What's the nurse-patient ratio in your unit? - page 4

I wanted to get a poll on nurse patient ratio. I know its different in every unit. So if you can indicate what unit you work in, that would be great! Thank you. I work in a neuro tele unit and we... Read More

  1. by   Here.I.Stand
    SICU which includes trauma and neuro. 2:1 usually; 1:1 if very unstable (massively transfusing, CRRT, ECMO etc.) or is progressing toward or declared brain death and is donating.
  2. by   Despareux
    Med-surg/Tele/Cardiac/Ortho floor. Days and NOC are both 1:5.
  3. by   Miiki
    The med/tele unit I'm doing clinicals on is 1:5. Most of the time that's the case, but today the nurses all had 6 and my nurse had 7.

    In the ER where I work, the nurses have 3 or 4 beds.
  4. by   calivianya
    Quote from ausrnurse
    ICU 1:1 for vented pts, 2:1 for non-vented (depends on acuity). When I worked in dialysis it was 4:1 for chronics and 3:1 for acutes.
    Wow, it would be awesome to have 1:1 just because a patient is on the vent. I would love to work with you. 1:2 here, pretty much no matter what. They try not to give a new admit who is crashing to someone who already has a crashing patient, but the acuity here is pretty low anyway so that's usually not a problem. MICU, nights.
  5. by   Anna Flaxis
    7 bed ED. Max number of nurses at peak census is 3, 1 nurse from 2400-0700. We don't divide up assignments by beds or numbers, it just flows however it flows.
  6. by   naptimeRN
    Med surg/tele units. Days usually 5 to 6:1. Evenings usually 7:1 up to 9:1. Nights 8 to 11:1 . Let's just say the turn over rate for evening and night nurses is obviously high.
  7. by   bamaguy1989
    I would die if 7 to 11 patient was the norm. I get stressed when I have 6 on my med/surg floor.
  8. by   sistrmoon
    4-6 patients on nights on a med-surg Onc floor.
  9. by   Brekka
    I work at a rehab hospital where I have between 20-26 patients.
  10. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from Brekka
    I work at a rehab hospital where I have between 20-26 patients.
    That's freaking obscene. I have enough trouble keeping track of just 5 patients!!
  11. by   Kaltia
    Med surge/ tele floor 30 beds
    5-6 to 1 during the day
    5-8/1 on evening
    8-10 to 1 on nights
    It can very busy especially at night
  12. by   smartin13
    I work on a neuroscience unit that also does tele, we usually run 4:1 max is 6:1
  13. by   NurseKatie08
    Med/Surg/Tele primary services are liver/kidney transplant 3-5:1 between 7am & 11pm, 6:1 between 11pm-7am. I work nights, so will typically come in at 7pm to between 3 and 5 patients, and depending on things pick up an admission or a few more patients to make 6 during the overnight portion of my shift.