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  1. How Do You Know If Er Nursing Is For You?
  2. janetrette

    St. Vincent

    Any inputs of Saint Vincent Medical Center - Manhattan? I applied for a ER position. I have 1 yr of med-surg experience. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. janetrette

    BMCC just called...

    congrats. i know what kind of feeling it is. :balloons:
  4. janetrette

    Blood transfusions-how fast do you go?

    i had seen blood transfusion given 200ml/hr. no reactions and given on a 22 gauge needle. in our hospital, 20g is the number. i usually run the blood over 4hr. stay with the patient and start counting the 15min when the blood enters the patient body.
  5. in my hospital where we work, "the nurses should write all 10 nursing notes on our patient." our ratio is 1:10. however, on crazy notes i just write the most important. if other patient are stable i won't write a nursing note. our hospital has both the computer and chart charting. the computer chart the v/s, daily doc., assessment, iv, pain, pca, wound assessment.
  6. janetrette

    Pet peeves!

    WHEN... the other shift nurse leaves u with empty cart or a storm in the cart
  7. janetrette

    burn out

    thanks for all the reply. i'm having trouble picking a hospital. what should i say to them why i wanted to quit after 9 month? why i didnt wait for a 1yr? doesn't it show how weak i am? i'm interested in the er by the way.
  8. janetrette

    burn out

    quick facts: going into my 9th month of med-surg nurse. im a new grad. been in charge 2x. usually patient load 10. the other we had to protest i had 13 patients and 1 was a direct admission with blood transfusion. im still studying, going to school full time and working full time. i work really hard in getting where i am as most of us would and think is nursing for me? i would feel heart broken if its not true. the bad side of nursing example: shortage and under staff makes me hate the job. and i try not to view it just as a job. i just miserable.
  9. janetrette

    "but doctors are better than nurses"

    i knew i wanted to be a nurse because i wanted to do patient care.
  10. janetrette

    tough time giving report.

    oh no, the pt was dx with neutropenia. a cancer pt with all labs off the wall. she's only been a nurse for 3 yrs.
  11. janetrette

    tough time giving report.

    i'm been working at this hospital on a med-surg floor for almost 7months. i love my night shift crew. but i have a hard time giving report to the day nurses. one of the nurses would laugh at me. for eg. i had this pt with dx of neutropenia and there was an order not to have rectal temp. her platelets were 0.3!!! that day nurse asked me why such an order? i told her that i think that it's because the patient is neutropenia. the day nurse just smirk at me. she's 7 credits away from being a np. i felt really bad because if i am wrong then please correct me. her smirk hurts more than words. it makes me feel stupid.
  12. janetrette

    written up already!

    not that i know of...
  13. janetrette

    written up already!

    bone marrow aspiration / biospy!
  14. janetrette

    written up already!

    By Dec. 27, it's going to my 6th month evaluation and already I had been written up!!! My patient had a bone marrow aspiration biopsy and needed to keep NPO after midnight and he was keep NPO. It wasn't until the day during shift report I realized that there was an order to administer IV fluids. I felt bad since i really didn't see that order. The next thing I know I am being written for that. The patient wasn't diabetic for fyi. I understand it's my fault but felt somewhat discouraged. I feel right now my manager is eyeing me all the time right. now. I had my 5th month evaluation and he said i'm doing so well. but this was all before this incident. I feel discouraged. I know my patient isn't harmed at least. I hate to put everything in an excuse but I got my shift report from not the greatest person to get report from. The person who wrote on me was a float nurse. My manager discussed with issue with me and wanted me to sign the paper in another time. Should I sign it? There are so many things that I could written up on others but still debating about that since I'm still kinda new. Like for instance, that same nurse that report to me didn't give the 2 K ryders order at 930am. When I go into my shift, I asked her did you give it? She said no. I had to call pharmacy to get the Kryder which they didn't give it to me only gave me 1 of the 2 Kryder. After the 1st one finished I made the doc order a BMP for the K. That nurse said, it's not a big deal. The k is only 3.2 I feel like a mixture of feelings.
  15. janetrette

    CUNY School - BMCC

    i graduate from bmcc dec 2004 since it was just last winter its competitive to get into the program. can you heard a 3.77 gpa to get in? it's insane. join a study group for support because there's no on in your family that knows what you are going through like your classmates. it's hard but people had graduate from that program. stay strong.
  16. janetrette

    Intramuscular Injection Sites?

    sometimes its whatever choice you have. like i gave an IM inj of haldol to a pt who was agitated into the vl. normally i would give an IM at vg. so it depends on the situation.

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