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I was once in the ICU in a very jovial mood, and the organ donation guy, who was a nice, funny person and who I got on with well, came into the unit. The minute I saw him I grabbed the bell that we... Read More

  1. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Quote from Neats
    My number 1 thing I did was go to the wrong funeral and speak (in general terms) about the person. How many uncommon names are in a small town (population 50,000) and how many are buried the same day....2, heck I had a 50/50 shot. I still get obits sent to me in the mail saying ...this one looks good do you want to go? Fortunately both family were amused and said it could not have been better planned as they knew each other.
    That's AMAZING. You will never ever hear the end of this one, I am certain.
  2. by   KatieMI
    Today I told one old, sweet, very demented and very talkative lady to please leave me alone right NOW.

    Poor dear almost cried because she felt "rejected" and I was feeling very guilty. I had to concentrate and finish up my notes and orders and she was not even "mine", so I truly had no idea about her, not even her name. Still feeling like I shooed away a toddler who just wanted some attention and someone to play with.
  3. by   cleback
    A 90 year old, semi-confused woman was yelling out there were two men in her bed...
    "Are you sure you weren't dreaming?" I asked.
    "Absolutely not! They-"
    "Oh yeah, that's MY dream.."
    "What did you just say??"

    For some reason, I repeated myself. Fortunately she laughed.
  4. by   OyWithThePoodles
    These are great! I'm sure I will think of a work related one but here's a not work related one:

    I was 14, my first day on a new bus (routes were changed because of too many kids on one):

    Another kid: Hey, Poodles, ask Mitchell how his dad rides a bike.

    Me: Mitchell, how does your dad ride a bike?

    Mitchell: *Stone-faced* My dad doesn't have any legs.

    Me: Umm... Um... And then I just burst into tears because I felt awful.

    Mitchell's dad does have legs. It was an initiation joke they played on all their "newbies".
  5. by   HalfBoiled
    Assuming that was my patient's daughter.
  6. by   BlinkyPinky
    At least you did not gather ' round a dying patients ' bedside and sing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, followed by whistling
  7. by   hppygr8ful
    Really Bad one! I was starting a very difficult IV on a patient with malignant acites who literally looked like death warmed over. She was very afraid and we were making conversation while I worked to find a vein. Several family members were present and we got into an animated discussion about favorite TV shows. I mentioned that I was a big fan of "The Walking Dead." A quiet fell over the room but the lady just smiled as said "I'm going to audition for that one. Do you think I have the make-up right?"

  8. by   SeasonedTech
    Awwww that lady had the best come back for the walking dead comment!
  9. by   OyWithThePoodles
    Oh my gosh, I forgot the most embarrassing part:

    So a week or so after I had asked Mitchell if his dad had legs:

    Other kids: Hey, Mitchell used to have cancer.

    Me: *looks at Mitchell* Ha! Yeah, Mitchell had cancer, you all are so funny! HA!

    Mitchell: No, I really did. I'm in remission. *Bus driver confirmed*
  10. by   Christy1019
    My first one (not medical related) was when I was much younger, and a waitress at a Coney Island restaurant. We had a ton of regulars and it was very common for them to come in at lunch and order a couple Coney dogs and a Coke. I had one male customer who ordered his two coneys but ordered a root beer instead. After delivering his food and drink, he said "Excuse me miss but I don't think this is root beer" to which I replied, "Oh no, did I grab your C*** (another word for rooster) instead??" I instantly turned red, and said "I meant Coke!" He laughed, I then hid, mortified until he left. He must've felt pretty bad for me though, he left a nice tip.

    My second one actually happened to someone else, but I was the witness who cringed. While working in the ER, we had a young girl brought in after a drowning incident in which ROSC was achieved and she was somewhat alert. After everything was settled, the xray tech came in to take some films, and told the girl "Okay, take a deep breath and hold it like you're going under water!"
  11. by   CharleeFoxtrot
    Our weather one spring was more changeable than usual. I was talking with a patient waiting for a provider and mentioned the weather was like "mother nature being bi polar and off her medications. Guess what meds she was there to get renewed? She laughed as I cringed.
  12. by   Mary3010
    These comments are great...you're all so funny. It was great reading them!! You can just picture some of these happening.

    I don't have a nurse story to tell but one instead when a relative was taken to emergency. It was for a minor cause...the doctor just said he needed to go. We were tired because we had waited for hours until he could be discharged late at night (which is ok). But when you're tired even the smallest things make you crack up. The doctor would come by every so often and the nurse was checking to see how he was going.

    All of a sudden, within the room next to us we heard this man making really loud and weird sexual noises.

    I was trying so badly not to laugh. I had to pretend that I had a runny nose to cover my mouth from showing that I was laughing. I looked over to a family member and then I just lost it!! It was one of those moments when you're with someone and desperately trying not to laugh.

    We both had to walk out of the room because we just couldn't hold in the laughs. I had to again pretend that I had a bad cold. The noises just wouldn't stop. He would just continually make these weird sexual noises, stop for a pause and then start back up again making it even funnier.

    The poor young nurse probably thought that we were laughing at the fact that she was examining our male relative. It was one of those moments where you shouldn't laugh. We walked out the hospital at discharge still cracking up and laughing about it the next day. It was probably more of a be there moment.

    Has anyone ever laughed at the wrong moment or got caught out for doing something inappropriate?