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  1. Off duty RN scope of practice on an airplane.

    I had a similar experience a few months ago. Hubby and I were flying from Bahamas into North Carolina. Just as we landed and people were exiting the plane there was a commotion. He and I look at each other and sure enough the flight attendant star...
  2. Poll: Nurse and law enforcement couples

    My better half works for the local cable company.
  3. How do we do what we do?

    I used to work in a geriatric Acute Care unit with a large Hospice patient population. I have to admit that I loved taking care of my Hospice patients. I got to know them and their families, loved hearing their stories, and nothing was as rewarding...
  4. Think Before You Speak: The Last Words Your Patient May Hear

    I used to work with Hospice patients at my former job. I always tried to make sure they had music playing or their favorite show/channel on during my shift. I talked to them when I came into the room, introducing myself like I would with any other ...
  5. NOC, where's the professionalism??

    I remember working nights and depending on what staff was working there was a tendency to get loud occasionally. Always irritated me, especially one certain staff member who had no problem talking loudly right outside patients' rooms about getting p...
  6. Babies in hospital rooms. ..ugh!! *twitch*

    I floated to a different unit than my own this week & walked into the room of a patient with C. diff who had her family in visiting. No isolation protection on any of them, sitting on her bed and one relative was sitting right next to the bed bre...
  7. The Start of a New School Year

    Thank you for this article. In all the hustle and bustle of working and getting two kids ready for back to school, I just realized this is the first time in quite a long time I won't be going back to school. Makes me happy and sad at the same time. G...
  8. New Grad/Hate My Job/Life is Miserable!

    Thank you RubyVee for this article. I am just finishing up my first year of nursing and I am just now starting to feel like I can handle a lot of my job duties better. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I think to myself "How did I think this w...
  9. Full Circle, My First Year of Nursing

    Just found your wonderful article today. I am a little over a year into my first nursing job & just switched to days about a month and a half ago. Still adjusting and definitely still learning! Thanks for sharing:)
  10. Amazing article and couldn't have come at a better time. I am a little over a year into my nursing career and feel a lot of the same things you describe. Thanks for putting it all out there. It made my day.
  11. I cried at work is it embarrassing? How do I get over this?

    I floated to our facility's locked psych unit yesterday and was hit in the face when trying to give care to a patient. First time being hit by a patient and I immediately stepped back and started crying in the hall. Felt teary-eyed most of the mornin...
  12. What can you tolerate the least?

    I can't handle my kids' loose teeth. Yuck. Forget about me helping if they have a bloody nose. I passed out one night while trying to take care of my daughter's bloody nose and whacked my head on the tile floor. My poor husband was stuck taking care ...
  13. Full Moon Friday the 13th

    I must be a glutton for punishment because I volunteered to pick up an extra shift this Friday the 13th - and I work nights.
  14. RN's what was your occupation while in nursing school?

    I worked evenings as a unit secretary on the same unit I now work on as an RN.
  15. May 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "I feel like no one can really 'hear' me."