Wierd Question.

  1. Hi i know this is going to be a wierd question.
    I am a male asian and am looking to go into the nursing field.
    My parents heads are back in the 50's and once i told them that i wanted to do nursing, all hell broke out at home.

    My parents keep thinking that there are only female nurses and no male nurses. I told them that they are wrong and things have changed. Its more diverse these days.

    True there still are more females than males but i'm sure its going to be 50/50 some time in the near future.

    Anyway my questions are:
    1) How many asians do you know that are nurses, Total?

    2) How many Female asians do you know that are nurses?

    3) How many Male asians do you know that are nurses?

    4) What state are you from?

    5) What nationality were they? (chinese, japanese, koren, Indian, Tai, vietnamese, etc)

    If you have seen none. I guess reply none
    Well thats basically all the questions that i can think of.

    I was thinking of doing a poll but i can't think of what to make up as the answers.
    Oh well.
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    Originally posted by JNJ
    Will the original poster please define exactly what he is thinking of when he states, 'Asian?' This may have different meanings according to what country/part of the country one comes from.

    When i stated Asian i guess i should have stated "chinese, japanese, and koren"

    But so far reading from this BB it seems that most the asians that are nurses are Filipino.
    Oh yea and if you could please state that city and state you live at, that would help me get a better picture.

    I'm from New York and am chinese
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  3. by   nessa1982
    Hi Im just a student but I can semi answer your question
    1)Lots, almost every nurse on my clinical floor is Phillipino, plus a girl in my class and 2 friends of mine
    2) Well, theyre all female, all of them
    3)I dont know any personally but Ive seen em before, thyere area lot of asain PT & drs on the floor I work/learn on though

    Dont worry about your parents, theyre are plenty of great male nurses & plenty of asian nurses (well most hospitals I have been too are in the LA area, so that could have something to do with it). If you become a nurse I dont think anyone will flip about seeing a male asian nurse. HTH
  4. by   sjoe
    Male nurses in the US have historically been 4-6% of the nurse population, for all I have read about it. At this time, something like 8% of nursing students are male (a even higher rate in a few schools), but by 4 years after graduation, the percentage drops to the historic range.

    I have worked with lots (probably a hundred or more) of female asian nurses and perhaps 4 male asian nurses.

    Maybe your parents would be happier if you had a gender-reassignment operation first?
  5. by   eak16
    On my floor alone there are six asian male nurses, all of whom are great nurses(not great because of their race or sex but great because they are smart and they care and are good at their jobs).
    Do what you feel you would be best at doing, and what you love. Trust me, you wont be alone.
  6. by   MJ-12
    Originally posted by sjoe
    Maybe your parents would be happier if you had a gender-reassignment operation first?
    Thanks for the advice :kiss
  7. by   plumrn
    I have worked with several Asian female nurses, and 1 male Asian nurse. They were all awesome! So very professional, and highly skilled. Go for it. We need you!
  8. by   kimmicoobug
    I am still a student, and I am also a female Asian. My mom wasn't too thrilled either that I wanted to go into the profession, though for different reasons.
  9. by   Tweety
    Most of the Asians in our hospital are Filipino, and there aren't many male Asian nurses, may five or so, one of whom is in management and was named "Nurse of the Year" about four years ago. There are too many Asian female nurses for me to try to count, but there are a lot.

    If your parents are typical, it's no wonder their are few Asian male nurses.

    Follow your own heart, I realize family is important in Asian culture, but do what will make you, not your parents, happy.
  10. by   mark_LD_RN
    8 asian 7 fem 1 male
  11. by   psychonurse
    I went to school with two Asian females--- I have worked with a few Asians when I was traveling and like the other post, it didn't make any difference what thier nationalitiy is, they cared about their patients and they were great workers. This is a wonderful time to be starting into nursing. With the shortage, your job opportunities are unlimited and you can get into just about anything that you want to or work anywhere that you want to.

    Good luck in your career and hope that your parents start to melt a little about your choice.
  12. by   TNcanNURSE
    1.) zero
    2.) zero
    3.) zero

    Gee, aren't I helpful?
    There is one Asian male CNA at our facility.
  13. by   boggle
    Hi MJ12, I think the "numbers" all depend on the part of the country/state you live.

    When I worked in urban areas, there was much more diversity of gender and ethnicity of my nursing co-workers. When I worked in a more rural area, the diversity of the area pretty closely reflected the local community.

    Right now, I'm in a not really rural/ not really city facility. There are several male RNs in a variety of jobs: supervisory, ICU, ER, med/surg, neuro, outpatient dept...... but I can't think of a single east Asian nurse there, male or female. There are MANY nurses from western Asian countries though. ??go figure???

    Good luck with your new career choice, and with your parents!
  14. by   webbiedebbie
    Historically, this is how asians feel. But the new generation has made many changes. It may take them awhile to come around. You started a great thread. Good luck.