 23/24 so I really do understand. Just be careful what you say around other people at work you don't know who will take things the wrong way and you don't want venting to fall on the wrong ears. You have to be really refined to make a good impression. Also, you REALLY need to respect your CNAs. They do honest, difficult, and very important work for very little pay and they don't always get treated well. They will be some of your greatest assets and allies on the job.
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    LOL Attention seeking much?
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    If this is a troll post then there is no harm in pointing out that men don't pay an escort for sex. . . they pay to leave.
    Wait please explain - this is going over my head!
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    Quote from Julius Seizure
    Wait please explain - this is going over my head!
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    Looks like a fake post.