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:p Hi! I am a new nursing student(I have only been in school for about 3months). With all of the studying that we as nursing students must do to excell in this profession, it can be physically and... Read More

  1. by   janetrette
    having a supportive family and friends. however no one would ever know what you're going through beside your nursing buddies...

    i usually study in the early morning or sometimes no sleep then school. come back home and sleep.

  2. by   Farkinott
    Make sure you have the odd study free day. Do something pleasurable even if it is just laying on a sunlounge reading................a novel! Heaven forbid reading something you don't have to absorb!

    Secondly, if like me you worked a lot of hours to put yourself through uni I was often too tired to study after finishing work. I found that having an early tea, going to bed about 8 or 9pm and setting the alarm for 3 or 4am was a winner.
    -You are refreshed (after a strong coffe too!)
    - Everyone else in the world (just about) is in bed
    -There is only crap on the TV
    -It's hard to procrastinate and just go to the shops or beach when nothing is visible or open!
    -If you can create a core of reliable study partners. That way you can help each other.

    Good Luck!
  3. by   lovinghands
    My classmates, having a sense of humor, my classmates having a sense of humor and our long term goal of getting drunk after each final ...
  4. by   karenG
    Quote from teeituptom
    Sex is a natural high

    alcohol impairs your thinking too much

    some loving and cuddling warms the heart the soul and everything else

    the 7 kids came because we were to poor for buying condoms< and they didnt come big enough>
    way too much information there Tom!!

  5. by   ktwlpn
    Quote from michelle_s_nurse
    Hi! I am a new nursing student(I have only been in school for about 3months). With all of the studying that we as nursing students must do to excell in this profession, it can be physically and mentally draining at times. Just wondering- what was the one thing that you needed to have to give you energy while in nursing school? Any suggestions would be extremly helpful. THANKS!!!
    God Bless!
    I went out with my friends 2 weekend nights amonth-my fav bartender at our local dive bar let me run a tab until I got my license---that was my secret weapon....
  6. by   happystudent
    What got me thru nursing school?
    My darling husband.........and my little goobers.
    Knowing that Nursing is the only job for me because everything else suks. (MO)
    and going to the library to study!
    Cant study at home because I would always find something that needed to be done!
    and my friends, cuz VENTING is what we do best.......that really helped gettin me thru the drama....
    Good luck to you
  7. by   NewEastCoastRN
    I think that the first part of nursing school is really the hardest, at least it was for me. I honestly don't know how I got through school since I had at least 2 jobs at a time trying to make ends meet. But I know that it got a lot better after the first semester, and definitely after the first year. I think what really saved me is being involved with other things that had nothing to do with work or nursing. I was on the student government, and it was a great chance to do something different to keep my sanity! Good luck to you.
  8. by   KarenAR
    (1) Studying at Borders or Barnes & Noble because it was away from the distractions of home, yet there was enough noise (and coffee) there to keep me awake.

    (2) Coming home and taking a dip in the neighborhood pool with my hubby & kids occasionally...helped take my mind off of school.

    (3) The occasional rum & coke, or mojito.

    (4) Getting up in the early AM to study.

    (5) Studying outside while sunbathing with my husband (and while the kids napped).

    (6) A sense of humor.

    (7) Enough perspective to know that I didn't need to get an "A" on everything. (I wasn't planning on going back to grad school, mind you.)

    (8) Loud music.

    (9) Dancing with my kids to loud music.

    (10) Occasional exercise, esp. the Zumba workout videos.
  9. by   Ari RN
    jesus christ by my side day & night. i still can't believe i finally made it! :hatparty:
  10. by   redwinggirlie
    Go now. Go soon at least. Go for a day at some remote hotel where you can veg, lounge, study or whatever..... by yourself. No phone, no nothing. It's all you. And, even if you don't open your books, it's a great day to be you.
    Go now.....
  11. by   cwazycwissyRN
    What was your secret weapon for surviving nursing school?


    Keep your eyes set to the light at the end of the tunnel and......
    obey the law of holes......when you find yourself in one,,,stop digging.
    Good luck and best wishes
  12. by   missmercy
    [QUOTE=redraccoon]I was part of a study group. We were "different"... not the agressive get "A's" on everything types nor the "just do what you can to scrape by" types. Our group fed off the strengths of each person and helped overcome weaknesses. It was great. We got together at least once weekly and always a special meeting before tests.
    It definately helped me.

    Same here! After particularily grueling tests, we would occasionally plot our imigined revenge on the horrible test writer -- or else head out somewhere for icecream to celebrate our survival through another test!!

    Sometimes we would study at DENNY's or some other all night diner -- they didn't mind too much -- we drank alot of coffee/soda and ordered brain food on occasion ( mozzerella sticks, fries, pie...). the manager christened the back corner table as "the nurses nook" . He used to get a kick oat how nurses talk when we get in a group!! ( eat and discuss abcessed wounds etc. without any problem, etc.)
  13. by   husker-nurse
    When I was in my first semester of Nuring School, and I was freaking out because it was SOOOOO hard to get through, I approached our Nursing Instructor and asked her if she could look at a person and tell if he or she did not belong in school. She replied "How bad do you want it?" When things got very tough, all I had to do was remember that, and I graduated with honors. How bad do you want it? :kiss Best of luck to you, you'll be fine....