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  1. BlinkyPinky

    What is it like to work as an agency nurse in corrections?

    I have to try and keep this somehow, b/c I, also, am in the works for being cleared to work in Corrections thru an agency (prn). NEWBIE to Corrections, in fact; have never been inside a jail. Thank you, thank you, for all these tips; will get to my other job tomorrow and PRINT if I can. I want to "make a difference" but I do NOT want to be naive or risk my safety. Unlike many on here that might be asking this question, I am an older nurse, licensed since 1995, and a few short years away from hopefully a semi-or-full retirement from nursing for Humans. I want to work somehow with animals, even for free. I went into the wrong field but I've made the best of it. In a postive note, I HAVE worked with the DD/ID population, some with concurrent mental Dx, for upwards of 15 years. So I know about challenging behaviors (from the higher functioning ID people). Manipulations etc. Do you think this will help me? I feel like all I can do is try the venue at least once, maybe a few times, before I decide I don't like it . I've also worked nursing homes in my distant past. I have tended to gravitate toward working with populations that other nurses do not Necessarily seek out as their first tier choices. Thank you.
  2. BlinkyPinky

    Pay cuts

    Yes. A hospital here in North FL ( name similar to that I just typed), did this a couple of years ago. They are losing people too. They don't seem to care. They just work everyone short. Then have job fairs ! Every time I get an enthusiastic email from them , inviting me to come to the Fair! -. I shudder and delete quickly. I worked there 16 years ago. That was enough !
  3. BlinkyPinky

    Do you ever get concerned about certain users on here?

    this thank you !
  4. 1. No 2. Too many to go in to 3. DD - 15 years
  5. BlinkyPinky

    Can I please get a Parking Spot!

    The way it was explained to me once was the God's ( doctors) make money for the hospitals. The nurses are a COST to the hospitals. Hence the parking situation, along with other things like FREE MEALS FOR DRS AND NO WAIT TIME IN FOOD LINE I know of nurses who decide against the monolith Univ hospital in our town soley due to the parking Problem you describe. Excrpt now , hospital#2 ( only other game in town unless you get in to the VA), is doing similar things.
  6. BlinkyPinky

    License Fears

    This is a serious question. Why do I see in so many posts, constant pervasive FEAR of losing ones nursing license? It's mentioned in so many posts, that I wonder what is wrong with ME! TO Whit:. 24 years a RN. Many different jobs , and Seldom if ever worried about " losing my license ! " Or the old- standby " putting my license At Risk!" Maybe because I knew that at any place I worked, even the doo-doo holes, I just watched my own business and took care of what I was supposed to do ? I don't know-. No one at any job I held used to talk like this either, save for one ne'er do well " nurse" at my last job ( with the state), who used the I Won't Put My License At Risk mantra to get out of ANYTHING she did not WANT to do- which included legitimate assignments Baffled
  7. BlinkyPinky

    Inclement weather conditions...mandatory to work?

    Well then, I won't disappoint you regarding the smart- mouths. BYE !
  8. BlinkyPinky

    Am I a woosy for feeling 5 patients is too much on a medsurg floor

    Do you get woozy when you are working? Like dizzy/nauseated? Or did you mean "Wussy?" Every time I see your title, I think you're about to fall out. ha ha
  9. BlinkyPinky

    Advice on LTC

    Sure, why not? You are unemployed as of now? I got a job at a hospital after working P/T at a LTC facility for a few years...I worked PRN but a good twice/week at the hospital on the ortho/whatever floor. Left voluntarily-- I say it's a good plan. !
  10. BlinkyPinky

    Quitting my job before my shift starts

    I was preparing to ask you people why are you saying this to her , then I , too , reviewed her posts. Hmm. Shows a definite pattern. I hate to agree with others saying " leave the profession" but ---- perhaps exploring alternatives is good at this juncture Not Pharmacy Tech.
  11. BlinkyPinky

    Is Nursing this terrible?

    Yes, none of that you describe, surprises me. At all. So if that is your criterion, then Yes, it IS that/ this terrible
  12. BlinkyPinky

    Not sure how to handle this situation with recent interview

    A theory- maybe the woman you were speaking with did not send the email? Before the telephone interview, did you have to take one or more of those utterly Bogus " personality tests?". Because I heard from a nurse I was sitting with at the time , that the Personality Test Experts in their HR had already " scored" my test blah blah blah Maybe simultaneously as you are talking to the real, live person, some HR Hack had disqualified you based on their " test?". And literally had not had the chance as yet to inform interviewer? Such bogus nonsense. My 3- month job hunt was filled with crap like this and it does tire you out to where you want to give up !
  13. BlinkyPinky

    Is It Me? Or My Generation?

    I've heard of kids not knowing how to operate a rotary- dial phone , or even identify what that is! Lol. And yes, the good ol busy signal. And my way of " turning my phone off", or " blocking someone"- was the old take the phone off the hook routine ! Lol
  14. BlinkyPinky

    What I Wish I Had Known Before

    You know, back to the school thing for a minute :. Our nursing school spent TWO WEEKS ( Semester 1) on BED MAKING. Bed making. I seldom. actually have made a bed in my career, and certainly no one was grading me IRL about how the corners were Yet, toward the end, LESS Than one hour was spent on IVs. Basically " this is an IV pole and pump. You will learn more about this in. whatever job you get" ( that's really how it went , too) ?????? !!! I've always remembered this. How sad an example of a " school ". It was the only one I had at the time ; various reasons. í ½í¸¯í ½í¸•. But how very backward that was.
  15. BlinkyPinky

    What I Wish I Had Known Before

    And that's fine. That you don't know any, I mean But that is not the case for others I'm sorry about your AI disease.
  16. BlinkyPinky

    Let go from job during orientation

    So sorry. I can hear your disappointment. Took on more than you could chew? Its a let down. I had to leave a job in orientation too- I actually had a bona- fide medical reason But - I was on an icy pond. BAD " fit"- still too new of a nurse for what the unit was ---- AND ( OF course )- a gaggle of Mean Girl , cliquey nurses, headed by the Queen Witch of ALL witchy Nurse managers that I have EVER ( to this day !) had the bad luck to ever be exposed to!! A complete disaster

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