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  1. eak16

    Update RE: Dr. Phil Today

    Yayyy!!!!!! I'm waiting for that on-air apology though
  2. eak16

    What do I need for school

    a little blank notebook that fits in your pocket extra pens for clinicals (including red) a clipboard make sure your white scrubs arent see through!
  3. I felt the same way... nursing school just sucks sometimes. Yes, sometimes it is inconvenient for the patient to have two assessments. But that is the reality of training- nurses have been training just like you are for a hundred years, and if there were no patients willing to have students learn from them then eventually the supply of nurses would dry up. I often felt like i was doing more harm than good- especially in psych clinical- (when i had to ask eleven pages of questions to a person with a very painful past) Just one of hte many reasons why nursing school is uniquely draining and difficult. But trust me it gets MUCH better.
  4. eak16

    Wash. Woman Dies After Cleaning Fluid Injection

    oh well, I'm done with this thread.
  5. eak16

    Help with Digital Camera

    Hi- my parents got me a digital camera for nursing school graduation- a Nikon coolpix 3200- and it has been just great. I am NOT a techie at all, but figured it out no problem. It takes great pictures and is tiny and lightweight. They run about $200. I am acually returning the favor to my parents and buying them the same model camera for Christmas!
  6. eak16

    Wash. Woman Dies After Cleaning Fluid Injection

    wow- i wonder if something happened in your past to make you so sensitive about this isse. I continue to be content with learning from errors and forgiving.
  7. eak16

    Wash. Woman Dies After Cleaning Fluid Injection

    Oh, i bet this person will be more careful than anyone else at the hospital when drawing up and giving contrast now, Stevie
  8. eak16

    Wash. Woman Dies After Cleaning Fluid Injection

    These is nothing wrong with blaming systems error! Sometimes (often) it IS a systems error, that could have been completely prevented by instituting a different system. Blaming the system instead of the person just might spare them from PTSD. They have suffered enough, i'm sure.
  9. eak16

    How many mistakes can one nurse make? (A vent)

    wow- change of shift meds! that had never occurred to me! Meds at my hosptial are NEVER schduled for change of shift for the exact reasons discussed above. And furthermore, if the nurse has a good reason why the med should be rescheduled (like the fosamax at 6 am when the pt is sleeping well) we can pretty much reschedule things within reason with no problems from pharmacy or management. Furthermore, I made a benign mistake that made me feel like an idiot last week- I discharge a pt without an order! Had talked to the doc and the pt about the discharge, thought I was doing quite well thank you, and then about two hours after the pt. left, realized I had never acutally seen an order! The chart was already in medical records, i had to fish it out, cal the doc, (who, thank God, was equally embarassed that he had forgotten to write it). He HAD meant to discharge the pt. that morning, but I still felt dumb. Med-surg is rough.We have to be a lot tougher than we look!
  10. eak16

    Wash. Woman Dies After Cleaning Fluid Injection

    The putting both substances in bowls scenario Chad Ky mentioned- that is what happened. This is the same system that caused a death of a six year old in Florida a few years ago. Surprising that any hospitals still do it. I live in Seattle and heard a big local news report about this. It sounded like it was chlorhexidine, and they have since swiched to the single use swabs. So sad :-(
  11. Sounds like a great idea if it is used appropriately. Our discharge pharmacy is extremely slow- on weekends it can take three hours to get discharge meds, and often this leaves an otherwise ok pt. sitting around to a while just waiting for meds.
  12. eak16

    Demand for CRNAs in the northwest

    I have run into lots of CRNA's at UW and Harborveiw
  13. eak16

    Tattoos and health professionals...

    More often than not I have found that it is unavoidable things that keep people from dontaing blood who really want to. A blood transfusion saved my fathers life, so I couldn't wait until i was old enough to donate; The I got malaria (long story)- whoops, couldn't donate for three years One donation after that i got cancer now cant donate until 2008. Would have much rather gotten a tattoo :-)
  14. eak16

    Thinking about becoming a midwife?

    University of Washington School of Nursing (ranked #1 in the nation, woohoo!) has the MEPN program, where people with a non-nursing degree already can take classes for three years and leave with a RN and advance practice degree. You get to choose the advance practice specialty, and they have a very good CNM program. The program is very new though (this is first year) and prohibitively expensive if you dont have good financial aid. Congratulations on choosing nursing!
  15. eak16

    Dr. Phil today

    Ok, its the OP here, just home form a very draining 12 hour shift (at no point in which did i play footsie of otherwise flirt with any docs- or anyone for that matter) I e-mailed the show, but I am writing the two production companies as well: Harpo 110 N. Carpenter St. Chicago, IL, 60607 Paramount Studios 5555 Melrose Avenue Hollywood, CA 90038 these are just the best addresses I could find on the web, glad to hear if anyone has better ideas! Nurses united are a strong constituency!
  16. eak16

    Dr. Phil today

    Ok, this is what i am trying to get across: It was Dr. PHIL who said this NOT the man. I am soo mad!