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anewsns has 8 years experience and specializes in Neurosciences, stepdown, acute rehab, LTC.

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  1. anewsns

    Coworkers Respecting Each Other's Office Space

    Trish is right! I probably would have said something like - “I don’t appreciate being spoken to like that. You know your job description and you need to go do it. I will report this and all future attitude problems or laziness from you. Get back to work. “ when not if but WHEN they try to keep talking let it be known that this is a one way conversation. “ All these statements are being added to the report so it may be in your best interest to leave me alone.” Or “you weren’t invited to reply.” I’ve done this in a few rare instances and documented the behavior thoroughly and it gets the job done. Management cannot ignore the stuff you put in writing. Attitudes improve real quick with me. Usually , this is not an acceptable way to communicate with people but if the behavior is that ridiculous the person typically doesn’t respond well to normal communication. This is a strike 1 and you’re out situation, no second chances when it’s that bad. Nip. It. In. The. Bud.
  2. Yea , Her coworkers sound horrible. Bad culture.
  3. I would do something about that. Most people don’t like very loud music. Music should also be familiar for people with cognitive impairment. Excuse me for assuming the generation at your nursing home is not familiar with heavy metal.
  4. anewsns

    The Needy Patient

    Yes I’ve seen that done before too . It’s a behavioral issue at that point.
  5. anewsns

    Motivation - Whoo-Hoo! And Discipline - Boo

    This was very helpful actually ! I’m launching into a ton of projects with work and school right now and this advice will help get me through !
  6. anewsns

    80% BSN by 2020: Where Are We Now?

    Yes not only that , but I feel like new grads are so lost and stressed coming on the floor ... I think more hands on would be better than more theory. I mean , I love didactic education and think that it probably does improve outcomes but nobody talks about how maybe more solid hands on bedside training could also improve outcomes. The whole obsession with keeping BSN nurses at the bedside is outdated to me and needs to be rethought. I think there are a few ways to rethink this (whether through more incentive to get educated along more incentive to stay at the bedside, better retention in general , more training for new grads,etc etc ) but this method of telling nurses over and over to get your BSN because it will improve outcomes is obviously not working. I also think they could look more into how experience improves care. It’s intuitive to me that a more experienced workforce would maintain good outcomes at least as well as or even more than a less experienced , more educated workforce. We’re just beating dead horses here . I’m definitely seeing some better methods of improving outcomes at my teaching hospital than I did at the more rough places I worked , but many/ Most people don’t work at a teaching hospital sooo...
  7. anewsns

    Starting a new job with some concerns

    Yea I wouldn’t take the job right now especially if you are already employed. Major glaring red flag.
  8. anewsns

    Bad nursing orientation

    Honestly I think it’ll be a bit better without the preceptor and you can work more independently
  9. anewsns

    80% BSN by 2020: Where Are We Now?

    Well , it’s good that bachelors degree nurses bring such a good boost to patient care , but the nurses reality also matters. We have lives and families and hobbies , so getting a bachelors degree really needs to be worth it on a personal level. It seems like there’s really not much other incentive to get a bachelors degree other than not getting fired (and I don’t think most places will fire you .) Also , people with bachelors degrees can find more opportunities away from bedside so once they pay their dues , they will often leave. I think ASN programs hold nurses by the bedside longer (as there is nowhere else to go .) I think if hospitals want nurses with bachelors degrees to stay, they are going to have to start treating nurses better and giving a big pay raise to bachelors prepared nurses.
  10. anewsns


    It’s fun I love it! Somewhat fast paced but with my 3:1 ratio I feel like I can develop relationships and really make a difference. It’s a bit of a jazzed up med surg , a little more going on as the patients can become unstable but you still send them back to the ICU if it gets too bad. I feel like there is a lot of non stop talking though as there are a lot of people still following the patient very closely and a lot of orders.
  11. anewsns

    Low Stress Specialties

    Ambulatory care or clinic can be somewhat fast paced but I think overall less stressful than inpatient with predictable hours. Could also try PACU if you are interested. I find long term care to be extremely stressful and would not recommend.
  12. anewsns

    Unable to wear N95 or papr

    I’m so weird I love the PAPR and I wish I could wear one all day because the fan is blowing in my face - so soothing. Unfortunately the N95 fits 😞 . I think your primary will write a general note saying that you can’t wear one - I don’t think there’s much of a liability issue there. Panic attacks / claustrophobia are true problems.
  13. anewsns

    Say something or no?

    You can say something, just be professional and PC about it
  14. Yes ! It’s an ego thing. I think many get on units and then realize they don’t want to go into either of those. I used to want cardiac ICU now that would make me want to vomit. I guess I felt I had something to prove at the time. I found neuro stepdown to be best but also like med surg, gen med , ortho. I really strongly respect people who know themselves and exactly what they want to do. I feel like the egos are a little bit less than when I got out of school. Many of my new grad orientees are doing the hospital as a stepping stone to something more chill later , though some are still obsessed with the glamour. Some people just want to go to ICU To get extra foundations for when they become an NP or CRNA
  15. NOPE ! .. I wouldn’t even stay as a staff nurse . You could probably get a staff nurse position in a better nursing home or rehab somewhere else!
  16. anewsns

    Med Surg nurse being given Tele Patients

    I would just take a basic rhythm interpretation class. The cardiac monitor really isn’t that big of a deal