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  1. Could you share the 9, 20 or 30 rights that are out there. Did you take a pledge to do no harm? Following the rights of safety are meant to keep you from doing no harm
  2. Decitabinequeen

    Failed out my ADN on the last exam

    Your information provided is very confusing. Typically, at the half-way point of your RN aspirations, you'd be eligible to sit for the LPN NCLEX. Most do and then continue on to complete their associate degree and sit for the RN NCLEX. Have you not passed classes to make yourself eligible to take the LPN NCLEX? I also concerned that you've spent $30,000 on an ADN degree! An LPN diploma is a year of school at a technical college, and many of your classes should be accepted.
  3. Decitabinequeen

    Help Please! Oncology Infusion or School Nurse?

    I work in a clinic/outpatient infusion center and love it. I fully plan on this being my forever job. We have 6 chemo nurses with one being "the mixer" for the day, leaving 5 on the floor barring vacations/illnesses. We see between 30-40 a day, I'd say. Now that can be FOLFIRINOX or Xgeva's and all in between. We don't have a charge nurse, you take what you can safely handle, ie: I could have a FOLFOX, Keytruda, and ABVD all going at once, not all need my attention at the same time. In between we do walk-med disconnects, port flushes, injections. We do our own pre-auths for insurance and all education for new treatments. It's varied and busy and I love it. We also do hematology so there are occasional Injectafers and phlebotomies thrown in.
  4. Decitabinequeen

    Forgot to follow up on orders

    It looks as though you acted appropriately! You weren't able to obtain a suitable sample and PASSED IT ON IN REPORT that it still needed to be done. That no one else did it is the scary part of the story. Can you really not trust those you work with to do their job?
  5. Decitabinequeen

    Would you consider your time In LPN school as experience?

    Nope. You weren't a LICENSED LPN. That's the experience they're looking for. Clinical time is expected of a new grad and doesn't count, unfortunately. Someone will give you chance!
  6. Decitabinequeen

    Earning your LPN license

    If you are attending a technical college with the goal of an Associate Degree, then yes, you should be eligible at the "halfway" point. BSN candidate nurses are not able to sit for the LPN NCLEX in my state.
  7. Decitabinequeen

    Where can I buy scrubs?

    I am partial to Scrubs and Beyond because I can buy online and return in store. Wal-mart carries scrubs. To be absolutely honest, I find some of the best stuff at Goodwill and a local consignment store. I just bought 4 pair of Koi Lindsey pants for $3.99 each. My big score last night though was shoes---new with tags Brooks for $4.99!
  8. Decitabinequeen

    My coworkers dont like me because I bragged

    Truth? I'm betting they don't like you for a different reason
  9. Decitabinequeen

    Would you call in sick?

    Deflect all you want, but you can't deny that you missed out on at least 4 hours of sleep r/t being on the road during your COMMUTE
  10. Decitabinequeen

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    We order PET's daily. NEVER do we order Versed for "claustrophobia". MAYBE Ativan. Talk about over-medicating!! I also needed to comment on the "red cap" part of the article. Our B12 comes with a red vial cap, clearly red is not the universal warning sign of a dangerous medication
  11. Decitabinequeen

    Don't Say The "Q" word!

    Meh, I don't believe in this superstition and use both words regularly if the situation calls for it
  12. Decitabinequeen

    Religion & Ectopic Abortion

    You are contradicting yourself. Your title leads one to believe the question is about ectopic pregnancies and then you slip in your belief about viable pregnancies. An ectopic pregnancy is NOT a viable situation, ever. I think that you created the post to speak your thoughts on the subject, if so, just own it. I was raised Catholic and believe that what I believe about abortion only applies to me and my uterus. It is not mine, or anyone else's business what other women do with THEIR uterus.
  13. Decitabinequeen

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    Meh, ignore what bothers you. Don't like Hallmark movies? Don't stop on that channel! Tired of being bombarded with "buy me" emails? Unsubscribe! Office holiday politics bothersome? Say "no thank you" and move on. I'm a big believer in creating your own happiness when possible!
  14. Decitabinequeen

    What does your username mean?

    When I started in oncology, it seemed I always landed the Dacogen/decitabine infusions. Hence, the earned name of "Decitabine Queen"!
  15. Decitabinequeen

    without a job until after new years

    You're NOT a graduate nurse, you're a NURSE. A graduate nurse is someone who has been hired to work as an RN while they wait to take the NCLEX and have a true license. So many things about your post make me go "hmmmmmm"
  16. Decitabinequeen

    Coworker violated HIPPA

    WHY did you even ask about his possible syphilis diagnosis?!?! What I think is that you're a terrible, nosy family member who shouldn't be asking your peers about your nephew's health situation!

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