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Okay, I'm headed back into nursing after a five year sabbatical, and would like to hear from my allnurses siblings the changes that have taken place in nursing over the past five years? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Soooooo...technology has hit the hospitals in massive doses, patient loads are heavier, patients are sicker and discharged sooner than in the past, administration possibly has or still hasn't seen the "light of day", and pain asssessment and documentation of that pain and restraints used is utmost on "the visiting police's minds" each annual visit they make. Sounds like NOT much has really changed from what I remember five years ago while working in California where a few hospitals were already doing the aforementioned "changes".

    l.rae......does SH have a website? I will check on it, and see if they have an online jobsite, etc. I loved working at both facilities back in the day.

    jemb...the area of nursing I am looking for is either med/surg, mother/baby, pediatrics, or newborn nursery. As for the med/surg area, so far it seems that is the area of nursing with the greatest need right now when I'm checking jobs online at various hospitals.

    sleepyeyes...thanks for the drug tips! I do need an up to date Nursing Drugbook.

    I should find out tomorrow (hopefully) when I start the refresher program. I'm NOT taking "no" for an answer!

    Thanks for the information siblings!
  2. by   l.rae
    Renee...try ketthealth.com....navigate around...you can get job postings for KH, SH, GoodSam, and Southview. GS and SV came under the kettering system about 2 yrs ago......LR
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I ENTERED NURSING AS A NEW GRAD IN 1997...that's all i can say. That and welcome back, Renee, so glad to have you.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Pyxis use is new to me. I remember little boxes with slide vinyl cover when I first started in 1977 and 1000 count tylenol bottle sat in bottom drawer!

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  5. by   live4today
    l.rae...I found the Kettering website, and was so surprised to learn that they had taken over Grandview and Southview (both of which I worked at before). Sycamore didn't really have much in the way of what I am looking for except Inhome Care or Medical Telemetry...both of which I've worked before. The Medical Telemetry position is full time 7A-7P.

    However, Grandview had oodles of job openings, especially in Psych where I did my Psych rotation while in college. There is also a job opening on the short stay unit. I printed applications from the site to fill out and mail in just in case the Valley doesn't work out, but I somehow think it will.

    Deb...Thanks for the inspiration in welcoming me back into the field of nursing! I've missed it tremendously, too! :kiss
  6. by   live4today
    Originally posted by NRSKarenRN
    Pyxis use is new to me. I remember little boes with slide vinyal cover when I first started and 1000 count tylenol bottle sat in bottom drawer!
    I've worked in plenty of hospitals out in California that used the Pyxis machine! I loved it versus the old methods in use. The only bad part was waiting your turn at the Pyxis. :chuckle
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    At my hospital, we use something similar to Pyxis called AccuDose. Good Luck Renee with your job search and I recommend that you purchase Springhouse's Nursing Drug Handbook 2003, I buy a new one each year. Welcome back to the crazy world of Nursing!
  8. by   oramar
    I was already hanging Zophan on Chemo patients 12 years ago. It supprises me that some would call it new. It was really an improvement over previous drugs when it came to chemo related nausea.
  9. by   canoehead
    I remember multidosing antibiotics IV, po pills from a large bottle, everything. The only thing that came unit dose was chemo. We mixed our own additives to IV bags and also remember trying to calculate how to make D10 from D5 with a bottle of D50. Sometimes I think all the protective mechanisms make people trust them too much and not look at labels, or not be able to calculate their own doses. Everything changes.
  10. by   zudy
    The only thing that I can add to all the above is that we used to mix our own KCL IVs in ED, and now we aren't allowed to do that .Any IV with KCL must be mixed by the pharmacy.
  11. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by l.rae
    Why separate...haven't heard that...sometimes l mix both in a 50 ml bag and mini drip it in......so what's up with this separate deal...they are compatible.....spill the beans sleepy, this is new to me....thanks......LR
    Our hospital policy is to separate the two for IVP. Our Pyxis doesn't let us take minibags; it will only let us take what's pharmacy-allowed per drug.

    Besides, if I give Phenergan 25 mg, it must be diluted with 9 cc NS, and the demerol + its NS dilute just plain won't fit in the syringe.

    Plus, if I'm giving Demerol 50 mg IVP, I also have to dilute that. Drug book I have recommends "5 ml or more sterile H2O or NS; give directly over 4-5 min."

    If there's an easier way to do this, please advise. Thanks!
  12. by   flowerchild
    HI Cheerfuldoer! Glad to hear your going to make it back to the bedside. Others have already said what I was thinking about pain mngt, JCAHO, staffing, etc. I thought of one more thing for you, that drug book your going to buy is a whole lot bigger than the one you already have. A ton of new meds, esp. hybrids, have entered the market in the last few years. Good Wishes to you!
  13. by   Dr. Kate
    Glad to hear you're headed back. Enjoy your refresher course.
    Here we put returning nurses through the same type of orientation we give to new grads, not because we think they're the same as new grads but because we want them to have every opportunity to succeed. You might want to ask any hospital you are interested in about what kind of an orientation you will receive.
    I can't add too much to whaat has been said about the changes since 1997, except to say that the increased work load and acuity of the patients demands that you be organized. If you want to spend any time with your patients you have to add to that the skill of being quick while seeming to be relaxed with all the time in the world.