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  1. anewsns

    Should I feel guilty?

    Umm I always felt guilty when I had to call people soon before a shift.
  2. anewsns

    Death threats at work?

    We had a muscular angry male in his 20s just released from prison. He said that if this nurse woke him up again he would seriously hurt her. She did not take it seriously but I sure as hell did and told her to report it to the manager and chart it and I told the doctors.
  3. anewsns

    How do you decompress?

    Right after work I can’t do any of my mentally challenging hobbies so I’ll just throw on YouTube and let it roll or watch 90 day fiancé or sit in silence or apparently answer random questions on allnurses.
  4. anewsns

    RN switching specialties....indecisive, unmotivated?

    I would do med surg if I was you, it can help you get used to the floors and learn what you want to do. It will open more doors if you want to do something else later
  5. anewsns

    Am I the *******?

    Hmm , well, you don’t like mental health field or the non nursing specialties you tried. I find that the “not liking” mindset dug me further into a hole in the past. (No pun intended). What DO you like is the better question. I know when you’re in a state of misery it’s hard to think about anything but getting out of your current situation, and you may not even know what you like. Maybe try to daydream about things that make you more peaceful and happy and try to grasp that mindset to find some solutions.
  6. anewsns

    When is time to change jobs?

    Sounds like you’re starting to get restless which is perfectly fine and normal after a while at a job. I find when I start feeling how you’re feeling, it’s time to start reflecting on what I want to change. Just a few thoughts- there are a lot of predictable floors out there with few emergencies and lots of nurses who are uncomfortable in emergencies. I’ve said this before to others but I loved acute rehab. Ortho skills are very transferable there, you don’t see a lot of emergencies, you get to keep your skills and still have a reasonable patient load compared to skilled rehab. Also , a lot of them have 8 hour shifts so you have 3-11 option and day shift is easier than hospital day shift. It doesn’t sound to me like you’re ready to move away from bedside. There’s also hospice, home health, etc. That’s a change of scenery without leaving patients. You could also move to a different speciality to just shake things up a bit- meeting new people, learning new things. People may say “the grass is not always greener”, and it’s true- You will trade one set of problems for another. However, I think it’s ok to want change for the sake of change. I’ve made some excellent decisions by changing due to restlessness. (I had the job and income and stability so really had a chance to get in another good situation.) You do not need to Hate your life or riddled with problems to decide to change. Sometimes you are just ready to move forward. And remember, you can always go back. EDIT: I just saw your above post. You also can try day shift for a bit to take baby steps - you’re not totally locked in after you make a change, I say just give change a chance!
  7. Hmm, well, there is some in between here. There are the people just in it for a paycheck and then there are the mushy “calling” “passion” “this is my dream!” people, but a lot of us are somewhere in between. We are in it for the paycheck and see it as a stable career but then also enjoy the job and are empathetic towards patients and don’t mind changing diapers.
  8. anewsns

    A Published Writer???? Who....ME???

    I love to write! Thanks for the encouragement
  9. anewsns

    Do I have what it takes to be a nurse?

    Based on limited information, you may be fine. You're still very young and some of the things you mentioned can be developed over time. Three days a week is nice but the work is exhausting so you need at least a day to recover. It's unlikely you'll feel you have good work / life balance right away as you'll be dealing with off shifts and stress and a huge learning curve. It still takes over your life entirely for a while. I also have all the personaliry traits you mentioned, and nursing was an ok fit for me.
  10. anewsns

    Seasoned Nurses - This one is for you

    RN- 8 years. Moving from paper to electronic charting, cracking down on opiates. When I was in school, they said "the risk of becoming addicted is about 0.12%"- we used to hand them out like candy! The market seems to have changed in my career, I came through when it was flooded and hard to get a job but I think it's easier now as many nurses move away from bedside, it gives new grads more of a chance to get a hospital job. There are also more work from home/ remote telehealth jobs.
  11. anewsns

    Do you miss bedside nursing?

    For those of you who took the plunge and moved away from bedside nursing, do you miss being at bedside? What are you doing now?
  12. anewsns

    Severely burnt out. Nursing home vs. tele unit?

    I'm really sorry to hear you're going through this. I personally prefer tele to nursing home. I found families at the nursing home to be more overbearing and disrespectful and it really burned me to the ground. 28 pt Med pass is no joke. I was always there 1-2 hours late and never got a break. I got NO respect from administration or management, they don't care about you at all. I've heard this same story from ALL of the nurses who did LTC (different facilities.) I do however recommend acute rehab. You get 6-8 patients and it tends to be a "happy" setting as everyone is improving quickly and planning to go home. You maintain your acute care skills too. It's acute care lite. I found that population was more upbeat, respectful , and thankful than nursing home. I disliked the rehab side of my nursing home due to culture so still always worked LTC side, though many prefer rehab side (13 low acuity patients). I could go on and on about why the LTC system in this country is absolutely disastrous. If I ever go back it's going to be with a vengeance and in a position to push for many changes. I hate to discourage you but want to tell you the truth. Of course you may be a better fit than me in LTC. It's a different kind of stress. does this make you less of an RN? That statement makes me cringe!!!! the answer is no, it doesn't make you less of an RN- but a lot of people will look down on you. Your comment implies you're a person who looks down on LTC RNs- Be prepared to deal with people like yourself looking down on you.
  13. I think DNPs have different experiences than ASN/BSN. You may want to Check out the advanced practice section
  14. anewsns

    Extreme nurse burn out need help please

    Ugh I am so angry for you and I can feel your burnout. That would NOT have gone down that way on my unit!! It would have been a sitter and 4 point restraints and zyprexa if possible. Can you give 2 week notice and work in an office for a bit? When will it be "next year?" Like a year from now ? Or like next month ? Try asking for PTO in advance- as much as you can! If they decline then just call out frequently- don't deal with bull from anyone. Make yourself Number 1 right now and don't worry about what anyone else has to say about it. I don't know if all this is possible but my post is so emphatic because I feel your pain! I felt that way at long term care
  15. anewsns

    Help! Not sure which unit to choose.

    Congrats on your choice! I just hope they keep their word on the staffing ratio changes. Did they give you a timeline? If the neuro unit is not a "good fit " I'm sure the small community hospital will still take you with open arms.